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  1. Here is the link to the CC Oct 2, 2022 Roll Call for the Baltic. You can ask this question there for cruisers that will be on this cruise along with you. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2770772-oct-2-2022-13-days/ Also a link to the Oct 15, 2022 TA Roll Call. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2769225-rotterdam-vii-15-october-2022-15-day-150th-anniversary-transatlantic-cruise/ There are a few pages to read to catch up on both threads. We are on both of these cruises.
  2. Yes, the late night buffet is more casual which allows us the ability to talk to staff and servers. In general about 60% crew (Performers, casino workers) and 40% guests visit late night. We go to get coffee and to see what is being served. We always have early dinning in the MDR so trying some items is ok. Sometimes they serve regional food items which is nice to sample. But the best is taking some ice cream back to the cabin!
  3. Outstanding "Live" report on your cruise on the NA from Seattle!!! Great pictures and detailed commentary. You must type 70 words per minute to provide all the information on your posts, great job.
  4. Again another outstanding "Live From The Nieuw Amsterdam" report. Thanks Lisa for taking the time to report on your cruise, post great pictures and answer dozens and dozens of questions readers have posed to you. Very unselfish of you to take the time out of your cruise to keep us all informed on the startup cruise for HAL....Thanks. Rick & Joyce
  5. Boy are we looking forward to your LIVE from the Nieuw Amsterdam cruise from Seattle!!! It's going to be fun seeing how HAL reopens cruising. Good luck and I hope you have fun on the cruise.
  6. We had our anniversary in the Pinnacle and were not aware of the cake they would bring us at the end of the meal. We politely declined the singing the staff would do. Here are pics of the food we had along with the warm Volcano Cake, not pictured. Then...out came the Anniversary cake! Boy..... did not have the room for that cake also. We ate a bite each and the staff wrapped it up in foil and we took it back to our room and we ate on it the next day. Very nice evening and the staff was great. Caesar salad to start Jumbo shrimp cocktails. Filet Mignon and side dishes Rib-eye steak Finally the Anniversary cake....wow.
  7. Since everyone is posting pictures of Nuku Hiva thought I'd post some we took when on the Maasdam in July 2019. We were on the ship Alischief that cruise. Morning sail in to port Nuku Hiva Looking down on town on far side of island Church on far side of island Beach on far side of island Maasdam in harbor Statue up on hill. Manta rays next to ship in harbor.
  8. Jacqui It's not deer that are eating your rhododendron it's a classic case of root weevil. Deer do not tend to eat rhododendrons or azaleas. We have dozens of rhodies in our yard and deer have not been a problem. Yes, we do have notched leaves from weevils on a few of our plants. Some rhodies are more susceptible to weevils than others. Here's an article from the American Rhododendron Society, of which we belong, that will help identify and remedy your problem. Good luck https://www.rhododendron.org/v55n4p195.htm
  9. You are probably right with all the turmoil going on. I got this from our TA a few days ago. Our TA also said HAL is a little slow updating the new drink/wine requirements so the App and some website pages still have old rules i.e. corkage fee. Looking forward to your "Live" thread in July from Alaska.
  10. Hope it opened for you? This is the first time I tried to put an attachment in a post. Fun reading...lol
  11. Here's a copy of the new HAL Cruise contract. HAL Cruise Contract (Domestic) - Restart 15APR2021.pdf
  12. Glad you have booked the cruise, please join the Roll Call for the Sept. 19th 2021 cruise, here is the link. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2767501-rotterdam-september-19-26-2021-viking-saga/ We are the hosts for the Sept. 19th cruise Meet & Greet. Our recent contact with our tour operator in St. Petersburg verified that tours are already operating and things look promising. Rick & Joyce
  13. We received a copy of the new HAL Cruise Contract from our TA and there are some changes concerning what and how much Non Alcoholic beverages you can bring on board. Corkage fee is now $20 USD per bottle. This is the paragraph dealing with this. Guests agree not to bring alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages on board for consumption or for any other use except as follows: • For Guests of legal drinking age, an allowance of two (2) bottles of wine or champagne (750 mL in volume or less) per stateroom may be presented to security during embarkation. • For world cruises, or cruises with consecutive voyages, this allowance can be multiplied by the number of segments that comprise the complete sailing. Items for future segments/voyages will be held by the vessel and delivered on the first day of each segment. Guests should present their documentation for any consecutive sailings to security on boarding day. • A US $20.00 corkage fee (which is subject to change without notice) will apply to each additional bottle (750 ml in volume or less) beyond the two (2) bottle allowance. Limitations apply. Wine brought in quantities deemed to be excessive by the vessel or security will be refused. • Guests are also prohibited from bringing water, sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages on board that are packaged in bottles. A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas, juice, milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought on board on embarkation day, only if carried on in Guests’ hand luggage (not in checked luggage). A small quantity is considered a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces each or less per person. Guests will be asked to discard open beverages in plastic containers prior to boarding.
