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  1. To a server at the Windjammer during breakfast, “Do you have anything that is fresh?”
  2. Well they will have to transfer contraband every few days because I am sure they are consistently enforcing the carryon rules, no Liqor, 2 bottles of wine per room, no soda, no water, plus the added time to stop for the photographers....how will you hide that picture of Gloria. Eddie
  3. I have seen most if not all of their YouTube posts, and think they are both great ambassadors for Royal Caribbean. I would bet Royal will want YouTube posts from onboard ships a couple of weeks before passengers, to show the cleanliness and prepare some for the new protocols. Eddie
  4. Years ago had kids with us on one cruise, a 12 and 14 year old in an adjoining room, older kids split a room, all sea passes linked to my credit card. In looking at charges near the end, I said the famous last words “this can’t be right?” It showed my 12 year old purchasing ice cream I think at 3 AM almost every day. On my way to challenge it, my son says....yes dad, they serve Ben and Jerry’s at this store that is open all night. I said , but I am a light sleeper, you aren’t buying it in the middle of the night. He replys, well I have been getting up about 3 in the morning to get ice cream! That kid would sleep 12 straight hours at home, but on the ship he gets up at 3 AM? Plus, he was quiet, didn’t wake us even once. It wasn't a large amount, but was surprising. Eddie
  5. I searched for UV protected clothing on internet, and have purchased several items, not only for beach days, but shore excursions also. The material they make those out of does not overheat you either. I have ave watched a ton of tennis over the years, here in Cincy we have a top tier event every year except this one. DW and I volunteered out there for about 8 years Eddie
  6. My wife has a saying ......that I love the sun but the sun doesn’t like me, my skin especially. My next check up is in 10 days. Anyway, DW loves the beach days, so I lather on tons of sunscreen, wear the UV protection long sleeve shirts, wide brimmed UV hat. I can make it about 2 hours. And I love those hours DW May stay longer, May not. Eddie
  7. The reason I read these boards almost every days is to find nice news like this post.
  8. Can someone get word to them to spray a little liquid graphite in 9204 to the upper right corner, where it meets the ceiling? It has a squeak! Spent 2 nights on deck it was so annoying. Eddie
  9. Now wait just a minute, parts of this review are not true? I have been calling RCL for days trying to book it. I was thinking late summer of 2057. Eddie
  10. Doing a little lateral thinking here, NOT PREDICTING THE FUTURE (still working on that, but I have not quite mastered it).....BUT, I would figure they would want to release schedules for as far into the future as possible, and do such release shortly after actual GREAT NEWS regarding vaccines. When that time arrives, the excitement /optimism level all over the world will rise. People will figure they don’t want to miss the boat, but many will want to allow the vaccine some lead time before traveling on a cruise. So I would anticipate patrons desirous to book 2022 and even 2023 cruises. So proper timing they can scratch that itch, and at the same time, with each booking the cash flow from deposits helps with liquidity. OK, I can’t resist, here is the predicting the future part....cruises resume March 2021, one year after the original no sail order. Eddie
  11. DW and I took the kids on a 5 night cruise years ago. DW plays bingo, to which the kids said...no way! On the last day, noting the BIG final day prize, DW finally talks them into attending Bingo. They share a card. College Daughter plays first round, a terrible card. My college age son says, I’ll take the next round and show you how to do it. After first 3 numbers are called, he stands up saying he only needs one more number. The cruise staff sort of calls him on it, saying he obviously doesn’t understand bingo. They check the card, because of the free space, yes he only needs one more number. On the fifth number he hits bingo. Like $150 or so payoff. Then on the “final” card of the cruise, the coverall for the big prize, he is again the first to need only one number. The crowd was hilarious, saying, no fair, the lucky kid already has won once already, on 5 stinking numbers no less. The next number he hits the coverall, pays off $2100. His tuition was due the next week so that is what it mostly was used for. Eddie
  12. If the results of phase 3 vaccine testing (for any of the 3 or 4 presently or about to begin) are as positive as phase 1 and 2 testing, then by October there may be more light at the end of the tunnel. Even if there is light at the end of the tunnel, (thinking out loud, they say phase 3 results are go for flight, then a widespread viable vaccine in Dec or January) don’t you think the cruise lines will need a few months for people to receive the vaccine? So that would mean commence in March or April. For sentimental reasons, let’s say March 14, 2021.......or whatever the one year anniversary date of the no sail date. The Cruise lines are going to need at least a month or two to line up staff. So I see October as an important month, just not sailing, barring some other breakthrough. PS....I am not a scientist, but have read of 3 or 4 large companies either in or ready for phase 3 testing. I understand the testing is widespread, up to 30,000 people. Results should be published Sept at earliest. March 14, 2021........? Eddie
  13. In Feb 2020 they did have karaoke often. Not sure if every night, but many.
  14. I guess that one was too easy Aquahound.
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