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  1. A journalist just dropped me a DM saying Princess cruises is "pausing it's global ship operations for 60 days" The decision is being taken out of everyone's hands.
  2. About 5 minutes after they're forced to cancel the next months cruise dates.
  3. It wouldn't be in the Washington Post if they hadn't done a thorough job of vetting the story. They would have talked to the actual sources before publishing. It's unforgivable to tell people the only thing they have to worry about is bringing enough sunscreen.' The ships are not equipped to handle more than a couple of seriously ill people while waiting for them to be air lifted off the boat.
  4. A person could die from a hunch that turns out to be 100% wrong. If I get sick, I want to know if it's the virus so I can help protect my family and others. The state I live in will probably be one of the last to get testing off the ground.
  5. What I'm reading is that the proclamation bans entry for all foreigners who were physically present in the Schengen Zone 14 days prior to their planned arrival in the US. Ireland, Monaco, Romania, Turkey and the Ukraine are not in the Schengen zone. Clear as mud?
  6. This is correct and I was looking at the wrong data sheet. I deleted my post.
  7. You're right. Now I see everyone is correcting the source I pulled that from.
  8. Aside from Italy, the UK has the most cases of anyone in Europe. This is puzzling.
  9. You have to do the math here. If 8% of the people from 70 - 79 and almost 15% of people 80 and above die from the virus, they have to look at what capacity the ship has to handle this if they have an outbreak. It's just good planning.
  10. The CDC today was saying that the mortality rate for coronavirus is 10 times that of seasonal flu. I heard an epidemiologist say that we are on track to be on the same trajectory to be where Italy is in just two weeks. She said we need to stop non-essential travel now. In two weeks we may well have a policy that stops non-essential travel.
  11. Here are some highlights: The worker also says NCL seems more worried about its profits than the health and safety of travelers — and some sales staffers now feel pressured to persuade customers not to cancel their trips. Some customers, despite their concerns, have caved and kept their reservations. Many more are canceling cruises, even if it means losing thousands of dollars. The employee who spoke with New Times says they have not personally used any of the "one-liners" with clients because they feel uncomfortable doing so. They spent most of a recent workday taking calls from cus
  12. The stories they are telling people to keep those reservations flowing, and people are more than willing to believe them. This is not going to end well.
  13. Sales at Norwegian are incredibly low right now and they've requested employees lie about the potential danger of the virus. https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/inter-miami-2020-the-five-types-of-fans-11583780
  14. The risks right now are than you could potentially be on a ship that isn't allowed into any port, having the ship quarantined, not having control over when you would return home, you getting sick and spreading the virus in your community when you do go home. You just have to weigh the positives and the negatives and see how things stack up for you and your kids.
  15. We booked our October cruise when there was a $50 deposit special. It will probably be ok to cruise by then, but I don't feel comfortable giving them full payment 4 months in advance, so we'll probably cancel and pick a cruise when we get much closer to sail date. We'll see if when we cancel we get our deposit back on our credit card or applied to future cruise. I'm just glad it's a small enough amount that I don't care. We don't have to cancel for a few months and the policy could change several times between now and then.
  16. They are domiciled in Bermuda and based in the United States. They run all of their profits through Bermuda.
  17. They aren't putting them on vents because they have run out. You have to choose who gets the vents and who does not. 200% capacity means there simply isn't enough to go around. This is one of several things I've read about what's going on in Italy: "From a well respected friend and intensivist/A&E consultant who is currently in northern Italy: 1/ ‘I feel the pressure to give you a quick personal update about what is happening in Italy, and also give some quick direct advice about what you should do. First, Lumbardy is the most developed region in Italy and it
  18. Let's be clear about why Italy has put their entire country under quarantine. Their hospitals are at 200% of capacity right now. When someone shows up with double interstitial pneumonia and is over 65, they are not being treated at all. If someone shows up with double pneumonia under 65 with certain underlying health conditions they do not get treated. Only the people with a very good chance of surviving are getting treated, and almost everyone who is bad enough to show up at the hospital with the virus already has pneumonia. Italy has a superior health system to the
  19. Which government? They aren't US companies, so it would be a hard sell to the American families that are already struggling to put any tax dollars towards a company that employs only the occasional US employee. They don't get to flag their ships under other countries and not go by US regulations, and then get a hand out from our government. I realize it affects the tourist industry in port cities, but help those US cities, not the cruise industry.
  20. If it spreads too fast the hospitals will be beyond capacity.
  21. Norwegian took out that loan because they know exactly what's happening going on in other countries like Italy and they may have to close up shop for months.
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