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  1. These are referred to as serial commas. The “Oxford” comma, specifically the one before “and” is the presently accepted method. This differs from how I was taught in the 70’s, which said it was optional as the conjunction “and” acts as a comma. Blame the lawyers..........an example is a dairy in Maine settled for a large sum for not paying overtime, and the case came down to the lack of a comma before the word, and. Eddie
  2. I guess technically it would be about August 5, so a 10 day standard deviation would be later July to mid Aug But I agree, always been July as mid summer since school started after Labor Day. Eddie
  3. I think the large lines have established short term, intermediate and long term goals. In the short term to generate revenue they need to start sailing, and they have been forced by ..... (the circumstances) ....to look at non-US ports. As soon as they start to open the US, I am sure they will also sail as many ships as they can from the established ports. I mean, Miami and FLL can turn over a combined 25,000 - maybe even 35,000 a day. Returning to that volume has to be a priority, and for now an intermediate goal. With their volume capability they will not leave US
  4. I always do the dummy booking prior to calling them. Then I have them quote it over the phone and it is almost always a better price, due to the discounts. Eddie
  5. No it’s a buy one get one free deal. Still have to pay taxes on the free one
  6. If current trends continue, other data they may find in their own generated tracking charts. If by the end of April, average cases drops to 30,000 or less range, and then by end of May they drop to 15,000 or less range, by the end of June they should be able to see they don’t have to keep the barn door closed on this industry until Nov. Hospitalizations lag about 2 weeks behind cases, and deaths about 2 weeks behind hospitalizations. And remember, the older population was vaccinated first, so hospitalizations and deaths should begin to bottom out soon.
  7. It would not surprise me if the CDC does a bit more chest pounding until the Covid numbers, hospitalizations and deaths reach an even lower figure, say by the end of May if trends continue. Yes there will be smaller outbreaks, but they should also be squashed by the end of May. THEN, as part of a.....we are Champions for the cause, we are hero’s, bow to us,....they ceremoniously lift the CSO in June. Eddie
  8. Thanks so much, I will use this info Eddie
  9. Booking a cruise is a great therapy isn’t it? I have the same feeling about a December cruise. I do wish I could book flights as easy as a cruise. Have a flight out of FLL with about 75 empty seats on it, yet can not use a companion ticket. American Express directed me to call Delta, because they were to blame. Delta says it’s all American Express blame. All I know is you have plenty of open seats, each passes the blame, why can’t one use the benefit? Why am I carrying the darn card if they restrict the benefit? Still looking forward to the cruise.
  10. Yes Dodge, there have been near 112 million doses as of today, but that is not considered FULLY vaccinated. Using an approx 2 to 1 ratio, even though it’s not exact, at 120 million jabs about 60 million people FULLY vaccinated. Then give a couple of weeks for full efficacy. At 2.5 million jabs per day average, that equates to about 32 more days to have 200 million jabs, which should be late April and rough math 100 million fully vaccinated. By Sometime near June, they are expecting swimming pools of excess vaccines, which means if cruise lines can get crew here, if th
  11. They have already contacted crew, detailing what actions they need to get done prior to recall, and are figuring travel logistics. RCL will need to start moving crew about 60 days prior to their ships sailing.
  12. Agree Milwaukee, and add....not necessarily their ship rules, let’s add it is inevitable there will be a digital passport of some sort that airlines and foreign travel will require. So in order to arrive at some departures, if you are not vaccinated you may be subject to quarantine before getting near a ship. That is, the cruise lines will not be the only hurdle to overcome for some travelers. Eddie
  13. Sounds like something is rotten in the state of Denmark....er....Bucks County. What is wrong over there? I am sure there are locals that are behind the curve, but that is crazy. On average, US doing a pretty darn good job at about 2.5 milions jabs per day. Ohio is open to 40 and over tomorrow. Indiana and Kentucky about the same.
  14. I placed him in the toilet for safe keeping while clairvoyantizing.....(sound from other room)...DOH.
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