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  1. Glaciers

    Why shoot RAW and JPG

    When I first started I would shoot RAW + JPG but would rarely need the RAW photos as the JPGs were fine and my photo editing skills were marginal. Once we were on a train rounding a corner and I didn’t anticipate the lighting change while taking photos. Both the RAW & JPGs were slightly over exposed. I was unable to correct the JPG in Lightroom but I was able to correct the exposure of the RAW photo. I’ve been shooting only RAW ever since. For me, the only downside to RAW is file management.
  2. Glaciers

    Juneau on own

    The shuttle is dandy if all you want to see is the glacier or just don’t want to be bothered by driving although it’s about the same price for a car rental as it is for 2 people on the shuttle. A rental allows for much more exploring of the area.
  3. Glaciers

    Seattle Hotel-BELLTOWN INN

    If you got a decent rate at the Belltown Inn, and it's implied you have, it will be difficult to find a better location at a similar price.
  4. Glaciers

    Seattle Hotel-BELLTOWN INN

    The Belltown Inn is in a great location just north of the downtown core area. It looks like it has AC so you could keep your windows closed. Noise will be an issue but the busiest areas near there are a block down along 2nd Ave. The Crocodile, Jupiter, Rocco’s, Buckley’s, Shorty’s along 2nd is a very busy area late at night. If you’re young, this may be a bigger appeal. Unless there is some glaring negativity that you find, I’d stay there if you got a rate that is acceptable. I’m walking through there several times a week and grab a slice of pizza at Rocco’s weekly. It’s got a good vibe.
  5. We were getting a bit tired of Caribbean cruising and were looking for alternative ports. Our last trip down that way, many years ago, was on Windstar. They had a good itinerary that included Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke that we’d never been to. Or, maybe it’s time to venture out. Alaska?
  6. There are many places in Anchorage to purchase wine but as noted, it sounds as though you’ll be taking the train from Denali to Whittier to catch the cruise. Alcohol in Whittier and Denali is expensive. You should probably pick it up in Fairbanks, if you are indeed traveling by train all the way to Whittier. Revisit and look at the details of your itinerary. If you do, indeed, have some time in Anchorage Costco is an option as well at Brown Jug on Old Seward Highway for best selection and prices.
  7. Glaciers

    hubbard glacier

    The two trips that we made it in we were on the glacier side of Haenke Island which was plenty close for the experience. Probably not that close but the glacier is so darn big! I couldn't commit to the excursion, at that price, if there weren't some guarantee. Kind of like whale watching. Can you imagine paying that much and then being told they wouldn't be making it to the face? So sorry, but we'll just be looking for bears on shore, hopefully there will be some...
  8. Glaciers

    hubbard glacier

    Yeah, if there was a guarantee that they could access the face even though the cruise ship couldn’t, it would certainly sweeten the deal.
  9. Glaciers

    Small Ship with Kids

    We’ve done both UnCruise and Alaskan Dream and they were both superior to any other large cruise ships in Alaska. They operate under a different permitting process for Glacier Bay and both have itineraries that overnight in Glacier Bay rather than just a day trips which is a real treat. The cabins on both are generally smaller and wouldn’t call them “nicely appointed” but they were sufficient. There was occasional cellular service and wifi if close to a port but also a few days of no access whatsoever. Have you looked at Lindblad?
  10. Glaciers

    hubbard glacier

    It will be interesting to hear from those that have actually taken this new excursion. Based on the limited information at this time, it sounds as though it not only emphasizes spending time along the face of the glacier but also searches for wildlife along the shore that the large cruise ships don’t do. It sounds as though if someone was just interested in seeing calving, staying on the ship might be the best way to go. I don’t think seeing calving from a little closer is worth the money and nobody, regardless of vessel size, is getting any closer than ¼ mile from the face. Another consideration is that the smaller excursion vessel will have the advantage of the ability to access Hubbard when the large ships get iced out. Of 4 trips to Hubbard, we only got to the face twice. The other 2 times we only got to about 10 miles from it.
  11. Glaciers

    Question on Gloves

    We bought gloves at Costco for 10 bucks. Head digital sensatec. Even though the kayak paddles have drip rings, gloves can still get a bit wet. These gloves dry quickly. They also work for using a cell phone and adjusting camera settings.
  12. Glaciers

    Cruise Selection - Good Food Critical

    For us, Seabourn had the best food followed by two small ship lines, UnCruise and Alaskan Dream. After that it was Oceania and Cunard. We’ve never had better service then while on Seabourn. Oceania service was no better than any of the main lines although they do serve lobster in the buffet every evening which was a treat.
  13. Glaciers

    Disinfecting your cabin question.

    Hopefully your exam rooms are disinfected and everyone there isn't just relying on hand washing.
  14. We've been 4 times and were iced out twice and could only get within about 10 miles. The other two times we were on the Regatta and got close, the other time, many years ago, on the Celebrity Summit and sat in almost the exact same location at the Regatta.
  15. Allen Marine is the operator of this excursion. Although I’m sure Princess gets their cut, my thought is that most of the cost is what Allen Marine charges, not Princess. It would be an expensive operation to have a vessel and staff in Yakutat throughout the season. There is another thread regarding this excursions on the Alas a board. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2546802-hubard-glacier-viewing/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-56529977 And, BTW, Oceania’s Regatta is not even close to being similar to the Allen Marine excursion. There’s little difference in Oceania and the other lines when it comes to viewing Hubbard.