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  1. Would you mind to also send me a copy of the map. My email address is: afergvip@gmail.com Thank you so very much! Going in June this will be so helpful!
  2. We have that same itinerary with San Juan - short amount of time. We are thinking of doing the zip lining to keep the kids entertained - has anyone done that??
  3. Thanks so much for the info!! We did book a Cove Balcony - only because I had one on the Breeze and LOVED it! I can't really be in the sun unless I'm in water or shade. I get very sick quickly in the sun so my thought was I could sit on the balcony even in the heat of the day and still have an abundance of shade with the cove balcony. Maybe I should re-think that and move up??? Not sure what to do on that one - but LOVING your review so far!
  4. Following - we are going on the Magic for 8 days in June. So excited! Some reviews speak of horrible smells. Did you have much of that?
  5. We are going in June and I decided to go in with friends and we just booked a room at this resort. I know you can get beach chairs for $10 but with renting the room for the day we have full resort amenities, which includes beach chairs with umbrellas, spa, pool, etc. We paid $154 each (2 adults and 1 kid in each party). The owner said since we were just coming for the day we could all 6 have access to a room so we would have a place to leave our stuff and shower off prior to returning to the ship. This may end up being a huge waste of $$ but I like the idea of having access to all the amenities the hotel offers.
  6. We are on this same itinerary in June - I have done a TON of research and this is what we have came up with: St. Martin - Captain Bob's - he stops at Maho Beach and his tour is ranked #1. St. Kitts - Mad Max Dune Buggy Tour - It also has excellent reviews and you have beach time included after the tour so you can spend a couple hours at the beach as well. San Juan - We are doing the zip line tour - I have been to San Juan and I'm not big on forts or walking around Old San Juan - so we opted for the Zip Line on this day as well. Grand Turk - we ended up renting a room at Bohio Resort for the day - I know you can go for $10 rental fee but with that you get none of the resort amenities. So we decided to book a room to share with our friends so that we can have access to the pool and all the hotel amenities for the day. This is a great itinerary and we are looking very forward to it. If you end up doing the zip lining in San Juan PLEASE let me know which one you booked and how it is. Thanks!
  7. We are also there from 7 until 1. Short time frame and traveling with our 13 year old so we were thinking about the Zip Line Canopy Tour. Any experience with that?
  8. Has anyone done this tour? There are not many reviews on it and we are cruising next summer. We have limited time in San Juan only 7:30 to 2:00 p.m. We are trying to do excursions that will keep our 13 year old happy and entertained. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  9. afergvip

    Blue lagoon ???

    Are the water toys included now? I just went to the Blue Lagoon website and didn't see where you can purchase to use the water toys?
  10. When do reservations for the escape room and private lessons open up? Do you know?
  11. Our friends are going on an Alaskan cruise through Holland America. They have asked us to join them. I am platinum with Carnival and RCCL and have also sailed Disney. We LOVE the Caribbean and the beach. So Alaska has always been more at the bottom of our list. We usually vacation together so that our kids have each other to play with, etc. They have a work bonus that's going to take them r/t Vancouver on a Holland America Cruise. Yay for them!! So my question to you all is......Are the kids going to enjoy this cruise? Is it worth the large amount of $ we are going to pay to go to Alaska? Just some insight and help would be great! Also excursion costs? Obviously we want the best excursions with the expectation that it will be our only trip to Alaska as we are hoping for future Med cruises, etc. Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so very much!! The kids are obviously used to RCCL and Disney so I just want to make certain this will be worth it. Thanks!
  12. I'm excited for your review. I have booked for July 1, 2019 which feels like a lifetime away. Looking forward to it!
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