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  1. In April we were in 8103. Loved the height for the balcony view but it is under the Lido.

    Normally this is not a problem but 8103 has a fire door in the passageway between it and the next cabin forward.

    This means there is also a fire door above in the Lido. The fire door has a pronounced threshold.

    Every time a crew member pushed a cart across it in the Lido, the noise was quite loud in the cabin.

    If you are a light sleeper, I would avoid 8103. We were in it for 28 days.

  2. Looking forward to it! On our last cruise, the two piano guys played "Highway to ...". I was shocked, the crowd loved it.

    A few nights later they played " Shook me all night long". Never thought we would hear AC/DC on a HAL cruise.

    The only thing constant is change. Can't wait for our next cruise. Hopefully, they will bring this in fleet wide.

  3. To the OP - What would you advise in terms of cruise insurance? Thanks!


    We purchased our travel insurance online. A very basic policy without trip interruption.

    We did choose the one with no deductible which is helpful. The travel insurance always seemed to be just one more item on the upcoming cruise "list". One of those expenses that you never see the value of until that moment arrives.

    It deserves much more research than we gave it. The agent who insures your home would be a good start. Your travel agent as well, as they probably have had clients who needed to file claims.

    Many travel insurance companies won't insure anyone over the age of 65 which limited our choices.

    Others won't provide any coverage if you have preexisting medical conditions and those that do usually have very strict limits on coverage.


    Thank you again to everyone for all your kind words and thoughts. M is doing well with rest and recovery.

    Familiar home surroundings do make a huge difference.

  4. I probably shouldn't reveal the exact cost of the 5 day hospital stay including the CT scan, ultrasound, ECG, blood work, round the clock nursing and doctors but when I looked at the final bill I truly thought there must be a mistake as it was so low. It was 5% of what I thought it might be.

    We will consider making a donation the the hospital if possible in the near future.


    How was the hospital about accepting your insurance for payment?



    Wonderful the ship's agent kep contqact with you. THAT GAVE YOU 'frend in town a a time when I think that likely was most welcome.


    Thank you everyone for your kind words and best wishes.

    We did purchase travel insurance with a private company in Canada.

    HAL made many three way calls to them with me on the line. They seemed to make more forceful statements than I would have which really helped expedite matters. The HAL representatives in the "Family Assistance" section saved me from imploding!

    A soothing, helpful, experienced voice. They stayed with me through the whole process and are still in contact.

    The hospital did have me pay upon discharge which I can appreciate. In anticipation of this I made payments of "thousands" ahead of time so there would be a substantial credit on the credit card. I also phoned ( all with skype) the credit card company to let them know what was happening.


    The insurance company authorized the hotel room and meals, just save the receipts.

    I cancelled our original return flights and the airline refunded all but $60 each.

    Alaska airlines even refunded the air miles we used for their short leg of the journey.

    The insurance companies claims department contacted their own travel agent which arranged the flights home.

    There is still a lot of work to be done submitting claim forms and bills to the insurance company and of course their final decision.

    Almost forgot; the port agent and hospital social worker were very helpful in getting the medical records to the insurance companies agent in Estonia for translation. Fortunately for us most people in Estonia speak some or very good English.

    For something like this to happen, Tallinn is a very good place.

  6. A search on the HA board didn't bring up much information on having to leave the ship mid cruise due to a medical emergency.

    Since there is a chance that this could happen to anyone, we thought a review of the process may be of interest.

    We were on the Zuiderdam from Fort Lauderdale to the Baltic (28 days) ending in Copenhagen tomorrow May 17.

    The night before arriving in Tallinn Estonia my wife suffered an MS relapse/exacerbation ( the first in 10 years ).

    The morning of our arrival I took her to the medical center on "A" deck in our transport chair. The ships doctor did thorough assessment and made the decision that she must leave the ship via ambulance to a local hospital in Tallinn.

    This of course created additional stress for both of us but the ship has been through this many times.

    The port agent spoke with us and arranged for the ambulance. The guest relations department sent someone to help me pack our luggage quickly. My wife would not have been pleased with my packing job but I had lots time to fix that later.

