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  1. Well it appears there is still enthusiasm for cruising. UBS analysts report an increase of 9% against last year for 2021 bookings. Off course this is partially offset by the number of transfer bookings from FCC. Unfortunatley it doesn’t provide a breakdown to show FCC transfers against new business.
  2. Well this bought a smile to my face. Absolutely brilliant and thank you for sharing the first night on board the Imagination.
  3. Our cruise is for Jan 2021 Bora Bora beaches. As it is my DW’s birthday 2 days after we disembark we will continue our stay on Moorea. Now having read through this I expected that we would looking at mid April I.e 270 days out before we could book flights with a deviation. Well far from it. Outbound was booked last month Upper Class with Virgin to LAX and then Delta to Honolulu. Now we had confirmation today inbound Air Tahiti Nui to LAX then Virgin Upper Class to Heathrow. Not complaining, far from it. Yes paid the one deviation cost @ £99 each with an upgrade to Upper Class of £1499.00 ea. Has anybody else had their flights booked so early in advance?
  4. So sorry to hear about your daughter. One thing we have to accept is that for many you may not show any symptoms at all and therefore not even aware you are potentially passing on the virus. Easy said though and guilt occurs irrespective. The very best to your family and be safe.
  5. Indeed it is according to the local paper. 2 suspected were in Hallamshire ICU Monday, Northern General 0. DW now saying 6 at the Royal Hallamshire, 4 at the Northern General by yesterday in ICU. Funny I was just chatting with my mother in law and pointed out my DW is probably safer at work than when we go out for a walk as she has the correct protection. Stay safe.
  6. Hi HGC we are just “down the road” from you in Sheffield. Whilst it would be great to be able to travel to the countryside, it makes sense as one would be more isolated. Unfortunately the great British public had similar thoughts and we ended up with crowded areas in the beauty spots. My DW is an ICU nurse at the Sheffield hospitals. They are fortunate that the Trust took immediate action when rumours of pandemic started and ordered sufficient PPE in. The wards are a different matter as they only have basics. So I take her to work and pick her up again as a break from the house and a once a week shop. Shopping, now the idiots have settled down from panic buying, has been okay here. Shelves generally well stocked. We have a cruise booked for Jan 2021 albeit not with Azamara unfortunately but have been with them twice so thought I would have a look to see how people are. Stay safe wherever you may be.
  7. Excellent post flossie. Perhaps Regent should be hiring you in their communications team. One of my concerns is that the amount of undue stress this is causing not just new customers such as ourselves but to all booked passengers. Frequent Regent cruisers have a better judge of how well they have been looked after before, so far they appear to be struggling to provide the same level of customer care. Your suggested method is succinct and clear. It is pretty straight forward and provides the right information.
  8. I would second this. It is absolutely fascinating. Port Sunlight completely transformed attitudes to workers health and well being during this period. And yes soap takes on a new meaning😀
  9. Meet and Greet services with Air France Escorted Fast Track, I think this is what Me&Red is referring to.
  10. The voice of reason. The Happy Birthday song being the key. My wife works within a busy city hospital as a critical care outreach manager, they have already been treating for coronavirus. Barrier nursed with simple hand cleansing disposable apron and mask. This was before the media outbreak. Like SARS the media grab hold of this and everybody in the world is at risk. Mitigating the risk is good hygiene and if somebody starts coughing next to you then run. 😁 Masks do work but are very limited as to duration. Standard OR masks last 15 minutes on average and then become saturated with moisture and they are then are next to useless. This is not intended to say you shouldn’t wear a mask, that is an individual choice on the information they have. Having worked in the medical industry for 30 years specially OR theatres I won’t be bothering to order any.
  11. Same as rcandkc. It really depends also on the enthusiasm by the guide. You can have a really informative and knowledgeable guide but you end up falling asleep because of the delivery.
  12. I used to regularly camp with my Dad, him being ex military the Snowdonia climb was something we did most years when I was a teenager. Not so sure I could do it now at such a pace.😧
  13. Hi, Having walked and done the train up Snowdonia I would certainly back up Belfast’s recommendation. Provided the weather is clear the views are absolutely stunning.
  14. LOL. How to keep your customers. Glad it produced a smile.
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