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  1. I don't claim to be the solo sufferer, many here chose to be "civil" others chose to lash out. I'm most sympathetic to everyone that has been affected. No insurance covers epidemics, period. We keep reading uninformed opinions about insurance, this does not apply. Celebrity has been making bad decisions in the 2/1 Sailing and about to repeat in the 2/15 sailing, failing their costumers, at a loss, I'm sure. At the same time, they are not easing their costumers concerns, yet, SOME, keep defending their bad decisions. Dozens or more of their passengers have been displace
  2. Your opinion is meaningless to me and those that have been affected. Celebrity has acted in their own interest, there are many others that feel the same way. Airlines acted quickly and offered passengers many options, Celebrity has not. What is you motivation for defending Celebrity vs those that have been inadvertently affected, losing thousands of $$ to manage what Celebrity should have easily foreseen , or even those that are still to come? Yet they continue to repeat themselves. You want to stay on these sailing? Your choice. I should not be attacked
  3. I'm upset at Celebrity for what they have done to the 2/1 and about to do to the 2/15. I hope it works out for you, honestly. My initial assessment stands: Greed.
  4. Bo, and may I say we are contemporaries (1953). You seem to me a reasonable person. With all due respect, some on these boards have been drinking the Celebrity "Kool-Aid". Please, the Celebrity published itinerary for the February 1, 2020 cruise on the website is inaccurate, it was never updated. Over the past 9 days it changed multiple times, two closed ports and two diverted ports, please read the 2/1 Roll call. Ultimately these new ports turned the Millennium away, leaving no choice but to cut the cruise short at 9 days because there was no where to go. This sent the ship to Si
  5. Denial is yet to be determined. We did our due diligence documenting every step, and there were many, this is not a frivolous claim. There’s a dire global emergency, the likes of which have never been seen before, there is no cure and a vaccine is several months in the future. We’ve taken many cruises and this is the first time we’ve taken steps to cancel. We’ve had less than a handful of issues in over 30 years with my credit card company, they have come through every time. They either negotiated an acceptable resolution or a full refund. Thank you, we’re not about to give up on our
  6. We are not going. We are in the process of cancelling, my credit card company has put a hold on the cruise fare and processing our claim.
  7. Thank you, this was the expected outcome from the start, passengers have been bounced around by Celebrity for their own financial advantage.
  8. How is that even relevant given the current and or upcoming conditions?! Please read the post and area news.
  9. Did you read my response? I'm not looking for "sympathy" each person is entitled to make their own decisions, my motivation was to expose Celebrity's lack of costumer service. It looks as though some have drank the Celebrity Koolaid, sorry. How in the world being a medical professional makes me exempt from Celebrity's arbitrary decisions? Misinformed. Its not a matter of "cooling down", its a matter of health safety. Are you scheduled on an Asia cruise? Probably not. Your opinion is irrelevant unless your health and $$$ is at Celebrity's judgement. I was sti
  10. I’ve stayed away from this topic because I have better things to do. After reading the posts, I’m so sad to read SO much misinformation, assumptions as to our motives and plain wrong information. Thank you to those that even partially saw part of our point. To the trolls, naysayers and attackers calling my posts “rants”, I say “I told you so”, too bad some who are all knowing , have all the answers, ridiculed my post and made this a personal attack. We are all here to plan a wonderful trip, some let by their blind loyalty to Celebrity let them ignore their fails. I do hope everyone comes back
  11. This is the notice the February 1 Sailing passengers received: Millennium Sailings Out of China and Singapore 2/1 ML – Singapore (14 Nt. Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan) 2/15 ML – Hong Kong (14 Nt. South East Asia) Includes Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore · Guests who are Chinese Nationals may cancel and receive a 100% refund. Chinese No Shows will be considered as cancelled. · Guests of all other nationalities may cancel and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit. Chines Nationals Sailing On All Other Sailings in February of
  12. Im sure you would not be calling it "melodrama" if this was happening to you, by the way, its not drama, its frustration at the prospect of a ruined vacation or the opportunity to have a reasonable amount of time to plan. Given the announcements of the WHO, the CDC, and the government raising the warning to level 4 and the circumstances of this aggressive virus, making a swift decision is a no brainer, unless greed is a factor.
  13. I confirmed the information by checking several sources and personal experience. Celebrity has refused to enter into any kind of option other than "forfeit your payment", period. On you other point, no they wont miss us two, the truth is that there is ample discontent among the 8 or so Asia cruises, equaling thousands that are very angry with Celebrity and have vowed not to sail with them again, no, they wont miss us 2, but they are affecting thousands and THAT they will notice.
  14. Only China nationals are being offered a refund. Other nationalities only get cruise credit. Did you see the date on this letter? How are those poor people make any kind of decision? They could have taken action days ago, period. Irresponsible.
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