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  1. It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to spend more in the ports than on the cruise. Im curious what the average spend is for a 10 day port intensive European cruise on top of cruise costs and air.
  2. I’m concerned the TA’s may be a bit too many sea days for me. I love sea days in the Caribbean but that would be very different.
  3. I was surprised too, when the waiter said we could order from the MDR menu. He brought over a menu holder with a MDR sticker label on the front. I knew the MDR kitchen was on a separate floor from Blu on Equinox, but they clearly wanted to keep us happy, and if we werent going to be happy with the Blu menu, they would be accommodating. That's basically it. They want to keep people happy so they'll usually do what it takes. (We didn't order from the MDR menu, because we didn't want to be a burden.).
  4. typically I wore Khaki docker slacks, and a short sleeve collared button down or a polo shirt. On chic nights, I wore a regular button down shirt, with a blazer and the same style pants. Casual, comfortable was the dress of most men at night. Few in shorts. On chic nights, some dressed more than others. Many didn't have jackets/blazers. No one judged.
  5. I think our expectation for a European cruise is exposure to various cities and countries along the itinerary. I don't suspect we'll be taking every bus tour to see everything. We're not big on sightseeing. I'm sure there will be a lot of places to walk around and explore, like we do regularly in NYC on our own. Not afraid to grab a guidebook and take a little trip or a cruise tour to Venice from the port, for example, grab lunch in a highly rated spot, with a pretty view, and hop on a gondola to take pics in a Cathedral. After the cruise, we'll likely followup with other land
  6. It's all good till you're quarantined with norovirus and you cant look outside.
  7. Use the gym then have access to the Steam room; Sauna; Tropical Rain, locker room, bigger shower than in your cabin If you're sore or just want an hour of bliss, get a massage. If you're a masochist, get a facial.
  8. For that price, you can launch your own satellite.
  9. Friends we traveled with last week in Aqua thought the arrival time was mandatory. When we were 15 minutes late (1045 instead of 1030, they thought we wouldn't be allowed to board. lol
  10. Prices Today OV ($3,375.70 2 perks plus tips), Increase of $200.00 Veranda ($4,575.50 2 perks plus tips) Decrease of $300.00 Sky Suite ($9,776 4 perks) Increase of $1,600 !!! (I had to select a Sky Suite if I wanted perks. The guarantee did not come with any perks) Conclusion: It's all BS marketing and the key is to shop around. If you want a really good deal, you need to wait until the final payment date has passed, and look for a bargain. Prices zigzag all over the place.
  11. How do you get $600 OBC. I Don’t see that in pricing
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