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  1. Here is a tip for everyone, mind your business and tip as you wish.
  2. Everyone should just mind there business and tip what and when they want. I'm actually a very big tipper and worked in the service industry in the past so I do get it, but I if someone feels they should not tip someone for some reason then so be it. We can not keep trying to control what others should and should not do period.
  3. LFK all the way, the place is awesome. I did a lot of research on this place before going and the animals are taken care incredibly well . The place is pure Paradise, go you will not regret it. Bodden's tour is fun too but we enjoyed LFK much more and will return again.
  4. Thanks Marci, great tips and the link helps lot, great info on there.
  5. Hi Charles, actually those suggestions help a lot. Something to do is better then nothing. Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated
  6. We just booked a cruise on Carnival Breeze to Bermuda that ports overnight from 4:00 PM to 4:00 PM the next day. On the second day we will get up early and visit Horseshoe bay beach. The first day is where we see the problem, we do not arrive until 4:00 PM. What family evening activities/excursions are there after 4:00 PM for a family of three, my wife, myself and our 14 year old teen? This will be our first time in Bermuda so we do not know the island at all.
  7. I'm having the same exact problem. I even called RCCL and they said no one else has reported any website issues. That is why I came on here, to check if anyone else was having the same issue. Their website is a mess.
  8. You do not speak for everyone and it is a big deal for many. Speak for yourself
  9. Great post Organized Chaos and very well said.
  10. If they did get rid of the libraries, they could make into a nice spot for the 18 to 20 year old's to meet or hangout in.
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