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  1. Yep has caused a bit of an upset. It is caused by the Indian Serum Institute not getting approval. They have applied for emergency authorisation since it has been raised as an issue. In the UK it affects 3 batches. If you have downloaded the app and registered you can check the batch number or look on the card you received. A internet search will tell you which batch numbers are affected. Since the vaccine is identical to the UK and EU Oxford vaccine it is only a matter of time for approval to be given.
  2. Hi flossie, yes the wife and I talked about the possibility of converting the deposit to an FCC. When we looked at the forthcoming cruise so far released to 2022, sadly with the exception of one cruise none of them appealed. The one exception SF to Papeete would cost an additional £4-£5000, that would be in a concierge cabin and not a penthouse as we had booked. In addition the original planned cruise was intended to celebrate some very special dates in our lives with my wife’s 60th amongst the trip.
  3. She was going to speak to Regent on our behalf. As we didn’t expect to get our deposit back, I am not overly concerned if Regent deny payment as under the Terms they are within their rights to do so. The TA I spoke didn’t offer an opinion other than they would speak to Regent and do their best. I am pretty sure the email is an error and yes it is confirmation of our cancellation and not the whole cruise cancelled. I will find out this morning.
  4. Well spotted. The 14th includes our date of travel from the UK to Honolulu.
  5. SEVEN SEAS CRUISES S. DE R.L. - BEST BEACHES OF BORA BORA SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR | 14 January 2021 | 22 Days We were very sorry to learn that your cruise operator has found it necessary to cancel your cruise. Due to the continuous and unpredictable changes in travel restrictions and port closures in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) your cruise operator felt this was the best decision for the health and safety of all. Your cruise operator is in the process of refunding you directly the monies you have paid within the next 10 weeks. We hope that we
  6. Just received our cruise cancellation email from our TA this afternoon. Jan 15th Honolulu to Papeete. We had already jumped the gun and cancelled on the Thursday of last week . We hadn’t received any acknowledgment prior to Regent sending the cancellation so I am hoping they play nicely and we get our deposit back. @GrJ Berkshire agree completely with your post.
  7. Forgive me for visiting the Silverseas board, I do not have a cruise booked with them. I have however been following the water cooler thread for some considerable time and just wanted to compliment everyone for an uplifting experience. We have a Regent cruise booked but because of the rather fractious nature of the Regent board I have spent more time on here. So to add to Lincslady and brimary here is a little taste of my Home Counties dialect. Ya gret apeth Aye ave been t tarn. Stop thi roaring tha s like a gret babbi. Tha a reet bahmpot. Al ave arf.
  8. You are very correct in your observations. I guess I worry for the inhabitants. They are so reliant upon tourism to sustain livelihoods that they have little choice I guess. My fingers and toes remain crossed that all goes well.
  9. Fingers, toes and anything else I can find. I do worry, please do not take this the wrong way, but opening to the whole world carry’s to high a risk. Selective opening to countries with low R ratings may have been more judicious. Having said that I am very jealous of those that are travelling there now.👍
  10. You are spot on, it isn’t just Americans. I looked to do a land journey to Borneo as Malaysia is one of the countries we Brits can go to. Unfortunately that means quarantine for 14 days on arrival, that assumes we could get permission to enter the country in the first place. I just checked our Navigator Honolulu to Papeete cruise January 15 2021, F to H wait listed. So I checked the other Navigator cruises. Seems one has disappeared 30th Jan Papeete to Papeete. Next cruise showing March Papeete to Lima, same scenario Cabins F to H waitlisted. May 16th cruise Miami New Y
  11. Found the following Links to laundry I checked on Google maps and the three listed on the above link confirmed they are still there. Hopefully someone who has a more knowledge than I can will be able to point the right direction. Have a lovely cruise, we hope to be there in January.
  12. Thank you for posting this heartfelt story. Very moving and in some respect it’s the forgotten war in the UK. We celebrate VE Day but little of VJ Day. BTW yourself and DH still managed to walk after all that breakfast?😂
  13. Hi Ellie God I am so enjoying your trip so far. A wonderful experience and we will be with you all the way.👍 Can’t wait to get to Singapore, it remains one of favourite cities in the world, so looking forward to the arrival.
  14. Oh that did make me smile on a wet and windy day. 👏
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