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  1. Previous post, I meant 4 cruises ago for the Explorer. It was our last cruise. Explorer after our cruise had an Ohio State charter cruise, followed by a Star Trek charter cruise, and one other normal cruise before Covid shut things down. Cruise staff said the two weeks of charter is like a vacation for them, as the charters manage all events, and they are more or less crowd control. Eddie
  2. DW and I have generally sailed the front of the ship, BUT...in a change up our next cruise is a corner aft balcony. Do you have anything in particular that you like to make it your usual? In the second change up for us, the subsequent cruise to corner aft balcony is center of the hump balcony. Both room placements will be new territory for us, but we still need the industry to get back to whatever the new normal will be. Eddie
  3. Ditto here. Years ago one of the funniest shows we ever saw was a comedian who just talked to people in the audience, did not curse, asked simple questions. His name was Pete Barbutti, a regular on Carson. I always thought, what talent, his act was changed with each audience. Eddie
  4. DW and I were on Explorer about 4 cruises ago, (that would have been mid Feb 2020, pre Covid) and we were also wary of some of the “needs a refurbishment” reviews. We also are easy to please. We found the ship fabulous. I believe they had movies every evening at the pool deck. FWIW, while we were on board, they had workers on board prepping the ship, as it’s scheduled dry dock was March 2020, until the dock closed. So some of the elevators were closed as they did maintenance, and every once in awhile they would close off a section of the ship for the workers. So eve
  5. Rumored release for tomorrow, ......tuxedo rental $18 per day, and any other adults in you room must also rent a tux. Eddie
  6. Quit holding back pooch, tell us how you really feel. If you feel this way about the Major shows, how do you feel about the shows on the smaller ships with B or C showstoppers being “showcased” DW and I learned our lesson to stand in the back for the opening in case we needed to make an exit. One show long ago we sat in the middle of the theater and felt so badly for the act as at least half of the audience up and left, so we stayed to be nice. Eddie
  7. In my example then the benefit is $2,250 (this figure is before taxes and port charges) much better than the $1,000 I was afraid was going to be the answer.
  8. Has anyone had experience booking a cruise with BOA cruise points? As I approach higher numbers, I wonder about how the math works. It says it is limited to $2,500 value. For example, if I look at an Alaska 7 night cruise for 2 people in 2022, the gross price before all the discounts is approx $3,700 without taxes, and $2,250 AFTER all the upfront discounts. So does the $2,500 value cover the $2,250 net price, or is the $2,500 subtracted from $3,700, leaving $1,200 due plus taxes and port fees? If this is the case the savings is about $1,000.
  9. I meant that in the business sense, not personal use sense. I would imagine Richard Fain has a cell phone. But none of us can call it. If somebody needs to contact him, he has several levels of hierarchy to contact first, and handle the issue. So the measure is when one rises to a certain level, comes the status of NOT being able to be reached 24/7. Eddie
  10. We agree 100% with you swallow. Which means we can choose to lock them in the safe and not carry it, only need it for our needs Eddie
  11. At the sake of sounding ancient, DW and I enjoy placing our phones in the safe and forgetting about them for most of the duration of a cruise. We have never utilized on board wi-fi or had to use a computer on board. We will bring a phone if getting off the ship, and every so often will use a restaurants wifi to call our kids. When cell phones were first introduced they were called “car phones” because the unit was installed in a cars trunk. It was a status symbol to have a car phone, so some had FAKE car phones, to be hip and cool. Now its a
  12. Vex, great thread you have going, thanks for your sharing. A couple of February’s ago DW and I were on an 11 night cruise with the live band you have on board, called....Switched On Band..... They were a tremendous hit on that trip, LOTS of dancing every session, and the passion in the singers voice was chilling. Now the ship also had at least double the people you presently have on board. Are they having the same impact with the smaller crowd of your cruise? I imagine it is much more difficult with a more scarce crowd. Eddie
  13. Royal is not the only people with trouble with math. Five out of four Americans have difficulty with fractions. Eddie
  14. The original post was NOT serious. Just me being, well....me. I still want the Emerald Blocks. Eddie
  15. I have heard thru the grape vine the secret password to the Emerald Lounge................ (don’t tell anyone else, especially Gold)...... At the entrance to Windjammer, say.....Washy, washy.....then you can get into the Emerald Lounge Eddie
  16. Somehow RCL also forgot my Emerald blocks on my last cruise Eddie
  17. I think there is a train terminal to Hogwarts on Deck 13 also,
  18. Correct again, written by Coleridge, my spelling may not be correct eh?
  19. Is it behind some partition? I have never seen it.
  20. I keep reading posts about the Diamond Lounge and Concierge stuff, so where is the Emerald Lounge? Are there free drinks there also? Eddie
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