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  1. The medical evacuation was a person who had fallen, and broken their hip. I am sad to lose Bonaire, but very happy to be on the ship. And tomorrow we get to do the transit. I'm dining tonight with my new BFFs in Crown Grill. I am sure the Matre'D/s will enjoy a break from us in DaVinci. LOL! Glad you were finally able to post PescadoAmarillo.
  2. You're welcome. I originally had requested any size table, and I was seated at a table with 5 other people. All strangers, but no big deal. As I am sailing solo, I don't know about that split dining experience. Sorry. As for the others in this thread questioning with whom I spoke, you do you. I have no motivation to embellish my encounter, or anything else. I reported what I was told by two different officers. I reported the meeting highlights, and general points. That is all. Have a nice cruise (whenever that may be).
  3. I had a huge replied for you, but the internet is being cranky today. I will try to replicate it. *sigh* Thank for your comment. I don't know about the linked voyages issues. Traditional dining: I gave up** trying to use the app. I have only been dealing with the hostesses for table selection. I started out with 3 people, and now dine at a table that can accommodate 10 people, but most of the time we are only 8 diners. After we were moved to the larger table, now they just reserve the table for us. Before I knew this, I would talk to the hostesses after dinner to make a reservation for the next night. It was super easy, and they were very amenable to our requests. I don't know about the table sharing issue you speak of, but I am currently dining with 7 strangers. There doesn't seem to be a way to pick table size, but again, the staff either at the dining room or via the phone are quite easy to work with. I have seem some people frequently request to be seated away from other tables, so more isolated. **The issue is needing a booking number instead of just name/cabin number. Seems a bit security/privacy issue to me to need a booking number. (one of the changes I suggested changing) As for the other dining rooms being opened up/available. Currently the crew dines in Botticelli having been moved from Michelangelo due to passenger complaints about noise and vibration. It was really bad on the way from LA, so that is when I moved on my own up to DaVinci from Botticelli. The next day, they swapped all guests to either Michelangelo or DaVinci. Hope I answered some of your questions.
  4. I did not ask that, mainly focusing on where I thought improvements could be made for customer usage. Changing things is a tough decision, and I wanted to not simply complain, but suggest ways to make it more accessible for all users. There was a large contingent onboard to help with troubleshooting, installation, and interfacing. Most of the staff with the Medallion app implementation was put off the ship at our first port, Puerto Vallarta. It was a question I asked once off the ship, after seeing so many people standing at the port with suitcases. They were then either transported back to LA, or sent to other ships starting up cruising soon. Sometime developers need to be out where the app is being used. There is more to this app than just getting onto a ship. Real time usage is hard to replicate in a vacuum. Being on site is an important step with any new software/app rollout. They were very nice, and I made it clear that I was not there to bash the app. I said I wanted to see the app succeed, and I wanted to give them feedback of where things could be made better. Seriously?!? Princess is doing things behind the scenes that will take time. App development doesn't just mean flipping a switch. While it could have been better, until they get people on a ship, and see how it works (or doesn't), as well as see how users the app (not developers/designers) will use the app, then implement suggestions going forward, it is not that simple of a thing. See above about why they were onboard this ship. I don't feel I wasted time at all. One of them took a full two pages of notes. They attempted to, and did replicate some of the flaws they weren't aware of in the app. They both were surprised to see such a malfunction, as well as some security/privacy issues I pointed out. Basically things that they had not thought of during the past year of development. For those of you questioning with whom I had met, I asked one of the officers to explain to me the specific title/job of the two people I met with. One officer was also at the meeting, but due to the time change was a little late, so missed a lot of the discussion, but would be caught up from the notes one guy took. Officially their title/job description was: They were Princess corporate. Titled as Princess Ocean Medallion Brand Ambassadors. They were fully in charge of the medallion app. They facilitate all training, assist with development, and implementation of the app. I sail again in January, and hope to see some of the changes I suggested, as well as new options added to the app. I thought giving some positive (but not glowing or cheerleading like) feedback would help. YMMV
  5. They were not wearing officer uniforms, but seemed to be the head honchos for the medallion app. One of the officers I had talked to up in the Elite lounge did set up the meeting for me, so I didn't question anything about who exactly they were. Both men discussed the app with authority like only developers/designers would, and indicated they have been at this for over a year. I can try to find out. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. FWIW, I had a lovely proactive meeting with two of the people in charge of the Medallion app, who were also onboard the Emerald Princess on the Panama Canal sailing. Over the course of a week, a group of us made quite a list of things that could be made better for onboard services while using the app. They made notes on all of the items, and even were able to replicate a few of the issues noted. This doesn't help anyone right now having issues with using the app to set up accounts for their next sailing. BUT we did talk about these many pre-boarding issues, like the "white screen of death", unresponsive sections, etc. They are aware of it, and promised to do something about it. Mainly I suggested they make it widely known if there was an unwritten timeline for when sections of the app would become available before a sailing/booking, for example if it wasn't available until 90/60/30 days ahead of sailing. We also discussed how even they were cruisers who would immediately want to fill out the cruise personalizer once a booking was made, so it isn't just us frequent cruisers that want to do that. 😉 I felt this was a good thing to know, and that they took my suggestions to heart, as opposed to them brushing off any criticism of their app. I found them quite receptive to my suggestions, and felt they were genuine in their desire to make the user experience better. YMMV
  7. After almost a whole week on this ship, I am just now dragging out my laptop. LOL! (for some reason I am unable to reply, or post anything from my iPhone.) I've met so many interesting people, me who thought I would be spending this cruise alone at dinner. Our dinner table now has about 8 women all sailing solo. A few of us try to meet for lunch in the MDR too. This has been a fantastic cruise. I have enjoyed visiting with all the cruise critic members. The crew is wonderful, the ship is great, and the passengers are a diverse interesting group. This was the perfect cruise for me to pick after the last 18months stoppage. I don't have much to add to what so many have already discussed. But I hope to keep up with this thread a bit better.
