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  1. We need to know if this applies to Celebrity.??!?!
  2. Wow, this is the first article fully naming Celebrity Summit.
  3. There is confusion regarding this bc Summit departed PR on Feb 29, not Mar 1. Summit was in St Thomas on Mar 1. A Carnival Fascination cruise fits the itinerary perfectly. So this is likely typical news mistake. We are trying to find clarification. Someone posted on a FB group that Celebrity says this is not true for Summit. I don't have confirmation of that, however.
  4. I have eaten at O'Sheehans and then ordered an additional order of wings + dessert to take back to my room. But yes, this was after a late night at the club.
  5. No, I booked BF. Unless you're referring to Getaway, when there was no bidding system yet.
  6. Speaking of Depeche Mode...I absolutely LOVED the Depeche Mode cover band on Bliss last year. Anyone know if they're still on Bliss? And looking forward to this band on Encore.
  7. All of my NCL cruises have been balcony guarantees. Getaway - don't remember if it was BX or BF but got Spa Balcony for no extra charge Pearl - got regular balcony, good location Bliss - BF to BA Encore - BF to BA So it's been really good for me, especially that first one. Still haven't heard about my Encore bids but I doubt they'll get accepted as they're barely above minimum.
  8. This was my thought too. Are we sure that is not the case bc I think it's covered. If not, wow.
  9. Hmm, with this pic of the Laser Tag area, I can kinda see a party being hosted there at night. What do you guys think?
  10. Any other beautiful souls on board this cruise? 12/01/2019 December 1, 2019
  11. Yes, they mostly were and that has also been my experience. My post wasn't directed towards those folks. I'm addressing the negative commentators and the looking down upon others.
  12. Thank the Universe none of you spouting negatives are on my next cruise. I've had nothing but great experiences at NCL FOD visits. RCCL was hit or miss. It does work out well sometimes!
  13. I know I'm replying to an old message (I'm only on pg 36 of this 107 pg monster LOL) but I was on Bliss for Thanksgiving 2018 and I waited until the 2nd to last day of the cruise and there were plenty of slots to choose for the last day of the cruise.
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