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  1. Now waiting endlessly for van to return us to the parking lot. I personally would avoid GoPort. We wonder if perhaps their volume is so low that it isn’t efficient right now. I wish we had investigated parking at the port. On a happier note…our cruise was incredible!
  2. Same exact experience as Ozark above. On board the Mariner and loving the suite life! 12:00 check in, we arrived 11:15, I pointed out we were early and they just said no worries. Since our suite wasn’t ready til 1:15 we stashed our roll boards in the suite lounge. Alejandro prepared cappuccinos for us, we had some treats for lunch, he made ice show reservations for tonight, chef’s table reservation for tomorrow night. It just made everything so easy! Loved our room when we got in! Our room, and the entire ship, sparkles and looks very fresh! These three days will pass way too fast!
  3. Horrible experience so far! Hotel was so bad we had to find another. Great difficulty finding GoPort parking based on the address they gave us. And now….waiting endlessly to be picked up to be taken to the port praying the cruise goes much better than the stress mess of the last day.
  4. I searched and found a site that listed all the stay and park options in the Canaveral area. Literally 18 minutes from the space center now, staying at Best Western Titusville tonight, boarding Mariner noon tomorrow. Will report back on the experience.
  5. I searched and found a site that listed all the stay and park options in the Canaveral area. Literally 18 minutes from the space center now, staying at Best Western Titusville tonight, boarding Mariner noon tomorrow. Will report back on the experience.
  6. Can’t lie…I found this stressful. Just having to move from the phone to the laptop was unexpected. Luckily I’d read through this post. Before the test itself I experienced a glitch. The proctor couldn’t read my birthday from my license and very quickly told me to call customer service and then she logged out of the call. I started over, this time using my passport as ID, and a more patient proctor and that worked. But reading about the process was very helpful so my thanks to the original poster and all who contributed.
  7. So excited! Bid just over minimum on a grand suite on a 3 day Mariner Cruise leaving Friday and found out yesterday we did get it. We have new cruise docs already. Thanks to all on this thread that helped me figure it out. If anyone could tell me what perks they value most I’d appreciate it!
  8. Thank you all so much! It sounds like a blissful day without having to spend a lot in upcharges!
  9. In a few weeks we are doing a Mariner long weekend. What is included in your “perfect day?” Just a 60+ retired couple hoping for a fun day in the sun…I’ll enjoy watching others on the toys!
  10. New NCL cruiser with a question...included perk premium does not include bottled water or specialty coffee? Plus includes all bottled water, and premium coffee, which is Starbucks? Plus includes full bottles of wine at dinner and you can take remainder to your stateroom? Thanks for your help!
  11. We would cancel...not due to concerns for our safety, but concerns for disruptions on the ship. Watching the current Celebrity ship with two positive tests with great interest. Only 600 passengers on that ship and full vaccination required. Wondering what 4000 passengers, even fully vaccinated, would turn up with post cruise testing.
  12. OP here! Just wanted to thank everyone who’s weighed in. It sounds like lots of things to love...and a few not so much. For our port intensive 7 day itinerary I think we will be just fine. If this was relaxing in the Caribbean and enjoying the ocean, maybe not as much. just a couple more questions, please. 1. two chairs and a side table on the balcony? I can hide out there when the toilet is in use lol? 2. Breakfast room service? Usually don’t even use room service but it is a convenient option with early morning excursions in Europe 3. anything I should pack that might be unique to these cabins? 4. Is specialty coffee part of the included drink package? Where, if so. seems like NCL attracts a friendly and helpful crowd! Thanks.
  13. Longtime cruisers(30+) but in October we join a large group of friends on a Mediterranean cruise, and this will be our first time on NCL. We know we will have a wonderful time with friends and enjoy the ports. We are trying to set realistic expectations about the ship experience. Our European cruises have all been on MUCH smaller ships. What should we expect with crowd control...embarkation, ports, venues? It looks like advanced planning and reservations are required. Understand that Covid restrictions may still have an impact in October. it looks like lots to do at night which will be great with this group. Are venues crowded or hard to get in? The cabin...it certainly looks unique. We have a basic balcony on 13. I’ll reserve judgement on the bathroom, although my first impression based on photos isn’t great. But no one cruises for the bathrooms! Service? We generally have been impressed with service on all our cruises, whether low end or high...we’ve cruises on everything from Carnival to Regent. We are not hard to please with any sincere effort appreciated. Is there water and ice service in the cabin? Breakfast roomservice, even limited, available? Coffee makers..really? I was pretty excited to read that! Really appreciate any comments and knowledge or tips any of you can share. It’s actually quite fun to be a newbie again and this will be our first, not last!, cruise since Covid.
