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  1. Some may say you were lucky to be at your gate in 1:30. Some may say it’s a cinch. But if the ship is delayed for Debarkation, and/or it is a weekend with many more ships in the Miami port, 90 minutes may not be enough. This morning off Explorer from Debarkation beginning in MDR to gate at FLL took us 150 minutes. PLUS the Debarkation was delayed, so from the planned time to the gate was more like 170 - 180 minutes, with running into NO highway traffic. just as some people can do it in 90 minutes, a standard average means there are others who may get unlucky and take 4 hours. It’s just a gamble and some win and some lose. Eddie
  2. We were also on this Explorer cruise, and agree with Wrh2016 plus one addition. Debarkation was a disaster this morning. Wrh2016 I am not sure it you left the ship or were staying for the Ohio State charter. Eddie
  3. Cured, Your post is one of the best I have ever read regarding this topic, and I agree. Times do change, and it’s not limited to the dress, it mirrors the change in MDR. In 1990, on our first cruise, the MDR was utilized by most cruisers. Our Ship (Empress) had 7 course dinners with the highest quality menu and service. Lots of suits and dresses, and on formal night many tuxes and formal dresses. But think about it, they also served many fewer people per sitting. As as the size of ships tripled, the same food quality is multiple times more difficult to maintain. I have experience in food service, and gasp when I think about serving 3000 people in about 90 minutes, only to clean, reset and do it again for another 3000. Let’s just say...they can’t cook to order for this size. Look at all the threads complaining about the decline of food quality in MDR over time. I am not one of those complainers by the way. So if the MDR experience has declined over time from say a fine dining experience, why can’t the dress also? The speciality restaurants can still strive for higher quality standards as they serve a fraction of the meals as MDR. Since this is a finer dining experience, perhaps a stricter dress code in those venues is warranted. As for the level of service in MDR, I have always experienced a higher level of service than dining at a casual restaurant at home. However I do see many other comments on threads where people have other experiences. Eddie
  4. Do you have info on contacting the maitre’d prior to boarding? I have already called and emailed.
  5. I did not plan to post this question but in the past few days I have read several threads of people having success at rearranging dinner. Background in short, DW and I were sailing Serenade last Feb, loved it so much while on board we booked on Explorer for this Feb. Upon returning home for months we were guilty of telling everyone we know how much we LOVED the cruise. A couple of old childhood friends, after hearing our experiences, called us months later to say “we booked on your same upcoming Explorer sailing!” Now the issue...we want to coordinate dinner times with them, they did not know our dinner preference and chose MTD, we are on a main dining time. We have linked the reservations, but can’t coordinate the time (only choice was 8:45 or so MTD) We have called, and based upon info received on these boards, recently emailed rcldining. Their response was not curt, but somewhere in the neighborhood of ......can’t help, that’s your tough luck. Now we can’t be the first group to book without knowledge of the others facts, who would like to dine together. Do you think we can go to the dining room upon boarding and coordinate this? Or is it just tough luck? Obviously this is easy to overcome at original booking, but in this case, the reservations were not coordinated up front, and we can’t fix that. Eddie
  6. You had better luck than me. I did each step.
  7. I emailed dining about coordinating 2 reservations, should I have called C&A first? My issue was not resolved by e mail correspondence Eddie
  8. Thanks for that info GM. We are also boarding soon. How was the headline entertainment? Was there a nice cover band? Did you find any “can’t miss” excursions? Most importantly (tongue in cheek), what are the questions to trivia sessions? NO, I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW! Just for me, maybe not you, but B2B cruisers, or the guy last year who was on board the ship for months, getting 20 out of 20 on EVERY game, while the best of the rest may be at 15…That is a SHALLOW VICTORY. Glad and to see a nice report on Explorer. Eddie
  9. I agree with you, but it still seems strange to me. It has the note about all the other changes with dry dock (lots of them); Where did they come up with the May 7 date? Where did they come up with the redesigned cabin artwork? It does not really concern me, but I thought the OP may be interested since the request was for one of 4 specific cabins. Eddie
  10. Ourusualbeach, I agree with you, I thought that strange. But I came across this last night, I assumed any changes would be done at dry dock because I can't see where they would have time to change while not in dry dock. Tell me how you read this.....it is at https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Explorer-of-the-Seas Then look in the blue box for the following note: Please note: Next drydock in April 2020. Adding The Perfect Storm ...........Rockets Express and Starbucks. Click on tab for deck plans starting May 2021 to see changes. So if you click deck 9, and the Starts Mat 7, 2021 tab, gosh darn if its not a completely different room layout. I think its sort of strange? Eddie
  11. Cello 56, I think those rooms will be part of the March/April dry dock face lift. I was on a site last night that showed a redesigned room, just a bit smaller, for sailings after dry dock. Eddie
  12. Just by chance DW and I will be in one of the cabins in early Feb. When we booked we were told “Spacious” window cabin, and that it was larger than standard cabins I can check it out and get back to you Eddie
  13. Did you happen to see the Switched On Band? They were on our cruise last Feb and were one of the best nightly music bands. Eddie
  14. Way too early to predict, but I seem to recall, as one hurricane was approaching Miami on a Sunday they actually kept the ships due to arrive that morning safe at sea, a couple of hundred miles away. Think about it, not only the safety of the ship itself, but with the airports closed, no sense in debarking thousands of passengers only to have them try to find somewhere to sit out a hurricane. On that occasion, I believe they docked the next morning, and sailed exactly one day late. Of course, there is an issue for the next arriving guests, hopefully they can get to the port on time. Another issue is, how much room is there at the port, as other ships may have there scheduled return on Monday. They may need a traffic cop. That is all hearsay evidence, as my wife and I were on a cruise about a month later, and someone on board told us that.
  15. If I remember correctly, they ask you to circle a time frame, and the times are 30 minute blocks. So 6:00 -6:30. 6:30 - 7:00. And so on. We ordered simple coffee, tea, fruit, toast, etc on mornings we had early shore excursions. We ordered once for the 6 to 6:30 AM, and a couple of times for 7 to 7:30 AM. They were always on time, that is within that 30 minute window.
  16. Our first cruise was when Empress of the Seas was recently christened Nordic Empress. A 1990 faux pas by RCCL as the name was not consistent. But other things were not consistent with today’s cruising. Such as....I shot skeet off the side of the ship. Could you imagine them handing a patron a gun? Another was “flaming babalu” served as a desert, with dozens of waiters parading into the main dinning room. One could feel the heat. I guess that may be deemed a fire hazard today. In the vein of safety, I don’t miss either of those items. I also remember the farewell show“If I were not upon the sea, what me?” Seen it several times and laughed at it each time. For something that has not changed in my 29 year tenure with RCCL, is the friendly, professional, and well trained wait staff and room stewards. On our last cruise, I mentioned to the main dinning room head, “How is it that RCCL knows that in each of our cruises, they assign to our table the number 1 wait staff and room stewards on ship?” Looking forward to putting that last quote to the test on many more RCCL cruises in the years to come.
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