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  1. Hello are the specialty coffees included in the cheers package
  2. Hello can anyone help me I'm trying to find out where you can buy fire retardant decorations Thank you J
  3. On the pier or at the end of the pier thanks for your response J
  4. Hello are there any liquor stores or c-stores at the end of the pier where you can buy booze or beer thanks J
  5. Thank you for all your replies it sounds like it's just as easy to go to the Lido deck and start the party from there thank you very much J
  6. We will have a large group for a bon voyage party and we're not sure if we could get shrimp and cheese and all that first afternoon if we are able to that would be great we would like like to do this on the cheap not have to go to the ship prices Thanks for your quick responses J
  7. Hello are there any regulations about bringing food on board such as shrimp cheese and other appetizers Thanks in advance J
  8. Thanks I just was hoping J
  9. Is there any good snorkeling or scuba diving in Progreso.
  10. Thank you very much if you don't mind could you tell me how much you chargeD Jay
  11. Hello does anyone have any information on fishing for half a day. Thanks Jay
  12. hi can anyone suggest a small panga fishing boat for a few hours thanks in advance J
  13. bigjay

    coz dive op help

    Thanks for your help I found a cruise ship 2 tank dive that works.Jay
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