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  1. I am at 131 days waiting for prepaid service charge and prepaid dining to be refunded. It's only $569 - but it's egregious. I continue to call the customer service people and my PCC, and they keep saying the funds have been released but the status is processing. They say they are sending notes to the accounting department to ask for the account to be looked at. Grrrr....
  2. They are asking for the standard $1500 suite deposit, the deposit --I don't believe- is not based on a percentage in this case. Although I would only have to pay about $1175 in the deposit process, as they are recognizing $334 of the FCC as having "cash" value. So I would have a final payment due of around something like $1700 by Sept. 2020.
  3. Completely agree--and thank you. :-) Posts in the future will be more concise and with paragraph breaks. Cheers.
  4. Absolutely. Definitely appreciate the help and advice. Any future posts will be definitely more concise. 🌷
  5. Interesting. It's really the same scenario as mine. Unfortunately for me, my dollar amounts are higher. But to them, I don't suppose that matters. It's their process. It will be interesting to see the response I get. Thanks for sharing your situation, it helps me put mine in perspective. My emotional response is based on the fact that it's a lot of money to me. To them, it's just the same thing, no matter the dollar amount. Interesting food for thought.... 🙂
  6. The more I am thinking about it, and hearing great feedback and advice like yours and others, I am hopeful that I can in fact do that. Many many thanks for the good advice.🌷
  7. Thank you so much for clarifying-and I can completely see now how that is so true. LOL I probably should at this point go in and edit the post, but I have gotten some people who have been able to plow through my crazy ramblings. LOL - and I think I’ve gotten some good advice. Thanks again for reaching out and clarifying. Sometimes stress definitely can get the better of me, and others I’m sure. many thanks. 🌷
  8. So true! Lol. I need to take my own advice!… Thanks for the kindness, and sometimes all of this stuff it’s way too stressful and I just need to take a deep breath! Hugs to you! 💕
  9. Ohhhh, interesting. That tracks with what’s happening here. I’ll be interested to see how things go on Monday. Thanks for thus great info. 🌷
  10. That is what I thought I was doing, paying the deposit with the FCC. That’s the part I’m upset and confused about. That’s the part that makes no sense. We shall see how they respond. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and help. 🌷
  11. Thanks Georgia. You did get it right. Yes, they are going for a cash grab and it’s just wrong. Any yes, annoying for sure. I appreciate your perspective. 🌷
  12. PS--thanks for that, it's helpful. I'll know next time to be more brief. OR not post at all. Take care. 🙂
  13. Sorry you can't follow it. It's rather complicated. Essentially I paid $5200 for a cruise. NCL cancelled that cruise. I applied to FCC to a new cruise. AND they want deposit of $1500 on a balance due of around $2000. Makes no sense. There are several other complications that I tried to explain. I was just trying to get some fellow cruiser's insight and opinions, maybe support. That's not necessarily going to happen with such a complicated story. Thanks though--and best to you. 🙂
  14. I came on to try to explain a complicated situation. If you can't say anything nice... as they say. Making me feel worse is not helping. I came here for advice. Is this not a community to support and share?
  15. On the scale of totally egregious and unbelievable, this one is off the charts. I accepted FCC on our 4/12/20 sailing. Found a Jan. 2021 itinerary we liked, and thought 'lets get it booked'. We are platinum cruisers and have loved sailing with NCL. The total cruise fare on the new itinerary is $8009. RIDICULOUS, I know for a 7-day. AND this is WITH their supposed 30% sale and the 20% discount off if you book before whatever date.... Keep in mind this is the same itinerary, same cabin type as the one that was canceled by NCL that was costing us $5200. First one was on the Joy, new one is Bliss. That is not the egregious part though. So even though I only got the 25% FCC bonus on $334 of our total $5200 (LONG story, but our original sailing was scheduled a week later in time also an the Joy, (a 5-day to SF/Vancouver out of LA departing April 19) and it was meant to go to port of SF, and at the time, very early March there was a ship from Asia in the SF Port with LOTS of sick people. We panicked (husband has health issue that makes him more vulnerable), called NCL and they had no COVID plan in place just then, but had been getting a small team together to first look at possible COVID issues, my NCL Personal Cruise Consultant (PCC) was a part of that small group. It was an up-and-down thing, on and off, they were going to allow us to change the itinerary (we naively thought then we could just go to Mexico a week sooner and it would be no big deal...what we did not know then....) and then they were not going to allow it...