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  1. NEVERMIND. I was counting wrong. I indeed will be Platn. on the last Sea Day of the cruise.
  2. Strange. ‘debarkation day’ is not considered a ‘cruise day’, On that last part because I'll hit day 75 on day 8 of my cruise and my tags show priority and I didn't buy Faster to Fun for myself. I wonder if this was an update to the policy that wasn't in effect when I booked.
  3. I would double check. I will be Platinum on the 8th day of this upcoming 8 day cruise 🙂 and my luggage tags have Priority on them already. I can't get to my Funpass yet.
  4. Platinum, Diamond and Faster to Fun should not have a "check-in" time. They can arrive at the first available time at port, which seems to be about 10 or 10:30am.
  5. I have to say. Since it came out I have bought it. And in all honesty, the only reason I wanted it was for the early boarding. I just want to throw my stuff in my room and not drag it around. It really puts me in a better mood from the start of vacation to have that one luxury. It really hasn't helped that much in any other way the times I've bought it (I think it has been four cruises now). 1st time: It was the first 6 months they offered it, it was so new that they fudged it up a lot. Priority boarding was chaos and the tender priority was useless because they didn't know what to
  6. On my cruise last year, I brought my cheaper version of the well known insulated cup and a metal straw that I bought in a pack from the same retail store that sells my off brand (but works just as well) cup. My straws came with different color silicone covers over the metal and a cleaning stick (I think they were like $4 for a set of 4). Here is where I'll get back to your post. The silicone is there to "protect" your teeth from a metal straw accidentally chipping your tooth and for those who have metal sensitivity etc. However, I washed my straws well, but the silicone was not easy to take of
  7. I like Carnival, but the Journey cruise I took a few years back (might have changed since then) was NOT worth the amount I paid for that cruise. I don't think we enjoyed any of the "extras" that made it a journey's cruise. I know that was our choice, but they really didn't "hype" anything or promote it.......it was just like any other cruise......just longer........newer islands. IMO.
  8. They have the Rum Bar, but now the "pub" is part of Guys' Pig and Anchor and is a "Brewery" now. It is basically the same concept though. Carnival is brewing their own beer..........
  9. Eh, the last cruise on the Horizon, we only stepped foot in the Havana Bar once. Never went to the pool area. I can't see paying that much money for a Havana room just to have a pool and hot tubs. But, I'm pale and don't want a tan, so it wouldn't be worth it for me. I think it is nice for them to have the area roped off for the whole time for people who are paying that extra money to enjoy.
  10. I've read the reviews and the description, but for someone who doesn't really hike and is overweight (but young) how hard is this "hike?" I did the the Belize cave tubing through Carnival and did fine on that walk through the jungle on a hurt ankle. I'm also okay with pushing myself outside of my comfort zone because I don't believe in letting my weight slow me down or trying/experiencing life. But I also don't want to be a burden on my tour group. Any thoughts?
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