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  1. thanks both 500 yards is a bit far for his comfort so may as well pick a hotel we like look of and get taxi
  2. will be taking national express coach night before cruise and need nearest hotel to coach station hubby can limp to will get taxi to cruise port next day
  3. look at Adina apartment hotels we stayed 3 years ago at one near main railway station self caering facilities,laundry and really good pices
  4. Not on this sailing but in the same boat so to speak. We are on 24 October Barcelona round trip. The price of cruise was good but cost of airfare from UK to Barcelona is ridiculous.Also like you am not sure UK will be sorted by then never mind rest of Europe
  5. I was unblinded this week from the Novavax trial as I received an invitation from my GP surgery for vaccine it turns out I had 2 active vaccines back in November I was pretty convinced I must have had placebo as had no side effects
  6. Have sailed on both-the Spirit 3 times before refit We loved the aft bar terrace over the pirate themed childrens pool-still a peaceful area and am a bit disappointed with photos of the area now however would be happy to be able to sail safely on any ship now
  7. I am puzzled by your statement above-what country are you from? I am in UK and have always had to have a passport to travel abroad ie anywhere outside UK What government id are you referring to-there is only a UK passport or driving license that qualifies as government id as far as I know and I would be laughed at if I tried to show my driving license at an airport or ferry port
  8. sorry that was July 2020 tht was cancelled
  9. I rang Cunard today and the rep was able to see it in our account-the amount we had paid as deposit but no extra 25% as was promised. I have applied i against a july 2022 14 night round trip Transatlantic
  10. our July QM2 transatlantic was of course cancelled there is supposed to be FCC in my account for deposit paid but cant see it in my account plan to ring tomorrow to find out where it is and apply to July Transatlantic 2022
  11. last year we had a fantastic day with Dorset day trips in a 7 seater VW camper van-we filled from our roll call but he can sell individual seats this year will have been a blow to his 1 man business so hopefully he will still be in business for your trip-Ihope so as he is a lovely man
  12. I'm in the Novadex trial and have received 2 doses of either vaccine or saline-time will tell No adverse effects at all other than bruising where blood was taken!
  13. I am enrolled in the Novavax phase clinical trial in UK Initial visit had thorough physical exam and self administered throat and nasal swabs also had blood test for antibodies came back negative within 48 hours I have second vacc next week[will not know if in active or placebo group until end of trial] If I have symptoms I need to self test and post swabs for 3 consecutive days and fill in e diary If I am admitted to hospital for any reason my trial id means medical staff can check whether I received active or placebo and treat me accordingly also if it becomes apparant I should be eligible to receive an effectitive vaccine sooner I will be released from trial
  14. I'm enrolled in a phase 3 trial with Medivax-2 shots dont know whether am in active vaccine or placebo group
  15. also live in small village in North East-this weather is so unusually sunny-thank goodness we have a garden can self isolate in
  16. I have used SPB tours in past and several other St Petersburg companies offer tour packages in other Baltic ports however in todays uncertain travel times check cancellation policy
  17. we were due to do our first Cunard cruise in July-transatlantic on QM2 but cancelled before final payment we have been self isolating for over a week as my husband has compromised immune system However I have to go out every few days for fresh provisions as online supermarket delivery spots are impossible to find! working from home and husband on long term sick after stroke last year[unrelated to immune system problem] but hey life goes on and cruise critic is one of the ways to do it-thank you for all the funny posts-even from some posters who didn't mean to provide humour!
  18. oh thank you John bull and sddsdean for your humour in these trying times
  19. can well recommend Dorset day trips with Daren and his VW camper van Snowy had a great time touring all over Dorset with cruise port pick up and drop off book with him directly-unfortunately trip advisor trying to squeeze extra money out of local operators by asking extra to book via them and implying they are recommended way to go http://dorsetdaytrips.co.uk/
  20. you need to visit Venice for a day to see if it is worth a return visit personally we find the place over ated but if we had not been would have always wondered the joy of cruising for us is visiting several destinations for a taster to see if we would return some have been surprises-both pleasant and not so
  21. personally have never felt the urge to climb tower-apparently inner steps not easy being there first thing before crowds descend and getting photos of outside then off to rest of sightseeing would be my vote
  22. yes that approach is what we do for all ports but especially St Petersburg we have visited twice first time we used Anastasia for 3 of us second time TJ for 5 of us-both times went with the company most responsive to our mobility needs
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