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  1. Not sure if your question was answered. I think using a cell phone will be better than a laptop. I used my laptop and I had to move it around for them to see the test kit and it was a PITA. My situation was such a nightmare and a blur that I am trying to remember how it worked. If my memory is correct, once you answer the pre-questions on the site your camera will come on and you will wait for the next person to become available. *************PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!! Have a back up plan! ********My flight to Seattle was at 7:20 am. I woke up at 4am and I immediately got on to do my test as I did not want to board a plane if my test came back positive. Once it was time for me to drop the solution onto the test kit, the solution started to foam and that was the end of my test. I could not use it because it was determined to be defective. I was asked if I had a spare test. UH NO! Thank goodness I am an over planner and I had a back up plan, but just meant my leisure morning of going to the airport turned into rushing and getting to my back up plan test spot by 5:30 and to the airport by 6 am. We managed to get there in time, but it was a very stressful morning. I know that not everyone will have the experience I did, my daughter's test kit worked just fine, but I suggest having some type of back up plan just in case.
  2. Here is a link that takes you to X and down the page has a link for Optum. https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/accepted-covid-tests
  3. Also, if you have to fly to get to your cruise or maybe even if you don't have to fly, check with the airport I know many of them are doing rapid test. Their test are more on the expensive side, but it might be another option.
  4. Our cruise is on Friday and we didn't even get the email regarding the test until yesterday. Luckily someone here posted a link so we were able to order Wednesday. We too got an email saying Monday and hopefully that is the case, but luckily we booked appointments just in case.
  5. Our cruise is on the 17th and we have yet to receive this email. Luckily it was posted here and we were able to order our test. Thank you, cbfb for sharing
  6. Sorry I am confused. Does your's say boarding because it was the day before or day of? Or did it say they several weeks before. This check in process with Celebrity is confusing to me. I do see were it has the "view xpress pass" and it shows what time my boarding time is but still says "check-in".
  7. I figured it was going to be extended, so I too have been looking around for test before our cruise on the 17th.
  8. OMG, I am so sorry. I would be freaking out! I sure hope you can find a place to get tested tomorrow. Not sure about where you live but in my state they are having pop up testing sites all over the city and my daughter needed to be tested and she was able to get an appointment within an hour and it was a rapid test and got her results before she even made it back home.
  9. This is exactly what I am worried about. We don't sail until the 17th (yes I know the current message is for sailings up to the 6th but I strongly doubt this requirement will go away) and we will have no control over how long our results will take. I would like to have the results before we fly out to avoid being stuck in Seattle and wasting our money on plane tickets for a cruise we couldn't take. I'm starting to wonder if we should just pay the $250 pp for the test at our airport, which we would have to do the day before we fly because we have an early flight before the testing area is open.
  10. Thank you, I ended up buying some reusable straws as well.
  11. Can you please share where you were able to make an appointment that far in advance?
  12. Yes, when I changed to July 30th I was able to see the activities. Thank you for your help.
  13. Thank you for the tip, but looks like I might be too early as there is no information on activities,
  14. I will be on X for the first time in September, if it isn't too much trouble, would you mind posting a few pictures of the daily planner (not sure what it is called on X). I would like to have an idea of what types of activities they will have on board. Thank you
  15. I would call and make sure because I went online and my CVS showed they do the rapid test and when I got there I was told they do not.
  16. I like the idea of testing. I just don't like the idea of having to rely on Walgreens or CVS to get my results right away. This time last year it was taking 2 weeks to get results. When I went to CVS in March it took 3 days for me to get my results.
  17. Thank you, I now have the trademarks in my phone so when I go I will know if it is really made in Alaska.
  18. Does anyone know how far out you can request luggage tags?
  19. We are booked to cruise in September for the first time on X. I downloaded the app and see that there are menus posted for each day of our cruise. Does anyone know if the menus on the app are the actual menus for the week of travel?
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