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  1. I booked Freedom for August 26th. My PVP gave me all the options because as he said you’re really still paying for the free cheers package. But it just made it easier for me to book it all together!
  2. Unfortunately the sailing is sold out....I keep checking several times a day but so far no luck 😞
  3. It wasn’t the 2 month time frame it was the months of the cruise.... in July and August they do not offer the reduced solo rates for passengers with 340 or more nights .
  4. I wasn’t able to book a solo rate because the cruise fell within the two months that they don’t honor Solo rates! So when I booked I paid double occupancy but I only had myself listed as occupying the cabin. Believe me I have learned my lesson the next time I think I’m going solo in a cabin and I’m not receiving a solo rate I will book myself and “ a to be determined passenger”. As stated above I can always cancel the second person and the port fees and taxes will be returned! You just have to learn how to play the game the Royal way!
  5. I cruise frequently as a single occupant in a balcony cabin and I always pay the double occupancy unless I’m fortunate enough to be on a ship that has solo balcony cabins. I understand the double occupancy policy and I always pay this without question. I am fortunate enough to have recently passed the 340 night threshold and I am now eligible for a reduced (150% VS 200% ) cabin fare when traveling solo....except this does not apply in July and August :( I have a cruise booked for mid July and paid double occupancy. I wanted to add a person to my cabin but the cruise has sold out and the Coast Guard has put a code red on adding passengers. I do understand this however it still aggravates me that I booked and paid for a cabin for two and I’m still paying for two people in a cabin when I can’t add the second person. I guess I don’t fully understand why Royal can’t set aside two people for every cabin that has paid for two people in their count. Or at the very least if the situation should arrive refund the second person‘s fare to the solo person in the cabin...It’s probably just me and I will get over it but it is aggravating! And I will still cruise with Royal.... I currently 4 cruises booked with them!
  6. I have cabin 6250 booked on Anthem and noticed that cabin 6248 is now available....looks Like the balcony is much larger. Has anyone had either of the these balconies. Thanks!
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