- ultimately a few days later I was told I was one of only 2 total customers who were getting to change the itinerary due to concerns of the virus in San Fran. A week and a half or so later, all sailings were canceled through April 11. Our new sailing date was April 12. That was fun. NOT. Eventually we all know sailings through what is it April 30? or May 15? are now canceled --and I just heard about the CDC 100 days things....anyway. So they won't apply the $125% FCC to the ORIGINAL $4900 for that 5-day. They said that is considered FCC and that I'd only get the 125% on the $334 fare difference to change to the 7-day we switched to departing a week sooner on the same ship, same port. I am not happy about that, but that STILL isn't the egregious part). So here it is. My FCC is what it is. Now $5200 or so. I am forgetting about the 125% bonus on that $4900. I told our NCL CC- I am tired of the drama and madness, lets just get the same itinerary booked for the Bliss in late Jan. 2021. Throw the $5200 on the reservations and lets call it a day. So she does that. But when I go into my NCL account online, I keep seeing that a deposit of $1500 is due by April 4. Meanwhile the transaction was done on like April 6 or 7 to get the new booking. So I asked her, on the late afternoon of 4/8, to check. Why was my reservations saying that...? Was it going to cancel out since it was clearly AFTER April 4 already? So she calls me yesterday afternoon (on 4/9) and says "you were right, your reservation is off. We actually need you to go ahead and pay the deposit on your suite. It's $1500 because it's a Haven Suite. But I'll just need to collect $1166 today, since the cruise line considers the $334 to have cash value" Now she's a sweet girl, and I was not mad at her personally; but, after some stunned silence I said, "you have to be effing kidding me." Really!? Now what I did not mention was that they still owe me another $750 in a regular refund to my credit card for shore excursions we'd pre-booked, and pre-paid service changes which we're also canceled and they do not consider those FCC eligible (STILL no refunds of that to date btw) - so at this point they are literally in possession of $6000 from me--and they have the AUDACITY to call me and ask for a DEPOSIT!?? Of $1500!?? What do they consider the $5200 on the account!? I get that they think of it as FCC and by their definition that has no "cash value" to them- but it's cash value to me! I gave them that cash only 9 or 10 weeks or so ago...or however long it was. I think we booked it in late January of this year, kind of last-minute on the 5-day. Then the switch to the week-earlier itinerary to avoid SF port was done in very early March. The entire situation is crazy. And I have gone from having happy good feelings about NCL to being incensed. I was willing to overlook $1215 dollars of FCC and to commit to book another sailing with them right away -- like a total DUMBA$$ apparently. I was under the clearly mistaken impression that they were going to treat me fairly. Asking me for a deposit was the straw that broke the camels back. It is so beyond my comprehension how on earth they could even think to do that. SO the PCC said for me to just sit tight and she will call me Monday. What would you guys do? Just pull back all together? Can I change my mind and ask for a "cash refund" - although they will say that $4900 isn't eligible. I don't want to file a dispute on them, as I don't want to be added to their "No Sail List," it's my understanding that is what happens if you dispute a large amount with a cruise line. I mean at this point, I don't even know if I can take the $5200 in FCC and say to pull it off this reservations and just sit and wait for a future itinerary that is more reasonably priced. That is if they survive and are even around in 2 years or whatever. But I am not even thinking about that possibility. This whole thing is crazy. Thoughts? Thanks for reading this long thing...I just needed to get it out. Grrrrr......
  16. I certainly could have -- but in my enthusiasm and quick scan at the time, I did not see any others that talked about canceling April 12 sailings. I have to say I am feeling quite picked on without much cause. Lets just suffice it to say that your input is appreciated and I wish you well--and lets call it a day. Sound good?
  17. Thanks. I enjoy reading the different perspectives and getting bits from every different post. Not sure why you chose to single me out, I have always been very positive, kind and supportive in my interactions here. But hey- I am trying to stay positive and appreciate that there are all kinds of ways that we interact and learn - so thank for helping me do just that. Take good care and hoping your days are filled with good stuff--and good health.
  18. Hmmm..I just looked- did not see 5. I saw one that said stuff was canceled through May something....
  19. Oh. Wow--sorry, I did not go and look. I was excited to share. Forgive me for being excited. Ptroxx should I go ahead and delete my post - would this make your happy? I totally will.
  20. Just got word my April 12 sailing on the Joy out of LA is cancelled. She is awaiting the credits to give me FCC. I will get 125% FCC. I did not ask about a cash refund as our situation is very strange and I don't feel like typing it all-suffice it to say, I am not being unfairly treated... it's all good as far as that goes. :-) I have no idea about other sailings or dates, etc. Just got this news and thought I'd share. :-)
  21. Apologies we are scheduled on the Joy on April 12 out of LA going to the Mexican Riviera. Our previous, most recent cruise was on the bliss, and for whatever reason I keep referring to the joy as the bliss… Apologies for my confusion.
  22. By no stretch of the imagination are we going, we are just waiting for NCL to cancel so we can get cash and not FCC...
  23. Not yet-- we are scheduled for April 12 out of LA on the Bliss. Waiting, somewhat patiently--although anxiety filled... I have heard from a few people that Carnival is extending another 30 days and that NCL would likely follow suit...but nothing yet... I also heard that these announcements tend to come o Friday's after 5 p.m.... so .. we shall see...
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