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  1. I'm trying to help a friend who has somehow or another (timeshare purchase maybe?) gotten herself and her husband booked on Carnival Sensation, sailing 6/28/18 to the Eastern Caribbean. Their cabin is 4B-M28 and they have "first" as dining preference. I cannot seem to find their cabin on the teeny-tiny deck plans; does anyone know where it is and what type of cabin it is? I assume that "first" dining is a fixed early dinner, maybe around 5PM. Correct me if I'm wrong though. They are total cruise newbies and I've filled them in on what I know after 100 days on Holland America but I know nothing about Carnival Sensation. I know there's a Cruise Critic member or two who would be happy to spend a bit of time helping out some pretty nice newcomers Any and all Carnival Sensation tips would be most welcome! Thanks in advance!!:*:*
  2. ekkc10753

    Zaandam in Antarctica 2018

    Thanks Ruth! Its a drag when someone tries to take the wind out of my sails!
  3. ekkc10753

    Zaandam in Antarctica 2018

    Thanks Ruth!
  4. ekkc10753

    Zaandam in Antarctica 2018

    My understanding is that it's quite a bit more than just sail-by and wave; the ship spends a good bit of time in the water off Antarctica. But I have two serious reasons for choosingg the HAL cruise, one is $$$, a sad reality. But also there's the issue of tromping around a fairly fragile environment. Is it essential for my experience of Antarctic that I tred all over small organisms or possibly carry germs onto the continent? I might be being hyper vigilent, but I'm content with my choice
  5. :confused: We have a deposit on the BA-V Zaandam Antarctica cruise next January (which can't come soon enough for me!) I have a couple of questions that maybe someone who's done this cruise before can answer The itinerary lists "Antarctica Experience" from 8AM-6PM :confused: When I asked the Future Cruise rep on board our last cruise what happens at 6PM, she said "It gets dark, you can't see anything"....shouldn't it be pretty much daylight almost all the time in January in Antarctica? One of us is really confused!! another question I have is clothing; I'm assuming that, like Alaska, Antarctica is a little less "Gala" on Gala evenings. And otherwise layers and more layers is the name of the game! I'm planning (I know, far too early, but I can't help it) on bringing my own binoculars and shoes with good grippy soles, plus the aforementioned layers. Is there anything else that you found to be really useful for this specific cruise? We are so looking forward to this!!!!:D
  6. We have a refundable deposit for the 22 day Zaandam cruise from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso which includes the 4-day "Antarctic Experience" I know it's a glorified drive-by, but $$$ are an issue and I'd rather do this than no trip to Antarctica at all. I have a couple questions that maybe someone can help me with: #1 The "Antarctic Experience" is listed as occurring from 8AM-6PM for four days. What happens after 6PM? (When I asked the HAL rep onboard when I made the deposit, she said "It gets dark and you can't see" - That doesn't make sense to me, isn't it close to 24 hours of daylight around that time of year there? What does happen after 6PM? #2 I've booked a veranda because we like instant access to the "outdoors" especially in the morning in bathrobes. But maybe this time, I should pull back to an oceanview because we'll be on deck most of the time anyway? Any thoughts from anyone who's done one or the other? #3 I figure "layers" are the way to go and that Antarctica, like Alaska, is a bit less Gala on Gala nights. Did anyone pack anything that they found to be a godsend? or forget something that they wished they'd brought? Very much looking forward to this adventure even if it is just under a year away!! Thanks in advance for any and all input!
  7. ekkc10753

    Short Port Time at Cartagena

    On our recent Sunfarer cruise on the Zuiderdam, HAL had a shore ex that was only available for sale on board. It was "Cartegena on your own" - a bus into town, passed the fort for a quick photo stop, then we were dropped at the park to explore the Old City on our own. I think we had about 2-3 hours; I'd have preferred more time but it worked out okay. $39 I think
  8. ekkc10753

    Are there taxis waiting at Ijmuiden?

    me too! This Ijmuiden business is such a hassle and pretty expensive too. At least HAL could've offered a shuttle to the city center or the main train station for the passengers who aren't jumping on an airplane immediately.
  9. Thank you all so much! We leave on the 7th for a brief stay in Amsterdam; I'm so thrilled to be sailing on the Prinsendam for the first time. But even better is that my husband had his third "all clear" scan and we can sail away in peace!:)
  10. Has any one had any experience with disembarking at Ijmuiden and trying to get back into Amsterdam (rather than the airport) Is it safe to expect there will be taxis waiting on a Sunday morning in August when we disembark? or should I book a ship's transfer to the airport and then a taxi from there back to town? I don't see myself wrestling luggage onto the bus, and i don't think anyone would much appreciate it either. We Leave on the 10th and this only just occurred now. I wonder what else I've glossed over:eek:
  11. ekkc10753

    Ijmuiden to Amsterdam

    That seems a little more reasonable!
  12. ekkc10753

    Ijmuiden to Amsterdam

    PLEASE tell me there's something wrong with the taxi website mentioned above!! I just tried to get an estimate for our taxi ride from the IBIS hotel on Stationsplein in Amsterdam to Ijmuiden Terminal on August 10th. First I kept getting "invalid format" for the time I entered, I wanted to go at noon and tried 12:00, 12PM, 1200...all invalid! So I just accepted the date and time suggested by the website, today at 19:43. really just to get an estimate. And I got 10751.30 Euros!!! (2 people 3 bags) that's got to be wrong, correct?:confused: Help:o
  13. What do you think of the idea of smoking verandas on port and non smoking on the starboard side? Or the other way around, it wouldn't matter most of the time. Then smokers could smoke outside and non smokers could enjoy their verandas without second hand smoke. Could it be as easy as that?
  14. ekkc10753

    Need help reassuring my 8 year old son

    I quick scanned all the responses, but didn't see my one piece of advice, which I share from personal experience. Be sure you prepare your son for the loud blast of the ship's horn when you depart. Our two boys were off exploring when the horn went off. Our 7 year-old screamed and fell to the deck, spread-eagled in terror; our ten year old could hardly control his laughter, but brought his brother back to us without too much mocking. It really was pretty funny and ice cream first aid was supplied immediately. The rest of the cruise was uneventful. but neither of them were particularly enamored of the kids club and preferred to swim, watch whales, and explore the ship. Have a wonderful time!