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  1. See what happens when you don't double check the headline? I take everything back that I just said above. Not my best moment.
  2. Way to go "Mein Schiff". You just set back cruising another 6 months or years. Perception is everything. The public considers cruise ships, plague ships. First Hurtigruten in Norway and now this. With this nonsense, there will be no political will to restart cruising anytime soon. Sorry for the rant. Couldn't help myself this morning. Miss cruising and this is not helping.
  3. If a vaccine is available in 2021, then 2022 for us or perhaps 2023. Would never have thought this in March. Also, we have to consider whether it will be as enjoyable. The long lines at airport screening/security. Embarkation may take hours. The thought of large crowds. Fortunately, we have many fond memories and photos of past cruises. Even earlier, memories of taking our own 30 foot sailboat through the Panama canal and stopping to swim in Gatun lake. So many moments.
  4. A pleasant surprise today. We cancelled our 48 day cruise on March 9 and were told by out PCC that the refund would only be in the form of a FCC. The cash refund showed up today on our Mastercard account. Called Mastercard, they are sending a direct deposit to our bank. Delighted, as we are realistically thinking of 2022 for a cruise. Not booking ahead though. Wait and see how this all develops.
  5. I know I am taking it out of context, but that has to be the best line on the forum for quite a while!
  6. In BC, Canada, our health minister is talking about one year perhaps longer for international travel. Miss cruising but don't think it will start up for quite a while. Perhaps, on a small scale in limited areas for short duration. It is all about social/physical distancing which is difficult to achieve on planes and ships.
  7. At the moment we have a FCC. The requirements are that we book by Dec. 31, 2020 for a cruise in 2021. Hopefully, the Dec. 31st date will be extended. If not, then we can foresee thousands of bookings being cancelled, then re booked and cancelled again and again. It would be wonderful to look forward to a cruise, but the reality is, it may be a very long ways off.
  8. Having had lots of time to read the forum lately, there appears to be two groups. Those who think we will be cruising again in a few weeks or months with some changes and those who think it will be months or perhaps years with no resemblance of what cruising was just a short while ago. It will be interesting to look back a year from now. In the meantime, the ghost ships keep sailing around off Florida burning up untold dollars. That cannot last. Fortunately, for most of us we have precious moments of memories of cruises past.
  9. Yes, some of the nicest people we have met cruising have been in their 90's! It is difficult for us to come to terms with the thought that at 71, we are now aging out of cruising. Good grief, we were just 40 yesterday! Even before covid-19, HAL was definitely trying to appeal to a younger demographic. We are guessing this will speed up the process. Even if they don't say so directly, there may be subtle ways of discouraging us from cruising in the future.
  10. One of the best posts I have seen on CC! Unfortunately, I am as guilty as the next, especially recently.
  11. So, they are looking for 7 billion. We are just looking to get our $15,000 back, thank you very much. It is in the form of FCC because we blinked first. We are not holding out much hope of ever realizing the value of the FCC. Oh, and we just turned 70 so it appears that we are no longer in the desirable guest/client demographic.
  12. Nothing would please me more than to be able to look back at this in a year or two and find that I was completely wrong. At 71, this is the biggest crisis I have seen and probably will ever see in my lifetime. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.
  13. Will see where this goes. My bet is on #2 Unfortunately, our $15,000 FCC will probably disappear as well. If this situation drags on then we might very well never see cruising as we know it today. The government may mandate much smaller ships, say 250 max passengers. It may be like 100 years ago, when cruising was only for the very wealthy. We are in an unprecedented situation. All bets are off for me.
  14. This is why we didn't want a FCC of $15,000. We would have much preferred a refund of the $15,000. CCL and the rest of the cruise industry is in very deep trouble. That FCC is not going to be worth very much if this keeps up.
  15. Well said,cap N. I would think most cruisers agree with you.
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