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  1. Yes, that's correct. The US will not issue waivers undermining Canada's worldwide effort in helping contain the virus. It will not happen. At least not for cruising to Alaska this year.
  2. I can't imagine they would issue waivers. Canada is trying to reduce the spread and it's unlikely the US will undermine their efforts. Alaska just had 27 new cases of covid yesterday. This year is a bust for the main line cruises in Alaska. The smaller lines such as UnCruise and Alaskan Dream are still a go.
  3. "The Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA) prohibits the transportation of passengers between two different U.S. ports on any vessel other than a U.S.-flag vessel that meets all requirements for U.S. coastwise transportation." Foreign flagged ships must stop in a Canadian port.
  4. Sitka is a gem. Check your ship’s excursion list and see what interests you. Certainly don’t need to book through the ship but it’s a good spot to begin searching. We did a wildlife tour with Gallant Adventures that took us out to St. Lazaria Island. It has been one of the best wildlife tours we’ve been on out of 10 Alaska cruises. We were on Oceania at the time and booked with one other couple. Much of it is luck but we were treated with Humpbacks, otters, puffins and other seabirds. As BD mentioned, it helps if you can narrow things down.
  5. If it's unique you seek, an Oosik is a great conversation piece.
  6. I have to think your first paragraph is rhetoric as Alaska won’t allow cruise ships while there is a 14 day self quarantine order in place. And yes, the CDC has implemented a no sail order that may be in place for 100 days, it can also be extended but also shortened by the director rescinding the order. This is in addition to Canada closing ports to cruise ships through the first of July as well as Seattle closing ports indefinitely. No one knows how long this is going to last although it’s unlikely there will be any cruises in Alaska until at least the first part of July. Although, that’s just my take. I think your June trip is a bust.
  7. I’ve been wondering that too. There are so many things behind the scenes that are impacted such as taking on fuel and supplies, crew changes and the such that just can’t be done at any port. We hadn’t booked our Alaska cruise for this season yet and it’s much more comfortable watching from the sidelines rather than being a participant in this mess. Interesting article noting dozens of ships sitting off the coast of Florida. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/coast-guard-tells-cruises-to-prepare-to-care-for-sick-people-for-indefinite-period/ar-BB11ZoEY?ocid=spartandhp
  8. You’re in a more vulnerable time frame than others that are planning July and beyond trips. Your ship won’t be able to depart from Vancouver as that trip would be departing prior to July 1. The ship would have to travel empty to Seward for your departure. I think it’s unlikely that will happen. I also wonder what will be open in Alaska in June.
  9. It sounds as though they have provided you an option that they did not have to do based on the terms when you purchased the book. I do wonder if you might be able to sell the 2022 book with less effort than you’re putting in bashing the company here. Is 80 bucks really worth your time to get the pound of flesh?
  10. Uncruise has cancelled their April/May cruises so will be sailing from Seattle to Alaska with no passengers but they still plan on doing their trips within Alaska. With the Port of Seattle suspending cruises indefinitely there won’t be any ships departing with passengers from Seattle, at least from the two terminals. Alaska hasn’t weighed in much in support of cancelling Alaska cruises although with the spread of coronavirus spreading rapidly there, including SE, they may put a halt to cruises temporarily as well. Residents in smaller SE communities that don't depend much on cruise tourism are becoming vocal that they don't want cruise ships in Alaska at this time.
  11. Including cruises from Seattle that do their mandatory port stop in either of those cities. In eljabe's post they indicate their cruise tour is prior to July 1, as are many others including those just doing a DIY. Many businesses will be closed. Of course, if Princess is doing their land tours their lodges will most certainly be open although many of the tour operators may not. Something to consider.
  12. This isn’t all about whether cruises will be cancelled. It’s also about what will be open when you’re there. In Seattle we’re a couple weeks ahead of Alaska with the spread and dozens of bars, restaurants, hotels and retail businesses are closed. I do wonder with distancing issues if getting on a bus in Denali with 50 others sitting next to each other is a good idea, or will even be allowed. Hopefully by the Alaska cruising season this won’t be a problem.
  13. I haven't read posts regarding it lately but the lodge used to not allow vendors to pick up people on their property. They had to walk the two miles down to the end of the road. You might want to check. The lodge or Wildman's will know.
  14. Can you elaborate on why they weren't very nice? How was the trip itself? Explore any neat areas of Alaska that the larger ships can't get to? They're starting to offer some good deals.
  15. Hubbard Glacier can be difficult to get to due to ice sometimes. You may want to consider the excursion that has been offered, if it still is in 2021. It’s ridiculously expensive but your chances of getting to the face of the glacier is significantly increased. Previous posts indicate it runs $250-$400. If offered, it will be on your ships excursion list.
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