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  1. That's the part that's really appalling. They aren't saying just how much they are going to charge people. Could it be equal to the amount you paid to go on the cruise? Probably not, but it's any number they want to come up with.
  2. I'll bet they asked him not to put out this advisory, and he was not able to accommodate them. Sometimes the answer is no.
  3. The more they can keep people from gathering in large groups, the less demand there will be on our healthcare system. We just aren't set up right now for this sort of crisis. It's for the greater good.
  4. I was very surprised to see our final payment date moved to 120 days when I thought I had 90. I'm not sure if it's changed or maybe it was always 120 and I just didn't realize. Personally, I don't feel good about paying for a cruise that's 4 months away. The roller coaster of changing policies are leading me towards just booking something last minute when we're ready to go. Luckily, our dates are very flexible. We're leaning towards just cancelling our next cruise and winging it.
  5. Just guessing, but it's highly likely. I would guess that they have hired a damage control consultant and are sorting things out.
  6. They're probably too busy talking to their lawyers and accountants.
  7. That looks very appealing. My next cruise isn't til October, but I'm probably going to cancel and just book something more last minute in the fall because I'm just not paying for the entire and then having to worry about it for 4 months before sailing.
  8. Make any reservations that still need to be made and then head down to the one of the dining rooms for a delicious Bloody Mary and lunch.
  9. Onda was our favorite restaurant on our Encore cruise. Way better than our experience at Ocean Blue.
  10. Companies are starting to tell their consultants to just work from home until the virus stops spreading. That's going to have an impact. Last week my husbands flights showed they were fully booked online, but there were empty seats on the plane. He had the whole exit row to himself.
  11. It doesn't sound like a very good plan, trying to figure out where people have been by looking at passport stamps in your book. I've been to quite a number of countries that didn't bother stamping my book.
  12. I have a second Bliss cruise booked and I can't wait.
  13. Looks really nice. The Spirit was always one of my favorite ships and I'm going to look into booking on her next time.
  14. Part of me feels like Norwegian didn't save for a rainy day the way other cruise lines did.
  15. They did allow us to use just one person's credit to share between the two of us.
  16. I am done with Ocean Blue because it was terrible on the Encore. We went to Food Republic on both the Bliss and Encore. My husband loved It and would have eaten there every day. I thought it was pretty good. They had these amazing tacos on the Bliss, but they weren't on the menu for the Encore. On the Bliss we were able to sit by the window and watch whales which was an extra bonus.
  17. The only time I've ever gotten seasick was going from New York to the Bahamas. I was sick the whole trip up and down the Atlantic. I've sailed out of New Orleans twice and never had a single problem, I think you'll be fine.
  18. I checked the price on our upcoming cruise today and it is currently listed at over $400 per person than when we booked it in December. Which, of course was in a different decade. I'll keep watching those amazing "sales" though.
  19. In Seattle we were able to sign up to transfer all of our luggage to the airport and put it in the hall the night before, if that works for you. Then you just have to deal with your carryon's until you get to your home airport.
  20. I guess I would go with option #2 out of Miami. I love New Orleans, it's one of my favorite cities but the Mardi Gras crowds might just ruin the whole experience.
  21. Onda was our favorite specialty restaurant. Ocean Blue wasn't that great the night we went.
  22. "Norwegian Cruise Line, on the other hand, has introduced non-touch temperature screenings for all passengers boarding its ships from Chinese ports to prevent the flu-like virus from spreading. Those who have a body temperature of 100.4˚F will not be allowed to board. Individuals who have lived or traveled through Wuhan in the last 30 days will be turned away as well." https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/cruise-lines-china-coronavirus
  23. I just checked my Mexican Riviera cruise and its currently running about $160 more than I paid. It's not until October, though so I'll keep checking.
  24. I just feel that NCL is one of those companies that don't particularly see the value in investing in great technology.
  25. I'm an awful person, I know. Nobody else on this board ever would be so ungrateful as to book a cruise, and then actually hope that the price goes down later so they can get a reduction. I'm clearly the only one who even looks at prices after they've booked. There probably isn't a single thread on this board about people looking for price drops.
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