  14. Booked the Splendor just yesterday for a June 22 cruise..so excited! We haven’t been on Regent for 11 years. Somehow we jumped to Azamara. But we felt extra secure with Regent, particularly with shore excursions. Usually liked being adventurous but in these times we know they are experts and their safety protocols seem strong. Got our second vaccinations last week and can’t wait to travel again.
  15. We are looking at an Apex Caribbean cruise a year from now. It’s looking as though it could easily be eight or more couples. Are there any advantages to booking as a group? Last time we all just called into the same online travel agency. It worked out fine but I’m wondering if there are any benefits to a group booking. Thanks for any help!
  16. We watched a Regent webinar last night. They did talk about a slow roll out to get back, maybe one ship a month. All crew need vaccinations and extensive training. There will be more medical staff and an unsold block of rooms that could serve as a quarantine area. They didn’t address guest vaccinations. They claimed their 2022 bookings were way above previous years. They have sold out their around the world cruise to exclusively people booking the entire cruise. Usually many segments are sold separately to fill the ship. But I agree...so many questions still!
  17. Our first European cruise was with Regent and we loved it. The ease of the shore excursions made it a good first choice. But...we then decided we needed more variety and adventure in our tours and became loyal Azamara cruisers where we booked our own with local tours and fellow cruisers. We are looking at Regent for a 2022 Baltic cruise. Their extensive experience with land excursions make me feel it might be safer in this time of Covid. So what moved us away may be what sends us back! Also shore excursions in Alaska (and the Baltic!) are expensive so that helps with the cost analysis.
  18. There will be a land based option but the one person in our party who chose it regretted not doing the snorkeling. When else in your life will you have the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions, penguins, and sea turtles...all at the same time? I was 61, had done a bit of surface snorkeling in the Caribbean, and am a decent swimmer in average shape at best. I was SO GLAD I went for it...even though the idea of a wet suit was very intimidating!
  19. We were a group of 16 and I was a tad nervous...would the Infinity deliver as well as a year ago? After all, she is in for an upgrade in November and is,I believe, one of the last for rehab. I had many first time Celebrity cruisers in our group, and several upscale cruisers used to suites. so happy to report the Infinity delivered on all fronts...food, service, entertainment. People found their cabins clean and well cared for. One recent Celebrity cruiser compared the main dining room food as better than Lumanae! We had an amazing time, and Celebrity made a lot of new friends. Any questions, especially about managing a group cruise, ask away!
  20. We have cruised on a number of lines but Celebrity is still our usual choice. We retired to Florida so 80 degree days and a backyard pool and spa is our new normal. A Caribbean cruise is easy to access with no flying involved, but it isn’t the same thrill as when we arrived having left snow behind. In a week a large group of neighbors board for a little indulgence and fun. We find the service to be consistently good, the food reasonably tasty, and the drink packages so often bundled are an added value for us. for European cruises we thoroughly enjoyed Azamara three wonderful trips, but their prices seem to have skyrocketed. We may try Celebrity for our next adventure travel...not cheap but better than many others. And the Xpedition in the Galapagos was the experience of a lifetime. There are a number of cruise lines that tempt us...Oceana and Viking seem very well regarded and I hope we experience them in the next few years.
  21. We’ve done Park and Cruise from Fort Lauderdale several times, but unfortunately this year the Infinity cruises out of Miami in January. A bit stressed because I hate unknowns and 14 friends are cruising with us. I need good advice! My research indicates parking at the port is the safest option. Can you reserve in advance? We only live about 2 hours away so we really don’t want to overnight at a hotel that would keep the car. Any advice greatly appreciated!
  22. My helpful hurricane cruise tip...if you drive to port, even if there’s no hurricane in sight, leave your car with a full gas tank! We parked in Bayonne, cruised to Bermuda, Irene hit, we spent an extra day at sea because the Port was closed. Everyone was concerned that their cars would be floating in the sea level parking lot. Big cheer when the captain announced no damage to cars. But there was no power from NJ all the way up the coast, so no service stations. Spent some time worrying.
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