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  1. I think it's disgusting that they got rid of the chapel in exchange for an arcade.
  2. The 4K cabin had their French doors removed & replaced with floor to ceiling windows. 😞 I'm not happy about it, but I understand why that had to be done. Once again, the bad behavior of a few has ruined things for the many. 😞
  3. Bluemoon319


    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. That has so not been my experience.
  4. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I will definitively look into that.
  5. Bluemoon319


    I beat feet to get out of the port area ASAP so I can't speak for that area.
  6. My son has many liquid meds. They are not part of the restrictions for liquids so there is no need to put them in a baggie.
  7. Yes, 18 containers do take up quite a bit of space, but they are allowed to be carried on without it counting as luggage. Fortunately my son & I are down to about 20 meds now, but it used to be a lot worse in the past so I do know what a pain it is. Unfortunately although we have fewer meds between us now, we have to travel with medical supplied=s thatwe didn't have to in the past. Ugh
  8. PLEASE do take the prescriptions in original containers. Ask the pharmacist for small containers with printed labels on them. I have seen this question posted elsewhere numerous times. I have read many responses by people who said they had no trouble bringing their prescriptions in just pill organizers or the like. Well I can tell you from numerous experiences that my son & I are often taken aside to have our prescriptions checked individually & that's even with them being in their original containers & properly labeled. Is it possible that you will not have an issue? Of course, but I sure wouldn't take the chance.
  9. I have been to GT numerous times, but have yet to actually explore the island. I always hit the water for the day as soon as I get off the ship. I will heading there again in April and am thinking it's about time I actually check out the land. I have read numerous times that golf carts are the way to go, but now that I am finally ready to do such a thing, I am coming upon a LOT of reviews stating that the golf carts were not available in spite of paying a deposit ahead of time & email confirmations, or the carts were broken down. I am recovering from an accident & will not be walking much by the time April rolls around. I will be going with my adult son who is also disabled. Walking far due to a broken down golf cart just can't be in our plans. Can someone here please recommend a reliable company to rent one from? Thank-you so much 🙂
  10. Bluemoon319


    Wow, I really disagree. GT Diving has always been wonderful to me & everyone I have ever recommended.
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