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  1. cruzensingle

    Hotel nearest dry dock,freeport Bahamas?

    Does anyone know the hotels near the drydock in freeport where the cruise ships go when they are due for refurbishing?
  2. Hey Radio,Have fun! What hotel do you stay at the night before you get on the Explorer?:)
  3. cruzensingle

    Three days to go.....

    [quote name='*Sparkle*']I just checked my cruise countdown clock and it said THREE DAYS!! That's two more days of work (i'm not counting today because i am already here!) and a wake-up til I will be standing on the deck of my beautiful Explorer of the Seas. I am sitting at my desk going a little stir crazy, giggling like crazy ~ My admin assist keeps coming into my office telling me to keep it down. Her cruise doesn't leave until July! LOL I think I have converted at least 4 people in my office ~ The head supervisor's cruise leaves in August and one of the floor supervisors is going to Alaska next July! Three days to go.....[/quote] I'll be there too! The last few days before the cruise are the longest!
  4. cruzensingle

    Fish Lady Why did RCCL Let this Happen?

    another good reason to cruise solo.
  5. cruzensingle

    how to meet people?

    Have a great cruise.I have been cruising solo for a while,I can tell you first hand,I've met people everywhere.the dining room,the pool bar,on tours,you won't have a problem.Have lot's of fun.I am cruising solo on the explorer of the seas may 27th.I can't wait. happy cruising.I know you will just love it.:)
  6. I enjoy all the tidbits of information I get from this site.to each his own.
  7. cruzensingle

    Who Else is Sailing in Next 30 Days?

    May 27th, explorer of the seas :)
  8. cruzensingle

    1st Solo Cruise - A Good Report!!

    BRAVO! good for you. Fellow solo cruiser.
  9. cruzensingle

    Beds apart or together

    together!So I can relax and enjoy my sleep.
  10. [quote name='2010_cruisers'][URL="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/member.php?u=421100"][SIZE=5][COLOR=#de203e]cruzensingle[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL] [IMG]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/images/statusicon/user_offline.gif[/IMG] Cool Cruiser cruzensingle - when is your next trip...etc..?[/quote] I'll be on the Explorer of the Seas May 27th for the 9 day Bermuda and Eastern Caribbean.I am also planning the Epic July 24th cruise,Western Caribbean.:)
  11. cruzensingle

    explorer of the seas may 27th/any singles coming?

    Thanks a bunch!Happy Cruising!!!
  12. I'm cruising solo on the explorer may 27th,anyone coming along?:)
  13. [quote name='bearsfan1965']i am single, never married and have been cruising solo since 2005. the reason, simple... my friends who are single/married either can't afford it, have kids and do the family thing or would rather do the all-inclusive thing and sit their butts on a beach for a week and not move. so i've opted to travel solo and LOVE it. alot of people think that single/solo cruisers are out for just one thing. i definatley DO NOT fit that bill, i'm 44 and have no desire to travel for the intent to "find" someone or "something". i love meeting new people, sharing travel stories and just hanging out and having a great time while cruising. i've met so many great people and keep in touch via email/facebook with a few. i usually don't have a problem meeting people the first day of the cruise either waiting in line to embark, at dinner (always ask for a large table - carnival will seat you with other solo's), walking around the ship, on my shore excursions and recently through cruise critics "roll call". i'm not into the dance bar and drinking scene, but do enjoy a few cocktails at a bar where i can still hear myself think. when in port i usually try to take tours where i can experience the culture and attractions that the island is known for. i'm really into architecture, ruins and snorkeling. i'm booked on the majesty of the seas and counting the days 62 till sailing. a much needed break from this awful winter weather here in minnesota.[/quote] Finally a forum I can identify with.I've cruised solo,and with single groups either way,I have fun.
  14. cruzensingle

    EXPLORER Dry Dock Photos and info!

    love the blog.Il love to cruise ,found the behind the scene's view of drydock facinating.