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  1. Like maybe go see Dune? We have a winter home in tampa and we have been to Miami quite a bit... unsure what to do that is really fun... dont want to eat much until on the ship, dont want to shop- suitcases are already full and we want to keep our wallets full for later, dont want to do the beach and get sandy before embarkation, have toured south beach several times... unsure really what to do but a movie while waiting? We have a week to swim, beach it up, eat, read, relax... but the real question was will they take pity on us and let us board early? I guess puppy dog eyes and maybe some cash slipped into the right hands may do it for us?
  2. Going out of port of Miami on Symphony of Seas soon. We fly in Friday night, ship sails Saturday at 7pm. We booked less than a week ago and got a 4 pm check in time. Problem is we can probably get a noon late check out.... 4 hours to kill with luggage. So... we really dont have alot of choices- go to pier and wait is looking like the best deal. If we just show up and tell them we have 4 hours to kill and we will just sit on the sidewalk until 4, is there a chance the staff will eventually process us early? Alternative thougth would be to see if hotel would store our bags and catch an uber to see the new Dune movie to kill a few hours, but still would be early to our check in time. Question: If we show up earlier, 4 hours early, would the workers probably find a way to take us earlier, after they got tired of seeing us on the sidewalk in front of the check in doors?
  3. We were watching a youtube video about Coca Cay and in passing they mentioned one food place on Coca Cay that had funnel cakes for no extra charge. We didnt catch which food place on the Island... and the video was a few years old. We are going there in a week or so. Anyone know where we get these and if funnel cakes are still being served? (fyi-they are similar to fried sweet bread normally topped with fruit and whip cream)
  4. Forget my earlier post. Google is your friend. You can get to Maho Beach for $2.50 each way per person AND get some local flavor. This article has the info and map to get to the local taxi buses. https://www.outofyourcomfortzone.net/the-cheapest-way-to-get-from-the-cruise-terminal-to-maho-beach-st-maarten-st-martin/
  5. Saw a post from over a year ago that said we could take a local taxi (white busses I believed) which is shared, for $7 per person per way to Maho beach. I believe it is actually to anywhere like Orient. We come in on the Symphony of the seas. Any one know where the taxi stand is from the dock?
  6. So we debark probably 930 am ish on October 30 Saturday in Miami off the Symphony of the Seas. We could not get a flight home til 430pm. We have done the Everglades several times. 2 adults, 2 suitecases. What would you do to kill the day? We thought about going and checking in our luggage as soon as they will allow (what is it, 5 hours, IDK) and then taking the lightrail or free bus back to the beach area but then what? Ideas?
  7. Great to be back on a ship. Here are a few tips 1. The BBQ place has limited hours... and great food. Be sure to hit it. 2. On embarkation day the Italian place is open and free 3. There are small rooms with ironing boards and irons for free. My white shirt for formal night was wrinkled and I just asked the cabin steward where the launderette (sp?) place was. 4. On the private island the sun is intense. Try to get a clam shell rental early as they sell out. Be sure to rent a float, we felt it was worth it (our group rented 4). First time spending money that way, we will rent again. 5. The ropes course was good. 6. We had left over OBC and left it for extra tips... they made it hard...had to go to guest services and stand in line. 7. The 80's dance party was really fun and worth going to in our opinion. 8. They had a military appreciation meeting. We did not serve, but ran into it and stayed. Very inspiring. 9. We used GoPort to get to and from MCO and found it a good value. Uber pricing was all over the board. 10. We easily hit our noon flight home out of MCO with self check out about 845 am off the ship 11. We got the fastest internet and it worked well- even skype type calling home 12. The hub app was nice. On the daily list of events tag what you are interested in and it will give you reminders throughout the day right before the events start.
  8. I have heard alot of conflicting opinions and guesses. Things could have changed since the pandemic. So, are there any RECENT cruisers on Carnival that have converted OBC to cash? First hand experience in the last few weeks trumps guesses, theories, and opinions. I gosta know. TIA
  9. dude whats the problem, we are vaccinated! We are going and enjoying. We feel safe regarding your 5 points.