    Our cabin stewards and the guest relations person rolled our luggage down to the medical center.

    I then had to sign some forms ( probably release forms of some kind ). I was then given a yellow folder titled Guest Disembark.

    After a short wait, the ambulance crew came on board and whisked my wife away to emergency.

    Meanwhile, the port agent, guest relations, and I rolled our 3 bags down the center of the ship through the crew area.

    Wow, what difference from the ship we see as guests.

    At the gangway, I was scanned off for the last time. The port agent drove his car to the bottom of the gangway where we loaded the luggage and drove to a hotel. He chose a hotel close to the hospital ( 8 minute fast walk ). He helped with the check in, luggage etc. and left his card and number. There I was, one minute on the ship enjoying a fantastic cruise, the next in a hotel room ( a nice one I must admit ). Quite a shock. And of course my wife in emergency in a hospital in Estonia.

    The ship has obviously been through this many times before and as stressful as it was, they kept a human element in the process for which we are thankful. It was all handled efficiently and professionally.

    The hospital wouldn't let me see my wife until she was out of emergency and in a ward.

    She was in the hospital for 5 days. I cannot say enough good things about the doctors and nurses who looked after her.

    She received a CT scan to rule out a stroke, ECG, Ultrasound, blood tests etc.

    During the five days, HA Family Assistance kept in contact by phone each day. Made phone calls to the travel insurance company and claims department.

    The port agent agent also kept in constant contact. They all did their best to reassure me during a most stressful time.

    In the end, my wife was discharged from the hospital and we flew home which took 23 hours but home at last.

    I must mention that at the hospital, a social worker did a lot of work getting the medical information to the relevant agencies for translation and spoke to us daily.

    We miss being on the cruise but feel HA handled the whole situation extremely well.

    Hope this information, although personal may help give some general information to someone in the same situation in the future.

  7. added a very nice cigar room


    My, HAL what have you done? Going backwards are we?

    I haven't seen a cigar or even seen someone smoke a cigar in the last 20 or 30 years.

    Don't they know "Hemingway's " era is long gone.

    Wonder what they do there? Sit around talking about big game hunting?

    I won't get started on that one. This the smoking thread after all.

    Watching the progress or lack of.

    Waiting for that wonderful day, when HAL discontinues balcony smoking.

    Sounds like I may be gone before that day happens.

  8. Hi, we were in 6177 on the Eurodam in March/April for 5 weeks.

    Three weeks in the Caribbean and then across to Barcelona.

    I don't think we ever mentioned the "vibration" to each other so it couldn't have been that noticeable.

    We really like the stern cabins but last time we were on deck 8 which has the Lido pool deck above and more overhang for shade..

    We use the balcony a lot and there is not as much overhang for shade on 6177 so we were often driven off the balcony by the sun/heat. Especially in the Caribbean.

    So next time depending on the itinerary,we would try for deck 8 if possible.

    Enjoy the Eurodam. Our favorite HAL ship.

  9. We recently spent 5 weeks on the Eurodam. Missed cruising last year and noticed some big changes in just two years. Saw very few tuxes this time compared to past years. In the main dining room on formal nights, most men wore a jacket and tie. Some a jacket with no tie.

    In the rest of the ship on formal nights you would see just about everything from shorts and t shirt to tux. Even the odd bathrobe at the ice cream station!

    Terrific cruise though! Really liked the B.B. King Blues bands ( we had two different ones )

  10. I believe it is on the 21st rather than the 20th.

    It doesn't change things though. Still two ships of about 2,000 passengers each.

    Sharing the beach with 4,000 of your best friends.

    I am going to spend as much time in and under the water as possible.

    It might be less crowded down there.

  11. We have been waiting for a couple of years for HAL to adopt the "no smoking on balconies " policy. It doesn't appear to be happening soon.

    With some of the other cruise lines adopting this policy, it appears from this thread that more smokers are switching to HAL.

    We have never sailed with another line.

    Oh what to do? We don't want to wait forever.

    Perhaps, take our chances that our neighbors will be non smokers. What are the odds? 50/50.

    Looking at Princess but prefer HAL's itinerary.

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