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  1. Also in Ontario, have the same receipt but mine reads Moderna as that was my second dose (first was Pfizer) but only shows the date of that second dose so even tho it says I’ve received two doses I’m wondering if cruise lines will want to see dates of each jab or will be satisfied with the receipt as above.
  2. This is very reassuring to me as I had Pfizer initially and then Moderna second…both mRNA vaccines. Hopefully Celebrity will change their stance and accept this type of mixing as well. We don’t have a cruise booked at this time, thankfully, but had been planning a Spring ‘22 one but will wait to see if this gets sorted first.
  3. Thank you for posting a live review. I can’t imagine what economy class got for food or seats if thats what business looks like on Copa lol. I’m not super techy and don’t see a link to the email to see the video and am only seeing a few pics, the rest just have numbers. Where do I find your blog so I can read the full review? Enjoy your trip! Cathy
  4. yes, they’re only on deck 6 and only on the M class ships.
  5. We also enjoyed B on 5 on embarkation day but honestly never went again during a cruise. Can remember the steel drum bands on our earlier cruises and would love to see them back for the Caribbean cruises. Sorry, but we love the acrobats and aerialists and make a point of attending their shows. To each their own I guess.
  6. On your other thread about these sweet 16s I posted that we had smoke several times in 6035, not from the passengers smoking area but rather the crew smoking area directly below these port side cabins.
  7. I recommended earlier in a post about seeing Danny Smart in one of his live performances but haven’t seen mention of whether or not you had a chance to take it in. Just wondering if you did go to one or not. Glad you had a great time and made it home safely. Thanks again for a wonderful review!
  8. We’ve been in 6035 and it was super quiet...no noise from above or below. Only issue was the crew smoking area below but that was only a few times and only while in port.
  9. Enjoying this live report and glad you are having a great time! I noticed in one of the dailies that you have Danny Smart on-board. He’s a great guitarist and plays a wide variety of classic music. Have you checked out any of his shows? We saw him on the Reflection a year ago and were very impressed. Enjoy the rest of your cruise! You’re changing my mind about not ever wanting to sail the Edge!
  10. Silhouette had Cellar Masters up to this point, I’m happy to see Craft Social coming in, with a husband who likes his craft beers he’ll be quite happy to check this out. I was never overly happy with the selection of wines in CM so not a big loss for me. Curious to know what the MeetingPlace will be....perhaps a card room or crafting and games area? We don’t sail on her until May 2021 so looking forward to upcoming reviews.
  11. Just to clarify, you don’t have to be Elite to get the upgrade...I’ve gotten it as a classic, select and also elite member. Think it’s a Captains Club perk from Classic and up.
  12. I believe he’s from the UK so maybe that’s why they had different booking options.
  13. That other poster didn’t have the Go Best package but rather three perks, one of which was the Classic Bev pkg.
  14. Where do you have to go to get it sharpened? Did it come with a sharpener?
  15. I know exactly the bottles that the OP is talking about as we had them on our Solstice cruise in December. We’ve previously had the plastic squeeze bottles so I didn’t bring any of my own. These hard square bottles make it impossible to squeeze the contents out and you can’t leave them upside down to help move the contents to the top as the rack they sit in has bars that are just far enough apart that the bottles tip over or the attendant comes in to clean or turn down the room and replaces the same bottles right side up lol. We had to continually ask for restocking...he must’ve thought we were hoarding them but there seemed to be so little actually in the bottles that we only got a couple uses out of each before it seemed empty. Definitely a lot of waste with these, will look forward to the large pump bottles on our next cruise on Silhouette after she’s been revitalized.
  16. We were on the Solstice in Dec and had a lot of obc to use up at the end. I booked myself and hubby in for separate massages on the last sea day when they had a promotion. I wrote on my form that I wasn’t interested in any extra services or products but hubby wrote nothing extra on his. We both had great massages (I go regularly at home) and neither one of us had any pressure sales or pushing of products. Was a great experience although even with the discount they weren’t cheap and I certainly wouldn’t have paid out of my own pocket for them! It’s unfortunate that there’s no consistency from sailing to sailing or even ship to ship.
  17. We just did the Solstice in NZ but in reverse! We started in Auckland on Dec 2 and disembarked in Sydney on the 14th. Great ship, itinerary, food, service and crew. You’re going to have a great time! Would love to answer any questions you might have....where in NZ are you from? We spent three weeks following the cruise in Alexandra with family for the holidays. Cathy
  18. We haven’t boarded a revolutionized ship yet and I’m wondering about the procedure when you actually enter the ship...we’ve always had to have our sea pass card swiped at the entrance, hear the “ding” and proceed to the servers with the sparkling! If you don’t have a sea pass card what happens when you enter the ship for the first time? Just walk aboard? No “ding”?
  19. Thanks so much OP for this info...just spoke to Celebrity, repriced my Silhouette cruise for 2021, saved $1300 and added two perks to the two I had, bumps up my classic to premium as well! Very happy! Did have to change to non refundable from refundable but we only paid $100pp on-board so def worth the risk if we need to cancel. Def pays to browse CC!
  20. We just recently got off the Solstice after a 12 night cruise, our first with Elite status. We each got a free bag of wash/dry/fold, up to 30 items as well as an offer of an additional bag each for $20. Sent off an assortment of undergarments, t’s, shorts and pants and everything came back clean and folded. No issues at all.
  21. We are boarding the Solstice on Monday and I can’t for the life of me remember the configuration of the two non-US type outlets...are they for European plugs or UK? Anyone have a picture? We have converters for when we get to NZ but also have a few others that we thought we’d bring so we can plug in on the ship and charge more than two items at a time. We’ll be in a regular veranda. Tried to do a search but got nowhere helpful...sigh TIA
  22. The next time Solstice docks in Port Chalmers we’ll be on it!!!! So excited for this cruise as well as our post cruise visit to Alexandra! Thx for this webcam pic!
  23. Enjoying your posts and happy anniversary! Have your husband check all his pockets, especially pants and shorts for his ring. I lost the diamond from my engagement ring on a cruise and we searched everywhere that we’d been that day, really feeling like something so tiny would never be found. Lo and behold, later that afternoon I’m reaching in my shorts pocket for something else and I feel a small hard chunk, out comes my little diamond! Kept it in the safe for the rest of the holiday and had it reset in a more sturdy clasp once home. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your cruise. Your home insurance policy should cover the replacement cost if it doesn’t show up!
  24. Perhaps also keep in mind that because it’s summer holidays accommodations, rentals, and flights could be more expensive than in February or later. Def book these things ahead but be prepared to spend more.
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