  10. So obviously you can tip and extra tip your cabin steward, wait staff, etc. with obc ... but suppose I see some worker at the buffet, or helping at the ropes course, or even at the pursers desk..how would I give them a tip using on board credit? I have so much obc I just want to give it to the workers. Any advice how?
  11. There is a chance they are still cleaning from last cruise.... JK! Hope you have fun!
  12. Not for commercial use, but I want to host a small gathering for friends and family. Dont really want to pay for it, but I do need to have it set in stone (location, time). Maybe 15-20 minutes. Sea Day, 11 am or so. Is there anyone at Carnival I could get an unused lounge or something reserved before we set sail? I guess last resort waiting til on board and talking to purser or somebody. Thoughts?
  13. Are there any later flights? Most ships stop boarding around 3 or 4 pm. Figure 30 minutes to get to ship after you land, try for a 230 pm landing. What could go wrong? Heck, just joking. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE MISSED CRUISE and you will never fly the day of again. ALWAYS fly day before. Right now there are many delayed and canceled flights for a number of reasons. NEVER fly day of. Period.
  14. I just read a general nationwide travel blog about how it is hard/impossible to get rental cars and ubers and such in some markets. We have 4 adults and 1 infant and we are staying in orlando the night before our cruise. Anyone have RECENT experience or heard from others what getting a ride to the ship from MCO, the airport, might be like, on Uber. Some busses seem to be about 80-90 each way for our group. Wanted to do an uber- a few years ago they were plentiful and was about $45. Any thoughts? We will be waiting for a while to find an Uber? I hope this is the right spot for a Carnival Magic question.
  15. We wanted to get our preferred check in time, stayed up til midnight EST to check in. In a hurry, accepted everything. Got our time, boarding pass, luggage, etc. In the process we agreed to Guest Smile and Go... what is that? 1984? Please explain in laymans terms. We are good with anything..just get me on a ship! But what is it?
  16. I heard on the Magic they have included softserve, but is there speciality Ice cream or an Ice Cream shop? Just trying to figure out how to use those OBC. TIA
  17. I have never decorated a door, ever. On 40 + cruises. But Guess What... the one in a few weeks gets everything. I am going to stop for every photographer, I am going to decorate my cabin door. I am going to do the congo line for the first time, I am going to appreciate this thing to the limit! Covid taught me never to take anything for granted. I am like a bird let out of a cage.
  18. Reminds me of the time we were at dinner almost to Nassau and there were these little islands we were passing by and the guy at the next table loudly asks, "Is that Cuba over there?" (we were not going anywhere near cuba that cruise). So when I saw a video about Havana I had some expectations.
  19. An easy test is to see if you can put the device in "airplane" mode and still continue to play the games she normally does. Some games do require wifi, as my son's nightly foretnite tournaments can attest. But generally, most games for older folks do not need wifi 🙂
  20. I think a line in a movie said "bet it all on black" at the roulette wheel. Almost double or nothing, so why not?
  21. Or, they are called onboard credits as they are credits to be used to purchase on board items like tips, drink packages, internet options, etc., which are not only offered, but heavily pushed to be purchased before you sail (e.g. save 15% if you buy before your cruise). Thankfully someone else posted less snarky and more helpful information. But thanks.
  22. So we have like $700 in shipboard credits. I went to cruise planner today, picked out some things to do, and when I went to reserve they wanted a credit card number. I want to use my on board credits. How do you apply them to pre-cruise purchases? TIA
  23. So whats the latest? mom and dad fully vacinated, on magic on Aug 16. Applied for exemption. unsure when we will hear. Booked cruise without knowing about any of this, booked air and hotel as well. So we are paid, booked, and now learning something about a 5% exemption. Thinking since air is booked we go and if we can not get on ship we just spend a few days at the beach and go later on another ship. Where can we go to find latest on our status? TIA
  24. Just got off the phone.. booked in Feb for April 18. $1550. When I cancelled just now they said I was eligible to get $900 as a FCC and they would put the balance of cash back on my credit card within 90 days. My daughter in law has Cystic Fibrosis (high risk group) and was booked in an adjacent cabin. They are calling next to cancel. Heard their might be additional credit for all of us. I mentioned it and the Carnival Rep did not know anything about it. Did Carnival do this correctly? Keep some back, refund some, and no on board credit for high risk groups? Thanks
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