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  1. That's very encouraging! Thank you both! I'm so looking forward to a this vacation - no dishes, no cooking, just the big blue sea and sky!
  2. So if I'm understanding this correctly, unvaccinated passengers can check in, pay to be tested, and if negative, board the ship. And then a few shore excursions later, be tested again and conceivably test positive and thats the end of the cruise for all of us? please tell me I've misunderstood!!
  3. Frankly I hope the ships are 100% vaccinated. I wish there were a way to ensure that. Someone suggested getting around DeSantis by having the regular cruise price and a special cruise price for unvaccinated, that one being another couple thousand or so. Could encourage the unvaccinated to either get vaccinated or stay home! We have 3 weeks or so booked B2B for the Caribbean next winter, but only to escape the Northeastern PA winter not for any love of the place. Final payment is due in Nov., if the ship's not fully vaccinated we'll be building snowmen at home instead. We were on one of the last ships to make it into Port Everglades last time, almost jumped ship in the Virgin Islands so we could fly home from there I'm not doing that again, too stressful!
  4. Someone told me "buy what you know and buy what you love" so I do. Hope to be able to make a tidy sum on CCL to fund some good long cruises as I get older (...and older...waiting...for a cruise) Especially since I don't seem to be one to the "average people" that StoryLines is pitching their residential ship to (but boyoboy do I wish I were!)
  5. Neither of us got one either, we're 4 Star. I would think they'd like to know what we thought, but maybe not. Viking has sent us a couple and I feel that they've listened to the opinions voiced in the surveys especially with regard to Health and Safety
  6. I owned 100 shares of CCL purchased at around 30 and definitly got my nickle's worth of OBC and then I bought 100 more when CCL was around 58 or so. It was pretty painful to see the stock at 9 😒 so to lessen the pain, I bought more and sold the higher cost shares. I'm glad to see the pros think it was not a dumb move!
  7. We probaby won't see $50 in the near future, but $8 shares bought now would make for a very nice gift or inheritance for the children or grandchildren! (And I'd bet that we see $20 within 2-3 years!)
  8. I have a deposit on a 21 day winter cruise in 2021, maybe then instead of buying 100 shares at $8, I'll make a deposit on another cruise! It'll give us something to look forward to while we wait for the governor of PA to allow liquor sales to resume in our state and might help demonstrate demand too!
  9. oh well, seemed like a possible good idea. I do have stock from the heady days when it sold in the $60 range and I'll buy 100 today and consider it a charitable contribution or longterm investment, depending on my mood And I'll look forward to better days at sea on our 21 day cruise booked for Feb 2021!!
  10. Would it help our lovely HAL survive if we all bought some more shares of CCL? Would that help their bottom line? Are stocks an important way that companies make money and survive bad times? I'd buy some more if it would save our ships! Full disclosure: I've owned shares for years because I really like HAL, but I know nothing about structuring, restructuring, bonds etc - I looked at previous thread about "financials" and couldn't make heads or tails out of it!
  11. I’m not entirely certain that I’ll even get off the ship; I’m already thinking of the Konigsdam as my favorite Caribbean Island!!
  12. That’s an excellent idea! and I’ve heard “no” before, so I’m pretty sure I can deal with it 😊
  13. We won’t be sailing from Ft Lauderdale until the 23 of Feb, so I have some time to iron out the details. The cruise is a B2B but I think our TA booked it as one full cruise - she said the pricing was better that way I think. I had a sneaking suspicion that my one day to 4 star wasn’t worth getting all that excited about (but it was fun while it lasted!) I’ve been studying the deck plans. The K is similar but different enough so I know I’ll end up on the wrong deck once or twice!! It’s hard to tell, but are there any decks that a passenger cannot walk the length of the ship on (besides 12)? Another day closer!!
  14. We've finally given in to the looooong grey winters in northeastern PA! They win; we are running away to the Konigsdam for a 21 day float session in the Caribbean! We 've never been on any ship this big (although I realize in the overall scheme of things, she's not really immense) I have a couple of questions if anyone feels like answering them: We'll have 5 sea days in the 21 total, and we're in an inside cabin on the 11th deck: what's the Retreat like? Is it an extra charge? Do you have to reserve well in advance? Has anyone tried the Sel de Mer? (the seafood restaurant, I think that's the right spelling) All i can find is that "it's expensive", but "expensive" is relative, does anyone have a menu, or a really good memory? I'll become a 4 Star Mariner on this cruise (only needed one more day!) but its been awhile and we're really looking forward to sailing with Holland again and discovering whatever nifty things the Konigsdam is waiting to share!
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