  8. If you look at that PDF linked, the expiration date isn't a 12 month extension. I have a kit with an expiration date of 5 Oct 21, which was extended to 5 Jan 21. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But the lot number for my kit is not on this list. I did find an Abbott email/pdf on another site that did list my lot number, so check your lot number before thinking all is well with your kit. YMMV
  9. Last month I did a test at about 10am EDT with zero wait time. The whole process was done much faster than I expected. Good luck with your test. I have to do one next week for another trip, and hope for another easy and quick process.
  10. I am glad they will be doing this on the longer voyages. I was wondering if I should bring my own eMed tests to check myself before disembarkation. Smart move that they will have the testing regularly for passengers. YMMV
  11. A few months ago, there was a huge wait (8hrs or more) for the proctors, but they have since fixed their staffing issues. Travelers to overseas via air have been using these tests for 6-9months to enter some countries, but mostly to re-enter the US. I don't think cruising travelers will be much of a problem. YMMV
  12. I have fluctuated between yellow and green lanes for the last month. I had selected my arrival group for a cruise next week, but now that is gone. It is the constant weird sometimes working aspect of the app that is annoying. And it's ridiculous that this company put all their effort into such a terrible app. It doesn't load quickly either. The upside to this crap app is Princess has said they will put back some of the online/website access by November. I am very much looking forward to that.
  13. Good to know. I am hoping to stay pre-cruise in 2023 which will be just before New Year's eve. I've already mentioned it to my travel agent, so it's on her to do list.
  14. When I sailed in Jan 2019, this hotel was a Holiday Inn. Absolutely a fantastic location. Whenever I sail again, I will try to stay in this hotel.
  15. The metro/subway/whatever you want to call it is super easy to get from SYD airport to the port. I did that on my last cruise in 2019.
  16. You have to pay to access Mambo beach? How much per person? Your bus info above is fantastic. Thank you for that! I'm a big fan of doing things independently if possible. In your opinion, is the bus and beach scenario relatively safe for a solo female traveler?
  17. I agree digital boarding passes like the airlines manage to do well would be a nice thing. Recently I was happy to see VeriFly and the American app working well together, b/c they did not work well in July before my Apex cruise. Good point re: Celebrity's wifi speeds onboard. I just hope whatever they are thinking of will be better than the Princess medallion app. They will need to greatly up their game to make something that is near flawless.
  18. Did anyone get the email asking to fill out a digital experience survey? I just filled out the survey, and I wonder what direction they are thinking of going. There were questions/comments about smart watches, smart phone pay option apps (ApplePay, SamsungPay), and if one would use the app to open cabin or pay on board. I am a bit mixed about the potential options. Of course, if it doesn't function well (I'm looking at you Princess with your medallion app/medallion) then it is non-starter for me. Thoughts?
  19. Have you looked at the Spain health control site? It is a big confusing about that 48hrs timeline. I recently flew to Madrid, and filled out all my info well before my arrival. Then I completed the final bit of info within the 48hr window. I would think you have to fill out the "arrival by ferry" version instead of the "air arrival" version.
  20. I went to the family version of Le Petit Chef on the Apex in July. It was cute, but just okay. The food was not good IMO. For me it was very much a once and done experience.
  21. I think I have looked at those sites in the past. I will check a few of the ones I have bookmarked just in case. Yeah, I've seen a couple of emails from a few luxury brands advertising low or no single supplements. Similarly out of my budget. Oh well.
  22. When you start the eMed test, that is when they ask to scan the barcode. It is all part of the testing process. I just did one on Monday, and it was super easy, and fast.
  23. Wow! I bet Princess and TAs are scrambling again, just when things were looking up.
  24. Thanks for that info. I was hoping for a simple way to find the single supplement discount. It sounds like you keep an eye on cruises you'd like to take to catch a price change in the single price. I'll have to try that.
  25. What is this single supplement of which you speak? And where would someone keep track of them offering a single suppliment?
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