  14. We think you are spot on with your analysis about doing a "service" stop in Victoria. That would meet the "stupid foreign port requirement" for cruises out of Seattle. Besides docking in Victoria is usually later in the day and it's quite a walk to get to downtown Victoria so you are not going to be able easily to take any major excursions. Just do a "touch and go" landing to meet the requirement.
  15. I think the CEO is making a big mistake!!! I agree with S&B's thoughts about ports denying port entry if guests and staff are not vaccinated. Also if one unvaccinated guest comes down with Covid 19 that probably would end the cruise for all passengers. That doesn't mean that vaccinated passengers couldn't come down with Covid 19 but vaccinations reduce that chance. I also think the chance for doing private tours or doing ports on your own is to prove to port authorities that the full ship is vaccinated. We are very disappointed that this may cause us to have our 6th cruise canceled in 2020 thur 2021. 😟
  16. My Account Information, Current Bookings, Cruise History and Future Cruise credits are back up.... I can see everything. Just as a lot of you thought, HAL was probably doing IT updates. 😀
  17. Crossing our fingers that we'll be on board in Sept.
  18. It's not Monte Carlo without a view of the harbor. Can you spot your yacht there?
  19. I think the TA Roll Call you are looking for is under the heading Rotterdam VII. You posted on the OLD Rotterdam heading. That ship got sold and is not running under the HAL name. I saw you opened a new thread under that heading. Here is a link to the first page for the Rotterdam TA Oct 20, 2021. At present it is a 45 page thread. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2757354-rotterdam-ta-oct-20-2021/
  20. Thought we'd add another picture of the Osterdam from 2005 off the beach in Puerto Vallarta MX when she was anchored outside the old cruise ship harbor before the harbor was improved. The harbor now can dock up to 3 ships at a time. One of those super sunsets of a lifetime and by luck we had a HAL ship in the picture. Th other photo is the Koningsdam and the Grand Princess still at anchorage in Puerto Vallarta MX as of Dec. 14, 2020. Riick & Joyce
  21. Well the Nieuw Amsterdam left Puerto Vallarta yesterday Dec. 13, 2020 after spending only one day in the cruise ship harbor. About 4:10 LT it sailed past the Koningsdam and the Grand Princess anchored out side the harbor. As the Nieuw Amsterdam passed the Koningsdam they tooted her horn and the Koningsdam replied with a sequence of toots. Pretty cool. Sorry I did not get it on video. It appears the Nieuw Amsterdam is headed to LA Calif. As it got out further to sea it was really trucking doing 18+ knots. The 3rd photo is the Koningsdam at sunset at anchorage Puerto Vallarta. Had to wait for the Koningsdam to turn her lights on so taking it in the dark was challenging. Rick & Joyce
  22. Another day in Puerto Vallarta and another HAL cruise ship. The Nieuw Amsterdam came into dock on Sun. the 13th of 2020. The Koningsdam pulled out of the harbor last night around 7:10pm LT and anchored with the Grand Princess just out side the cruise ship docks. All the ships have been using Dock 3 the northern newest dock in the harbor. The condition of the hull on the Nieuw Amsterdam looked better than the Koningsdam but its pretty hard to comment on the overall condition of the ships as we viewed them from the beach and street. Have no idea how long they will stay here in Puerto Vallarta as both are scheduled to start Alaska cruises in May from Vancouver. Not so easy to get good shots in the predawn light. Rick & Joyce Kazu, hope you are feeling better.
  23. I've been reading but haven't been posting. Finally had something to post today.
  24. Good news we found the Koningsdam sailing into Puerto Vallarta Mexico as we setup our beach chairs this morning Dec 11, 2020. Strange to not see passengers hanging on the rails as she backed into the harbor. The other ship at anchor outside the harbor is the Grand Princess. Don't know how long the Koningsdam be here as she is expected to be doing the Alaska cruises out of Vancouver starting sometime in May.
  25. After doing a cruise on the MS Rotterdam for a Trans Atlantic cruise in 2017 to Rotterdam we took a full day while in Rotterdam and went to Keukenhof to explore the tulip & daffodils. We used public transportation to get there which allowed us to set the amount of time to see all of the flowers. We went on a Saturday and expected it to be crowded. But the garden area is so large that it was comfortable walking around and we did not feel cramped with people. The experience was more than we anticipated. The millions of flowers were extraordinary and absolutely beautiful. It's an experience not to be missed. Here are a couple of pictures of the garden and a link to our Microsoft OneDrive with other photos we took along with some from the windmills at Kinderdjyk. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=7AFC87CDF2F6DCA!24967&cid=07AFC87CDF2F6DCA
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