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  1. Thanks for the responses so far--I am encouraged that they will likely continue to offer the itineraries --and will be patient. :-)
  2. Looking at booking British Isles in 2021; currently NCL has the Star doing 2 itineraries in May 2020, but it is too soon for us - we are doing a 12 Day Mediterranean in Nov. 2019 and need more time to save up. Does anyone know if NCL plans to keep offering some British Isles itineraries--and if so when they might usually release?
  3. Lucinaeri - many thanks! I am a planner, so that's good. 🙂 I like the notion of "taking a port off" - that may be just the thing. We were planning to book all our excursions through NCL, as we are super paranoid about not being back on time! LOL I know that is a bit more expensive, but worth the peace of mind. But here is a question, I have heard many of these ports, especially in Italy are extremely crowded and that smaller tours are the way to go. Do you kn ow if the NCL offerings are good in that regard--or should I maybe live "dangerously" (LOL) and look into private tours?
  4. Hello fellow travelers! We are going on the NCL Epic for the 12-Day Grand Mediterranean in Nov. out of Barcelona. We have been on 8 (I think) cruises before, mostly on NCL - but never more than 7-days. And never with the back-to-back port days we will have on this itinerary--our last 6 days are port after port. My husband is a go-go-goer on the ship wanting to maximize every moment - including late nights drinking, visiting and dancing! He has promised to curtail that (YKES! LOL) so we can really maximize our time in Italy especially. Any tips you have for managing the longer time on ship and the port intensive nature? I assume getting to bed early... any advice you can offer is much appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the news on Prohibition's night of the week on your sailing. :-) :):) quote=rockfsh;57206732]Prohibition is scheduled for 10/8 @ 10 PM.
  6. What night of your cruise was PRohibition offered? IF this was during your 5-day repositioing, was it on night 3 of 5, 4 of 5? ANd do you know waht night 'it'll be offered on your 8-day that just started? :-)
  7. Thank you for that - I appreciate the insight. Enjoy your future cruises--especially that Spa Suite! Smiles...
  8. With 26 days to go we got an offer to go from an H5 to either an H4 or an H2. I know that our sailing is showing SOLD OUT for all Haven -- and I get that isn't always 100%-- the line may have pocket rooms or whatever... We did not respond at all upon getting the email 3 days ago--and then each day following, we got another email from NCL. I am wondering--for some reason maybe do they REALLY want my specific room.... or is this just them trying to get a few more bucks for the highest bidder on maybe a room that was just canceled or something? I know there is no one who can tell me for sure an answer--but just wondering if anyone has gotten an offer to bid so close to sail date--and if they normally send daily emails about you bidding. We did bid $50 pp more than the minimum just to see what happens on the H4. We will be extremely happy either way. We will either keep a beautiful room with a giant balcony or gain the ease of more space in the cabin with a nicer bathroom (well 2 bathrooms) -can't go wrong either way. :-) Cheers!
  9. We will be in 17126 on Oct. 20 - any more balcony photos to share, or of the room? In addition to the upright chairs, were there loungers on your balcony as well? :-)
  10. Not sure if I ever thanked you for posting these awesome photos! :-)
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