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  1. Tomct

    Is Klaus Lugmaier still with NCL?

    I heard about some of the changes, but glad to hear Klaus and Denis are still there. I haven't been on the board since shortly after our last cruise in months, but are in Tampa and people in our hotel are getting ready to shuttle to the port to cruise on the Sun. I thought I'd take a peak at what's going on with the Sun and with NCL in general, incl. the whereabouts of Klaus and others like Sean.
  2. Don't know what to tell ya, but here's a quote from last week; "sad I will not have the chance to see (.......) because I am leaving this coming New York. Perla is here, she is wonderful." I never heard anyone mention how long he would gone, or where he would be next, so maybe he will be back by the time you depart!
  3. If you haven't heard, I did confirm Carlos will not be onboard with us. The Concierge will be Pearl, the hotel director Orazio Caci. Oops; After posting, I did see this info posted below. See you soon.
  4. Tomct

    Gem 1/1/14

    Any idea how long Carlos will remain on the Gem. He was our Concierge on the Majesty in 2005, he was terrific!
  5. Tomct

    Cruise Director Gem

    Our favorite entertainers recently joined the Gem, the Ironics Band from the Philippines. We enjoyed their shows on four cruises beginning in 2002, when the were typically assigned to the new ships being rolled out. We chose to sail on the Gem over the Getaway, mainly to reunite with them again. They are great at the "oldies", and popular with the dancing crowd.
  6. Tomct

    Cruise Director Gem?

    Do you know how long Carlos will be there?
  7. After many phone conversations and a considerable amount of difficulty trying to find the right person to redeem some WorldPoints on a cruise. I was previously not aware of the Concierge Desk, available for Booked Platinum Latitude Members or guests booked in Suites. The number is 1-855-625-4283, and unless NCL changes things, they should answer the phone as Concierge Desk. The two individuals I spoke to the past two days were very knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. Though I did not need to call WorldPoints, the direct number the concierge gave me is 1-866-954-4077. Hopefully these numbers help avoid those annoying menu options, especially the ones where none of them match up with what you want, and you have to press 0 to get an operator. Good Luck!
  8. Tomct

    Wine Package discontinued by NCL?

    That's too bad if this is true fleet wide. We bought the package on the Breakaway, even though we don't drink a lot of wine, as it sounded like a good deal. In the end, it turned out to be a great deal, since we always had a bottle of wine at dinner, and really didn't drink that much after dinner. Probably the lowest liquor bill of our 11 cruises, so maybe that's what they have determined.
  9. Thanks; Jose is a great guy, always busy running around, and sincerely interested in making sure you are having a great time on the ship, no matter if it's beverage related.
  10. Any updates on the Breakaway? I know Sean is the HD, but I am wondering what may have changed since the initial Bermuda sailings, like Asst. HD, CD, and if Jose is still on board as the Bar Manager. I am driving a neighbor to the ship on Sunday. Thanks
  11. Tomct

    Black Bay Beach & Park

    We were there last Wednesday morning, after arriving on the Breakaway. We took the bus, I think it was the 2nd stop, the driver knew exactly where to drop us off. There was plenty of shade, either down on the beach, or up near the road. Not knowing your mom, the only problem you may need to check on is access to the beach from the road. I only noticed small, somewhat narrow paths down the hill, which could require some stability in making it down there. Maybe others or the beach's Facebook page could get you additional information. Having brought a floating pool thermometer with us, the surface temperature was 75 degrees, the bottom a degree or two cooler. It was low tide at noon, and by the time we headed into the water to swim, it was about waist deep. From the water marks on the large rocks, closer to high tide would be no problem. There had been a couple snorkeling, but no idea what they saw. We did see all sizes of what appeared to be translucent fish, including some about 18 in. long. There was some sea glass scattered along the beach, likely gone by now, but we walked to "Sea Glass" along the shoreline, not a bad walk, maybe 10 - 15 min. slow pace looking at the glass as we strolled. Looks to me that where the beach is near the road, passerbys may be chucking bottles into the water to "seed" the sea glass, so beach shoes are recommended. We walked back along the road, probably the best choice. Once we got back, the sun had made its' move, and we had to move our chairs to get back in the sun. It was a great day at the beach for us, and would highly recommend it. That day, there were less than 10 people in total during the several hours we were there, and that includes a few who stopped by on their scooters. The peace and quiet may not last, so enjoy it while you can.
  12. We are excited to see Sean on board today, it's been a few years since we last saw him. We've been fans of him since his Food & Beverage days on the Dawn.
  13. Tomct

    How is the pizza?

    This will be our 11th cruise and have never tasted one bite of a pizza made by NCL staff. The only pizza I had was made by our 5 year old granddaughter at a Kid's Crew party where the kids customized their own small pizzas they could share with their family. Our favorite pizza is New Haven style (CT)thin crust brick oven pizza. We are pretty fussy about our pizza, too!
  14. Tomct

    Everything Breakaway!(LIVE on 4/28)

    Here's more info I found on the Dockyard Wifi: . . . After that I got directions to get a card to access wifi. If anyone cares, you can purchase them in the gazebo past the gazebo. Amazingly, I found it with those directions. The dockyard has recently been outfitted with pretty much blanket wifi, and the prices are crazy cheap. $5 for an hour, $10 for a day, and $15 for 3 days. And once you get it set up, it's pretty good. Definitely faster than the ships satellite internet. I can get a signal from the side of the ship facing the Dockyard, though it's not very strong. But from the wharf right outside the ship, it's fine. The lady who sold me the card says they will run phone lines out the wharf extension when it is finally finished, finished, at which time you'll probably be able to get a signal anywhere on the ship...at least on the open decks. . .
  15. Tomct

    swizzle inn

    As I said, they were Bermuda's Google estimates. The only one I know for sure, was the short cab ride from the zoo to John Smith's Bay. Also why I cautioned to check bus plans to be sure of the correct bus route and schedule. (Mileage was in kilometers, so didn't use them to question time estimates)