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  1. Wow thanks so much for all your help. I am using a credit card for our account which doesn't charge for currency conversion (Halifax Clarity) so hopefully this will be ok. Didn't really want to purchase US$ if I didn't need to as unlikely to use them elsewhere in the future. I think I will just use my card. Thanks for all the advice!
  2. Hi, I am fairly new to cruising and have never used the casino on-board. My friend and I have booked a cruise on the Regal Princess and fancied going to the casino, but I'm struggling to understand how it works? I see pictures of fruit machine type games which is I'm sure all we would have a go at. But how do you pay? Do you need £1 coins? $1 bills? Etc. I didn't want to get onboard and then need to buy cash, I'd rather take it with me. Thanks in advance, you can probably tell I've never gambled before either lol.
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