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  1. Magic is a great ship, I sailed her a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun. The cruise Director on that ship was the best. I believe it was Dr. E, but I'm sure if he is still on the Magic or not.
  2. Go ahead cancel away, thanks for opening up those bookings for the rest of us that are willing to cruise.
  3. Exactly it was a very smart business move. I think they did the right thing.
  4. Exactly, I feel the same way about this whole thing. It seems like some would be happy if the rules were never removed. If they are not comfortable they should cruise another line, it is as simple as that. As for me I'm good with it and will gladly be sailing with Royal.
  5. I have been booking more royal cruises ever since I heard the news. GO ROYAL!!!
  6. I want to say keep the one you have because it just feels like the safe way to go, but if November works better then go for it. November is a beautiful time to cruise, great weather much better then January in my experience. wish you luck with your choice.
  7. At least he is trying to get something done which is more then you can say about those currently in charge.
  8. I second that, enough is enough!
  9. Great article and hats off to those two Senators. Lets hope something good comes out of it.
  10. Yeah I read the same thing over at the Cruise Critic Disney section, A few of them were talking about it. It was the right thing to do.
  11. 100 percent agree the whole thing is shameful, what NCL did was and is wrong. In the end NCL will be the ones that lose. They are gaining a big reputation for scamming their customers. Everyone needs to keep fighting this and do not give up. NCL is wrong and needs to do the right thing.
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