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  1. We'll be in town in February from Thursday the 13th thru the Saturday the 15th. A crowded weekend! Should we get tickets ahead of time?Are they available on the boat? At any stop? Thanks.
  2. I love using magnetic clips for all that paper. We'll be on the Eurodam. Are their walls magnetic?
  3. Are these wine tastings on day one of the cruise? I assume there's a charge. Do you recall how much?
  4. Thanks, Sue. Will go with a package. (we're just short of 3 star which is driving me nuts! 😉)
  5. Thanks VennD. I looked on the HAL site as you mentioned and there is an 8 bottle package one can purchase in advance and then choose the bottles only after you get on board. So I think getting the 4 bottle package once we board should work.
  6. It's been several years since our last HAL cruise. Am I correct in recalling that there are wine packages (4/6/8 bottles) available to purchase after coming in board? If so, are they a better deal than buying by the bottle at dinner? We'll be bringing on our 2 bottles, but aren't able to haul additional ones.
  7. A good suggestion, but the cost of the Laundry Package on day 7 was still $98. (though that might change on day 7 on board the ship) I think I'll stick with doing a few $20 stuff bags.
  8. In a 14 day cruise, is it possible to take the $49 laundry service for just the second week? Or even better, for 7 consecutive days mid cruise?
  9. Marianne, Was this just for dinner in the MDR? What about specialty restaurants?
  10. Thanks, Shmoo, Did a bit of googling after posting and found that most people agree that it's the food, not the water, that's the culprit. Glad, because I'm not a great fan of bottled water - would rather refill my own bottle. Last cruise, just ordering dinner entrees the night before and avoiding soups worked. I'll do the same this time.
  11. I have often found cruise food to be too salty. Has anyone found this to be the case on the Eurodam? If I want low-sodium meals, would I have to order them the evening before, or are there options on the menu? I've also been told that ships' drinking water has a relatively high sodium content. Anyone know if this is so? Thx.
  12. We'll be sailing on the Eurodam in February and I have 3 quick questions. - Do they have Trivial Pursuit team activities/competitions on board? - Is it customary to tip room service directly? If so, how much? - I often find restaurant food too salty. Has anyone found this to be a problem on the Eurodam? If I request low-sodium, would I have to pre-order dinner the night before? Many thanks.
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