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  1. I am at 131 days waiting for prepaid service charge and prepaid dining to be refunded. It's only $569 - but it's egregious. I continue to call the customer service people and my PCC, and they keep saying the funds have been released but the status is processing. They say they are sending notes to the accounting department to ask for the account to be looked at. Grrrr....
  2. They are asking for the standard $1500 suite deposit, the deposit --I don't believe- is not based on a percentage in this case. Although I would only have to pay about $1175 in the deposit process, as they are recognizing $334 of the FCC as having "cash" value. So I would have a final payment due of around something like $1700 by Sept. 2020.
  3. Completely agree--and thank you. :-) Posts in the future will be more concise and with paragraph breaks. Cheers.
  4. Absolutely. Definitely appreciate the help and advice. Any future posts will be definitely more concise. 🌷
  5. Interesting. It's really the same scenario as mine. Unfortunately for me, my dollar amounts are higher. But to them, I don't suppose that matters. It's their process. It will be interesting to see the response I get. Thanks for sharing your situation, it helps me put mine in perspective. My emotional response is based on the fact that it's a lot of money to me. To them, it's just the same thing, no matter the dollar amount. Interesting food for thought.... 🙂
  6. The more I am thinking about it, and hearing great feedback and advice like yours and others, I am hopeful that I can in fact do that. Many many thanks for the good advice.🌷
  7. Thank you so much for clarifying-and I can completely see now how that is so true. LOL I probably should at this point go in and edit the post, but I have gotten some people who have been able to plow through my crazy ramblings. LOL - and I think I’ve gotten some good advice. Thanks again for reaching out and clarifying. Sometimes stress definitely can get the better of me, and others I’m sure. many thanks. 🌷
  8. So true! Lol. I need to take my own advice!… Thanks for the kindness, and sometimes all of this stuff it’s way too stressful and I just need to take a deep breath! Hugs to you! 💕
  9. Ohhhh, interesting. That tracks with what’s happening here. I’ll be interested to see how things go on Monday. Thanks for thus great info. 🌷
  10. That is what I thought I was doing, paying the deposit with the FCC. That’s the part I’m upset and confused about. That’s the part that makes no sense. We shall see how they respond. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and help. 🌷
  11. Thanks Georgia. You did get it right. Yes, they are going for a cash grab and it’s just wrong. Any yes, annoying for sure. I appreciate your perspective. 🌷
  12. PS--thanks for that, it's helpful. I'll know next time to be more brief. OR not post at all. Take care. 🙂
  13. Sorry you can't follow it. It's rather complicated. Essentially I paid $5200 for a cruise. NCL cancelled that cruise. I applied to FCC to a new cruise. AND they want deposit of $1500 on a balance due of around $2000. Makes no sense. There are several other complications that I tried to explain. I was just trying to get some fellow cruiser's insight and opinions, maybe support. That's not necessarily going to happen with such a complicated story. Thanks though--and best to you. 🙂
  14. I came on to try to explain a complicated situation. If you can't say anything nice... as they say. Making me feel worse is not helping. I came here for advice. Is this not a community to support and share?
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