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  1. It's going to cost so much money to start getting these ships going again. I really feel like they have one shot at getting this right and the decision to exclude unvaccinated guests is just a common sense move. If they don't get this right, they may be out of business forever.
  2. Can you imagine if somewhere down the line they actually came up with proof that they were booking cruises with no intention of them actually sailing? I'm not saying there is, just that it could get very interesting. Not in a good way for NCL.
  3. We cancelled two cruises, right before the final payment date. We got our deposits (just $100/per cruise total) credit back to our card in about two weeks time.
  4. "The line is also tracking down 177 passengers who left the ship early Friday to alert them to the outbreak." The passengers from the previous cruise could have been spreading the virus unknowingly as well.
  5. We cancelled our October cruise before final payment. We've already received our $100 deposit back. I was really looking forward to this cruise. 😭
  6. There was a singer on the Encore named WT Greer who was amazing. He would do shows in the Observation Lounge and all the talent from the shows who were off at night would show up and sometimes even sing with him. It was really fun.
  7. 2 Hours is exactly how far in advance I feel comfortable booking a cruise right now.
  8. I booked my cruise in November and it's designated a Club Balcony Suite and the current price is just over $500 more per person. It was that high last week when I took a look.
  9. I don't think I'm going to be able to get a haircut by May, much less go on a cruise.
  10. Another potential problem with Alaska is they get a ton of seasonal workers in these cruise port towns. Is anyone going to be going up there for potentially less than half a season? How do they make plans when everything is up in the air? It doesn't seem practical.
  11. I'm so glad everyone was able to get planes out of there on the same day. It seems very fortunate. I can't even tell you how many times I've been stuck in a really awful airport and had to just sit with my bags for hours and hours before they let you check them and head into the airport. It's miserable and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but that's just how some airports and airlines work. I hope this all gets resolved sometime in the not too distant future.
  12. I guess they are just going to do this incrementally. They don't want people to lose faith and figure out that "summer vacation" is a phrase that just isn't going to apply to the year 2020.
  13. I'm going to look at how things shake out price wise after this is over. I'm not sure when or if I'll ever feel comfortable planning a cruise very far in advance with Norwegian. For peace of mind I'll probably just do last minute cruises and take my chances with what cabin we're able to book.
  14. They should do the opposite of what they're doing. They should reduce the amount of time you have to pay off your cruise to 2 months instead of having raised it to four months. I'm definitely not paying for a cruise right now that's 4 months off, but that's just me.
  15. I got back from an Alaskan cruise in August and right after became so incredibly sick I couldn't get out of bed for several days. I had a very high fever, over 103, terrible cough and was super weak. I was able to get to the doctors and then tested negative for the flu. My doctor was really puzzled it wasn't the flu and she just said it was some other wicked virus. What was weird to me was that I was talking to my dentist when I was feeling better and she told me she had another patient who was equally sick who also got sick around the same time - right after she got back from her Alaska c
  16. I guess that's why I don't have any NCL stock in my portfolio. We switched all of our investments over to companies with very low debt to earnings rations in the fall of 2016. 🤷‍♀️
  17. It's going to be fine, Francina. These cruise lines are not going away. It is not like cruising is a dying industry in any way. "As of Thursday, these companies appeared to have the financial wherewithal to ride out at least a few horrible quarters at least". I assume a few could be interpreted as three. https://www.barrons.com/articles/batten-the-hatches-cruise-line-investors-the-industry-faces-a-tough-but-surmountable-slog-51584113133
  18. I do not believe they will go bankrupt. Let's say the worst case scenario is that they have to dock their ships for up to a year. They just took out a really big loan to help with the overhead expenses. At the point where people can start getting vaccinated, whenever that happens, people who have proof they've been vaccinated or proof they've had the virus would be free to cruise again. I believe NCL is prepared for the worst case scenario. Those ships are just worth too much money for their lenders to let them fail.
  19. Canada and the US agreed to stop all non-essential travel between countries, but they are just calling it temporary. No actual dates on how long it would last at this time.
  20. 215 days, but there is no way I'm paying for a cruise 4 months in advance right now. Better to cancel and pick something up last minute if things get much better or wait it out. Too much uncertainty.
  21. I hope nobody has plans to vacation in the San Francisco Bay area. 9 counties are going under a shelter in place order at midnight tonight. https://www.sfchronicle.com/local-politics/article/Bay-Area-must-shelter-in-place-Only-15135014.php
  22. Yikes, that's terrible. I hope they are able to get home safe. Please keep us posted.
  23. The Fed just cut rates to zero: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/15/federal-reserve-cuts-rates-to-zero-and-launches-massive-700-billion-quantitative-easing-program.html I was told the economy was perfect. 🤷‍♀️
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