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  1. I don't claim to be the solo sufferer, many here chose to be "civil" others chose to lash out. I'm most sympathetic to everyone that has been affected. No insurance covers epidemics, period. We keep reading uninformed opinions about insurance, this does not apply. Celebrity has been making bad decisions in the 2/1 Sailing and about to repeat in the 2/15 sailing, failing their costumers, at a loss, I'm sure. At the same time, they are not easing their costumers concerns, yet, SOME, keep defending their bad decisions. Dozens or more of their passengers have been displaced and forced to handle their own expenses. Celebrity has failed their costumer base by delaying decisions in favor or their own interests, there is no other logical explanation, especially when obvious news reports, other travel operators such as airlines and Cruise lines have acted swiftly. Celebrity has NO excuse for dropping the ball.
  2. Your opinion is meaningless to me and those that have been affected. Celebrity has acted in their own interest, there are many others that feel the same way. Airlines acted quickly and offered passengers many options, Celebrity has not. What is you motivation for defending Celebrity vs those that have been inadvertently affected, losing thousands of $$ to manage what Celebrity should have easily foreseen , or even those that are still to come? Yet they continue to repeat themselves. You want to stay on these sailing? Your choice. I should not be attacked for having a different opinion, especially when our safety as at stake.
  3. I'm upset at Celebrity for what they have done to the 2/1 and about to do to the 2/15. I hope it works out for you, honestly. My initial assessment stands: Greed.
  4. Bo, and may I say we are contemporaries (1953). You seem to me a reasonable person. With all due respect, some on these boards have been drinking the Celebrity "Kool-Aid". Please, the Celebrity published itinerary for the February 1, 2020 cruise on the website is inaccurate, it was never updated. Over the past 9 days it changed multiple times, two closed ports and two diverted ports, please read the 2/1 Roll call. Ultimately these new ports turned the Millennium away, leaving no choice but to cut the cruise short at 9 days because there was no where to go. This sent the ship to Singapore 2/9 and everyone was to go home 2/10/20. This is all over the Millenniums Roll Calls for February and March. There were passengers (several reporting on CC) on B2B cruises, meaning they were also on the 2/15/20, that posted that they were told by the ship's costumer service "go home the 2/15/2015 sailing is cancelled", the crew reported that the ship is being re-routed to America". Yet other posts quoting Celebrity officials are asking for "names" and denying the sailing is cancelled. I've been monitoring Millennium Sailing, 2/1 through 3/14, our sailing. The bottom line is that if I/you cancel they only have to offer FCC, if Celebrity Cancels, they must refund, the math is simple as to what they prefer, keep our money. They don't care about inconveniencing passenger in favor of doing the right thing by their costumers in favor their interest. Celebrity continues to make bad decisions, risk the uncertain itinerary, the cost of the failed cruise, full refund PLUS FCC, (this is what they offered the 2/1 sailing) rather than just cancel the cruise to begin with and save their costumers the aggravation and bad press. Celebrity is about to do the same thing to their 2/15 sailing AND the ship is about half full. Many have cancelled for FCC, Celebrities preference, maybe it all works out for them, I truly don't understand. All in all, it makes no sense, Celebrity sent a letter (read the 2/1 roll call) giving these passengers a full refund and 100% FCC. This makes no sense, Celebrity is willing to take a chance in case events turn in their favor and willing to pay double plus rather than offer viable options. China is underestimating all statistics, there is no doubt about this and most responsible sources are in agreement about this, it is not my opinion. This crisis is far from over. In view of huge financial loss, China is grossly under reporting new cases, deaths and over reporting those "recuperating". This is not over. Celebrity is waiting until the very last minute and does not care about the anxiety their costumers are going through, nor care about the safety of their costumers or crew. Many costumers traveling out, missing a once in a lifetime vacation and Celebrity has so far refused to cover above and beyond expenses for the 2/1/20. Wait till Monday and read the Roll Calls, the 2/1 scenario WILL play again for the 2/15 sailing. What Celebrity is doing is IRRESPONSIBLE. Time will prove me correct. How many more sailings need to be impacted before they make the right decision? DISCLAIMER: I will not read or respond FLAMER'S posts. Save your time.
  5. Denial is yet to be determined. We did our due diligence documenting every step, and there were many, this is not a frivolous claim. There’s a dire global emergency, the likes of which have never been seen before, there is no cure and a vaccine is several months in the future. We’ve taken many cruises and this is the first time we’ve taken steps to cancel. We’ve had less than a handful of issues in over 30 years with my credit card company, they have come through every time. They either negotiated an acceptable resolution or a full refund. Thank you, we’re not about to give up on our hard earned money. It is true that the virus is not Celebrity’s fault, but neither is ours. They have miss handled this whole situation. There is no news yet for the 2/15/20 sailing, mere days before passengers travel out with two ports closing to cruise ships.
  6. We are not going. We are in the process of cancelling, my credit card company has put a hold on the cruise fare and processing our claim.
