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  1. We sailed in December on Mariner with our son who did not have a passport and some family that did not have a passport. Most of us had expedited but those 2-3 did not. They allowed us all to stay together and we were on quickly typical with the expedited.
  2. We absolutely loved Wonderland on our Harmony trip earlier this year. So much so, we ate there twice on our 9 night! We LOVE the tomato water!
  3. We loved coffee at Don Ruiz near El Morro fort. And really enjoyed lunch at Punta de vista.
  4. We LOVE Amiga! Been twice. Will always book when we go to Labadee. Beautiful, quiet island. And amazing snorkeling!
  5. Plenty of time to see it all! We ate/sat at the Karibuni side and the food was amazing. We hiked back to the other side very easily. Great views. Enjoy!
  6. I agree with the bottle neck! Sailed a 9 night on Harmony at end of March. First time on that size ship but we ended up avoiding Windjammer due to the bottle neck that seemed to happen up there. I think we only there 2-3 times the whole sailing. And, yes the photographers constantly blocking the stairs on Promenade! And we LOVED Wonderland.
  7. We felt the same way when glancing at the menu. Almost didn’t eat there at all. We ended up eating there TWO times on our March sailing. It was amazing!
  8. You may have gotten your answers by now. That is not a long time in port. We did have longer when we went, I believe 8-4p. The drive across the island, taxi or otherwise takes a bit of time. And you’d need to check what the earliest time the ferry runs as well. It is a beautiful place though!
  9. Sorry for the late reply! Im not sure their exact pricing with Caribbean Paddling but likely worth it and we would likely do it in the future. We got stuck at port with the taxis trying to getting to Pinel because they kept sending others going elsewhere in a taxi because we weren’t a large group, just me and my husband and eventually 2 couples from another Royal ship showed up to go to Pinel too. So, we were there awhile waiting to get put in a taxi. We asked the driver to come back at a set time to pick us up but she was a no show. The other couples took the ferry to Pinel with no issue. Luckily a shuttle bus taxi was there when we got back to caribbean paddling and we took that which was a few bucks cheaper anyways. We def built in time to head back early. Would love to have more time at Pinel and have a driver set up in advance.
  10. On the way over it was $12/person. On the way back we ended up in a larger shuttle van and it was $10/person.
  11. We cannot wait to go back to Pinel Island! We took a taxi and shared with 4 others from another ship who were also headed out. I last minute booked a tandem paddle board through Caribbean Paddling, best decision ever! They were super to work with and communication with them was great. Paddled over and saw tons of sea turtles. You can also take a ferry over to Pinel. We got chairs and umbrella on the Karibuni side of the island, we hiked to the back side, incredible. We had lunch at Karibuni, outstanding!! The best grilled shrimp of my life! Dying to go back already. Highly recommend checking out this island. My only regret is not booking earlier with Caribbean Paddling and setting up a driver with them. I had planned out all our other port stops well but not this one. The taxi driver we asked to show back up to get all 6 of us, was a no show. Thankfully, a shuttle bus/taxi ended up pulling in and we hopped on. We also allotted ourselves plenty of time to get back on ship. It ended up being no problem getting back but we would have enjoyed more time on Pinel if we had a driver and times all set. Cheers!
  12. We usually are on early for Brilliance, 10-10:39, hit Schooner and then Windjammer for the outdoor seating.
  13. If you're a craft beer fan, we really enjoyed Pirate Republic Brewing last week when we stopped in Nassau. Good beer and food.
  14. Absolutely love Brilliance, sailed her 3 times in the last 2 years. And Freedom is our favorite ship size overall. Sailing my first Oasis class on Harmony this Friday so I don't have that comparison just yet! We are in our mid 30s, and find plenty to do on Brilliance. They do Love and Marriage and honestly, Quest is far more fun on a ship the size of Brilliance! Ocean views all around on Brilliance, staff is phenomenal. We love Schooner onboard, R bar and the Pub. Tampa is easy sailaway port as well. I'd never turn down Brilliance 😊
  15. No lower than $49/day I've seen on my Harmony sailing that leaves this Friday. It's been the lowest I've seen and stayed there the last 2-3 weeks.
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