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  1. I am right at 90 days for my cruise and while Onda does show up as available for reservations, once I add it to my cart it disappears. I actually had to call NCL and make reservations for Ocean Blue and Choir of Man because their website for the Encore cruise is just not working for me. It looks like I'm going to have to call in all of my reservations. Super annoying.
  2. Great review and I agree with a lot of it. We enjoyed the Prohibition show. We were seated pretty close to the front, though. There was no way I was going to drink all 5 of those drinks, but I found two of them to be pretty good. I'm going to go back to see The Beatles next cruise if it's available. When we saw it the whole thing was kind of ruined by some teenage girl standing right in front of my chair and dancing the entire show. She was the only one dancing, and her father thought it was just fine. Deal or No Deal can be exceptionally loud and ki
  3. I just brought two power cords with me on my Bliss cruise. Neither got confiscated, and neither were used. One had a surge protector, one did not. I'm not bringing them anymore. I have several outlet adapters that have 4 USB ports that I used instead, especially nice in the one European outlet provided. So much easier to transport, for me at least.
  4. What I do is make up a list of things I need when I first get there and leave the list on the bed with a $20.
  5. We got my son and his friend an inside sail away cabin on the Bliss. They ended up with 13401, which is an inside all the way fore. They were very happy with it.
  6. Does this mean that people who have a port day turned into a sea day that have already paid for their cruise get a refund?
  7. 7:30 and 10:00. Havana was still being shown on the Bliss when I was on it last week. Perhaps that was the last week for it.
  8. Thursday and Friday for sure. It's not going to be on any nights that Havana is running because it has some of the same people in it. Be sure and get on board early and go immediately to The Social to make your show reservations. They will help you coordinate with all of your other reservations.
  9. I wonder how much NCL saves in port fees for every day they switch to just a sea day?
  10. The room service fee is $7.95, except for continental breakfast if ordered before 10:00, which is free. There is a charge if you order a cooked breakfast. Here is a screenshot of a Bliss Balcony bathroom, if that helps.
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