  7. Thank you, this was the expected outcome from the start, passengers have been bounced around by Celebrity for their own financial advantage.
  8. How is that even relevant given the current and or upcoming conditions?! Please read the post and area news.
  9. Did you read my response? I'm not looking for "sympathy" each person is entitled to make their own decisions, my motivation was to expose Celebrity's lack of costumer service. It looks as though some have drank the Celebrity Koolaid, sorry. How in the world being a medical professional makes me exempt from Celebrity's arbitrary decisions? Misinformed. Its not a matter of "cooling down", its a matter of health safety. Are you scheduled on an Asia cruise? Probably not. Your opinion is irrelevant unless your health and $$$ is at Celebrity's judgement. I was still hoping to go on the sailing and no, I did not choose insurance I was able to get refunds from every other reasonable operator, except Celebrity. I was flexible, Celebrity declined. I just refused going into a pandemic, did you read my post?
  10. I’ve stayed away from this topic because I have better things to do. After reading the posts, I’m so sad to read SO much misinformation, assumptions as to our motives and plain wrong information. Thank you to those that even partially saw part of our point. To the trolls, naysayers and attackers calling my posts “rants”, I say “I told you so”, too bad some who are all knowing , have all the answers, ridiculed my post and made this a personal attack. We are all here to plan a wonderful trip, some let by their blind loyalty to Celebrity let them ignore their fails. I do hope everyone comes back healthy from these sailings. A little background, I’ve traveled, flown and cruised for over 40 years, for both pleasure and work, making all our own arrangements. Years ago I worked as a part time travel agent concentrating on cruising, mostly for the discount. I’ve cruised on nearly a dozen cruise lines, more than once, on several and have mid to high status, I don’t see the need to list then on my signature. I’ve worked in the health industry, for over 40 years, and had ample experience with all kinds of medical claims including international and travel insurance claims. Unless you have a condition/accident that may necessitate being medivacked, travel insurance is a crock. First, the passenger is required to pay for most services in advance and then file a claim with the travel insurance company, then hope to be covered, AND at the Insurance companies’ payment schedule, be prepared to have “valid” documentation for every expense. I’ve had to deliver the news of non-coverage, many a time. So if you invest in CFAR travel insurance, be sure to read the fine print. Working in the industry, insurance companies are in the business of taking money in, not paying it out, most, including CFAR, do not cover, epidemics, riots nor wars. Do your homework. No, we did not buy travel insurance, we’ve taken dozens of cruises and this is the first time we encountered this type of mess. ALL my travel expenses were cancellable or refunded, and I DO my homework, except for Celebrity, who continues to hold our fare hostage in spite of an impossible situation and we cannot make alternate plans. No, the epidemic is not Celebrity’s fault, they just failed to do right by their passengers, especially with the available advance data and daily escalation of the crisis. They are trying to salvage their loss, period at the expense of their guests. Passengers are on pins and needles waiting for Celebrity’s decision regarding our travel plans and ultimately our safety. Loss of vacation, denied disembarkation at planned ports of call with pre-booked tours, additional days at sea with nothing to do, cabin confinement are just some of the unknowns, undesirable outcomes and the real prospects we may have to look forward to, not to ignore the potential for quarantine upon arrival in the USA are just a few of the uncertainties. No, we don’t want to expose ourselves to this. After the way Celebrity has ignored our safety on this trip, we do not want to sail with them again. Celebrity’s “offer” to cancel and their restrictive FCC is ridiculous, they took our payment in less than 10 seconds, then to cancel and being issued a FCC, which is their only offer, after drastically changing the itinerary, it takes a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks or longer to get the FCC issued, which comes with numerous restrictions on our hard earned money. This is not a cancellation on a whim, there is a declared world emergency, and there is a level 4 CDC advisory in place. Celebrity keeps saying they are monitoring the WHO and CDC, what else do they need to take action as the virus cases continue to spread? Main points in my original post, Celebrity’s late reaction to the epidemic/pandemic and their lack of timely responsiveness, especially sending the February 1st sailing on a “Mystery” cruise is irresponsible. Even when the sister company, RCC acted timely a week earlier, along with the fast spreading of the positive cases putting everyone at a very high risk, Celebrity did not. Should we decide to continue on with this adventure, is more than certain that our original and revised itineraries will change. Definitely in the future, we will plan a China trip, for now we are definitely out, all the best to those that brave this sailings and unknown circumstances. There were reports as early as January 11th that this virus was a serious concern. http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/01/china-releases-genetic-data-new-coronavirus-now-deadly There is plenty of early precedence on this type of infection and how unpredictable it is. Please don’t compare it to the Flu, two different animals. It is the cruise line’s business to be on top of world news, especially epidemics/pandemics, which make the cruise industry and their passengers especially susceptible to these threats. This is not their first rodeo. Making the necessary route changes is also the cruise line’s business, they are experts and do this every