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  1. Well you are doing such a great job on your review, today I booked the Horizon again for December! same itinerary as yours. Was going to do the Legend from Baltimore, as it is an easy 4 hour drive from LI but now I will have a 3 hour flight to Miami- lol. Interested to see what you did in La Ramona as that is the only port I have not done yet. I have stayed a couple of times at a hotel there, so I am familiar with the area. Thank you!
  2. HI- I was on the 8/7 sailing and had the 1030 check in as well. I arrived at 1030 and I was on the ship at 11am. We also sat for about 10 minutes. I think you should be fine. Have a great cruise!
  3. I sail Saturday on the Mardi Gras and received the email from Christine about a week ago.
  4. My niece who I am traveling with is not on FB, so i copy the link and email it to her so she can see some of the videos. I wonder could you do that and paste in the roll call?
  5. I am sure it will be great-I think the ocean suites are no longer one of the best cabins on the ship but I will be happy with the extra room. I have seen the video John did on FB several times. I am on deck 9 and good with location too. I hope- Have a wonderful cruise, I will leave her in good shape for you!
  6. It wasn't the Ultra, it was the Plan now, pay later? I did compare the Ultra rate to what I booked a couple of months ago when I realized it was an Ultra, but it was more for the Havana Cabana that I had at the time, plus I would lose $500 in casino cash and drink anywhere. So to be a part of the Ultra and maybe get another Ipad, wasn't worth it to me. My last cruise January 2020, I was offered a suite and booked Pride for May 2020 and that was of course cancelled. This will be my 1st suite on Carnival, so excited. Take care,
  7. No- I don't gamble that much! lol- regular ocean suite.
  8. I booked the Mardi Gras last October for the August 7 sailing. My casino offer was a free suite, I however talked it over with my niece and we decided it might be best to downgrade to a Havana Cabana. We would have a private area to lay by the pool and not with thousands of other people. ETC Today, watching John's video, I was pretty disappointed in the Havana area. Not like the Horizon or Vista at all- (and I can guess why) so I called and asked if I could switch to a suite. I figured it was a long shot but she put me on hold and came back with a couple of different suites to choose from. I am pretty happy with the change. All the other videos John showed, I really enjoyed and can't wait to be on board, just not the Havana area.
  9. I agree it is confusing but I think the room will not be ready but you can drop off your carry on. That's how I am reading it.
  10. I received an email yesterday from Christine Duffy- it was addressed to Platinum and Diamonds guests. I am sailing on the Mardi Gras 8/7, I cut and pasted 1 portion for you. Hope that helps. STATEROOM ACCESS – Due to enhanced cleaning and sanitation, staterooms may not be ready at the time of boarding for the early Arrival Appointments. If you have not checked your bags, feel free to quickly drop off your luggage while our crew puts the finishing touches on your stateroom. This will allow you to complete your e-mustering process and start your vacation promptly.
  11. I submitted a request and didn't hear back in 1 week so I sent a 2nd request with the original reference # and got a response the next day. Good Luck.
  12. I watched their video and the casino bar complaint didn't make sense. They were upset the casino bar was removed. They had drinks on us card and said it would take a server 30 mins to bring them their drinks, which yes is annoying but said they could have went to the bar and got drinks but you can not do that with the drink on us card. They also said that by the tides bar there was no bathroom outside and they and others were dripping wet walking thru the buffet to go to the bathroom and it was unsanitary. There is a bathroom outside between the pizza and seafood places so that's on them. After that comment I stopped watching.
  13. I was able to book the Steakhouse last week for the Mardi Gras in August. Only 2 that came up was Steakhouse and Rudy's. I think, Cucina didn't come up because it is free in July and August on some ships.
  14. I would email the players club with your booking info and ask them. Rules could have changed in the last year but one of you could have earned enough from your last cruise to start this cruise with DOU card. Sorry I don't remember what the amounts were but they could tell you. Have a great cruise!
  15. lol really? I will be on the inaugural. Not sure if that is good or bad but we shall see!
  16. I have cruised a lot with my sister and her 3 kids. We usually had 2 connecting cabins however there were times when all we could get was 1 cabin and it was TIGHT. The family Harbor did not exist when we traveled together however I would have done it in a heartbeat for convenience alone. Although I don't know what the breakfast actually is (continental or regular buffet items) to grab breakfast there especially on port days instead of the lido with 4000k plus other people would be worth it to me. Plus snacks and drinks throughout the day. Also depending on the kids eat free at most specialty restaurants that could pay for itself ( $300 ) depending how many you will do for the week. As for the regular room vs the suite. I would do the suite. For a family of 4 for a week cruise that works out to $157 more per night, or $40 per person per night. To have more room, 4 lower beds, a divider between the rooms, (curtain) , larger closet, storage, larger balcony and 1 1/2 bathrooms plus suite amenities of Priority boarding and priority debarkation it would be worth it to me. You just have to figure out if it is worth if for your family's needs. I always priced out 2 connecting cabins and 1 suite to see the rates on both and decide from there. Whatever you decide I hope you have a wonderful cruise!
  17. I don't know who has the most FCC's out there. I would guess that the big 3 mass market cruise lines, NCL, RC and Carnival would be around the same amount. However, I do know some cruise lines, when offering the FCC option, the FCC was given on the cruise fare. People were refunded port taxes, shore excursions, drink/dinning packages etc. When NCL offered the FCC option it was on the whole amount that was paid, they kept money that was not technically theirs to keep. So I would think NCL would have a higher dollar amount of FCC's. Totally my opinion.
  18. I think you should have received a refund back to the original form of payment. I don't believe it is part of your cruise fare and I am sure you had to pay in full when booked. I would ask your travel agent to speak to NCL on your behalf. Good Luck!
  19. i believe so far, it is only for Air Travel. Nothing on cruises that depart from and return to the US. Yet.
  20. Thank you. It is the failing to mention explicitly the strings attached I have a problem with. I am good, I did not have any cruises booked with NCL but with 2 other cruise lines and received a refund on both. I do also have an open ticket or credit for non refundable airline tickets If I do not use them after the year I have left, I will be able to apply for a refund so I thought it was a good example lol take care,
  21. I am not trying to argue about or with anyone, especially with someone I do not know. I was giving my opinion and trying to be helpful to someone who might lose a lot of money. That is all. I am not sure how we got to cancellation penalties when we were talking about refunds but I will take your word on what the cruise contract says. Take care,
  22. I think if you are going to fall back on the cruise contract, that refunds are to go back to the original form of payment, then the only option from the beginning should have been refunds. But we know that is not the case. So if the cruise line can change and offer 2 options when it benefits them, they can also offer 2 options all the time. IMO. For the record, if I buy an airline ticket on a credit card and then exchange it several times, if it needed to be refunded, it is to the ORIGINAL form of payment, credit card, not vouchers or exchange tickets etc. Cruise Lines seem to have their own thoughts on what is original.
  23. by any chance do you have the original cancellation letter from NCL for your April cruise? I don't think that was part of the information given and you agreed to when you accepted the 1st FCC ( if your 2nd cruise was cancelled what would happen to a refund request). I do know after a couple of rounds of cancellation NCL added it. To me they would have to offer a refund if it was not stated when you accepted the FCC that you could never get a refund. Worth a try. Good luck.
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