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  1. LOL, agreed on the late night snack. And speaking of late nights, that is my like. On most cruises I've been on EXCEPT NCL, the parties end around 12am. But NCL's parties can go til 2-3am, which is both great and not great depending on if you have a 7am excursion the next day. 🤪 I also pretty much leave my TV on the Navigation channel and yes the music is def hit or miss.
  2. Sure. I usually save my dailies so I will almost certainly have them.
  3. Agreed! The lowest possible bid I've seen for Haven from a balcony is $400 for a Breakaway/Breakaway+ ship. This is prob a Jewel class ship.
  4. I'm on the first fall one out of Miami and we're all curious too. Maybe they'll go by the Mexican party schedule since both are 7 days but no one knows at this point.
  5. From Newark, you have the PATH trains and NJ Transit. NJ Transit is faster and less stops but costs a bit more. All airports are far from Manhattan. LGA being the closest but also with the least options for public transport. I'd Lyft/Uber it from LGA but not from EWR or JFK. If you have the choice, I'd chose LGA for easiest way to get to the port.
  6. What were people complaining about? Also, loved this pic.
  7. Yes, they will at Guest Services.
  8. Escape still leading. But Bliss and Breakaway are within one vote from each other.
  9. Yes, you should be fine provided nothing usual happens on the way back. See the threads on what happened with Breakaway (and to a lesser extent Escape) this past weekend. That's rare but it obviously does happen.
  10. To answer your question, we all have no idea how they decide!!! From what I understand, you're in the running for all that you actually bid on. And from what I gather, you're in a similar bid situation as me. I did not bid on everything. I passed on the Spa Balcony bc I really like my current balcony location but did put in bids for the Spa Mini Suite and several Haven room but not all. I am just slightly over the lowest bid on everything except the room I wanted most, where I bid a bit more. Unfortunately, you cannot wait until you've received an answer on one to then bid on another. It would be awesome if it did work that way though.
  11. I dont know what it is about desserts on cruise ships. Soooo many times, they look amazing but we wind up disappointed. I am definitely going to taste every dessert that you have mentioned being good. Esp looking forward to the lobster roll from Ocean Blue. Thank you for this review. It was quite unique for CC and I loved every post of yours.
  12. Escape is leading but no votes for Getaway. Interesting. Poor Encore. Maybe we can get a redesign.
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