day. Yes, it takes planning, but that is their job and the reason thousands of passengers place our trust in them. Celebrity has certainly disappointed many in the handling of this serious world emergency. We are not novices, we’ve experienced canceled ports of call, re-routing and other inconveniences, and we took it in stride. To compare the current Corona Virus crisis to previous viruses outbreaks, is risky. This is a totally unprecedented situation and it should have been recognized and handled as such by Celebrity. The presentation of this virus is totally different, this was known early on. Compromised carriers can walk around for nearly two weeks and transmit the virus without anyone being aware, as the new cases on the Diamond princes has shown, anyone is at risk. It was not my intent to force the Cruise Line to change itineraries with my initial post, in our opinion, all the Asia itineraries were at risk, as resent events are starting to confirm, we decided early not to take a risk. We simply asked for a fair alternative. We initially asked to be allowed to take an alternate cruise and Celebrity declined, stating we would forfeit the full fare, no credit. My TA and we made numerous attempts to reach out to Celebrity to appeal their decision, via phone and their customer service email, including escalation. We were still willing to sail an alternate route. Celebrity again, declined. I wish nothing but the best for those still on these voyages, but I’m really concerned for their wellbeing. Celebrity can only protect us so much, to those that thank Celebrity for all their safety efforts I say: How can Celebrity protect us while we are in ports, on tours and exposed to an unknown contagion among the population or an infected passenger that boards without symptoms? Too many unknowns and risks. The Chinese/Asian people are uber prolific travelers, as I can attest from my travels around the world. This population travels extensibly, especially throughout all of Asia, as well as other continents. It is not a farfetched assumption that the spread of this virus, that goes unnoticed for as much as 14 days, will get worse, before it gets better, sadly and unfortunately that is exactly what has happened. There is no doubt in our mind that this WILL get worse sooner than later. This was the motivation in my original post. Just yesterday, two additional ports (Taiwan and Japan) on our 3/14/2020 itinerary have been impacted, either temporarily or permanently, all the passengers on this cruise had to scramble to make flight changes at a considerable extra cost for some. We tried to stay positive and really wanted to go on this cruise. We checked airfares, it was more than double the original fare we booked over 3 months ago, the $500.00/pp Celebrity offered would hardly cover the expense. Oh yes, and we would still be flying, voluntarily into a very high risk area. Celebrity only cares about their bottom line and salvaging as much as they can, I get it, and it’s a business. We don’t buy their line “we care about our passengers and crew. A passenger currently on the February 1, 2020 cruise reported that the crew disembarking in Hong Kong on the previous cruise were allowed back on the ship against notices made by Celebrity. Later this passenger also was told that there was a “flu situation amongst the crew” that “Celebrity is handling. Not reassuring at all. Unfortunately, I’m sure this is not the end of this. Side note: Sadly, Dr. Li Wenliang, who first reported the virus, has died on February 5th, 2020. Don’t believe the China reported statistics for a second, they are grossly understated and likely to be exponentially higher than those published. If you are hateful or judgmental, or want to provide unconfirmed information, please reconsider responding. I will not reply.
  11. This is the notice the February 1 Sailing passengers received: Millennium Sailings Out of China and Singapore 2/1 ML – Singapore (14 Nt. Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan) 2/15 ML – Hong Kong (14 Nt. South East Asia) Includes Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore · Guests who are Chinese Nationals may cancel and receive a 100% refund. Chinese No Shows will be considered as cancelled. · Guests of all other nationalities may cancel and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit. Chines Nationals Sailing On All Other Sailings in February of 2020 Chinese Nationals sailing on the following dates will be contacted by our China IRs and offered to cancel with a full refund. Constellation 2/1/20 Equinox 2/1/20 Eclipse 2/2/20 Celebrity does not have Chinese National guests booked on any other dates sailing in February of 2020. Boarding Denied - Guests denied boarding either from Coronavirus symptoms or having traveled through Wuhan/Hubei Full refund. No other compensation. Only Exception – 1 night hotel to figure out their travel
  12. Im sure you would not be calling it "melodrama" if this was happening to you, by the way, its not drama, its frustration at the prospect of a ruined vacation or the opportunity to have a reasonable amount of time to plan. Given the announcements of the WHO, the CDC, and the government raising the warning to level 4 and the circumstances of this aggressive virus, making a swift decision is a no brainer, unless greed is a factor.
  13. I confirmed the information by checking several sources and personal experience. Celebrity has refused to enter into any kind of option other than "forfeit your payment", period. On you other point, no they wont miss us two, the truth is that there is ample discontent among the 8 or so Asia cruises, equaling thousands that are very angry with Celebrity and have vowed not to sail with them again, no, they wont miss us 2, but they are affecting thousands and THAT they will notice.
  14. Only China nationals are being offered a refund. Other nationalities only get cruise credit. Did you see the date on this letter? How are those poor people make any kind of decision? They could have taken action days ago, period. Irresponsible.
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