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  1. I've been absent for awhile. Nice to see the fashion police are still here. Found it interesting that they are now telling you that jeans aren't comfortable attire for touring. I always thought what is comfortable for one isn't necessarily comfortable for all. Who knew that I've been wrong all these years! What's comforting for me is knowing that the fashion police are not vocal on the ship. (just sitting here behind a keyboard anonymously)
  2. So sorry this happened to you. What a horrible trip home. Get some much needed rest.
  3. Sorry this has affected you, Clay. I admire your positivity.
  4. It's crazy! These people would jump off a bridge for him and his wife. I don't get it.
  5. I would go back to Norway for a long road trip and explore every inch of it.
  6. Hope this helps you.....Historic Berlin Duration: 12 hours Tour Price: $199.00 Times: 06:30am-06:30pm See the major sights of Berlin during this fascinating panoramic excursion. After an escorted train ride, meet your guide at the Berlin train station. Begin with a photo stop at the Berlin Wall and explore the old St. Nicolas Quarter. Pass Checkpoint Charlie and see the Red City Hall of Schöneberg where President Kennedy declared "Ich bin ein Berliner" in 1963. At the Allied Museum, browse the exhibits chronicling the Allied occupation of Berlin between 1945 and 1952. Next, visit the famous Gendarmenmarkt, where you will enjoy a local snack of Currywurst, fried sausage with curry and ketchup. After, stop for photos at the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag German Parliament, with its magnificent glass cupola. See the magnificent interior of the Berlin Cathedral and stop at the Neue Wache memorial, dedicated to the victims of war and dictatorship. After time to reflect here, return to your ship by train.
  7. Iconic Sights sounds like it might be very similar. I will try and search out to see if I still have any info on it.
  8. We went on the Viking optional Historic Berlin and extremely happy we did so.
  9. Sad part by relying on a temperature is that there are many people like myself that runs a low temperature. I am consistently 96.8. I would actually be running a temp at 98.6 and could easily sneak by the authorities. For the record, I don't have another booked cruise at this time.
  10. Just like the others, we love that they don't have different loyalty levels. We are all treated equal.
  11. We took the Historic Berlin and LOVED it. We did our own thing in Eidfjord which ended up one of our favorite days. We took a beautiful walk that the town has mapped out for people. It was a great way to get away from crowds, buses and time schedules. We would absolutely do it again. In Stavanger, we went to Pulpit Rock on our own using Rodne or Norled. Can't remember which one we ended up with. It's cheaper and the only difference is that Viking goes to shore and serves a waffle. Mighty expensive waffle, LOL. In St Petersburg, I organized a group from here and used Alla Tours. MUCH cheaper and smaller groups. Highly recommend using a private company.
  12. I'm pretty sure that he has no intention of pulling the offender to the side to have a talk with him. So yes, it's public, not private. I feel it's shaming. Feel free to call it what you want. I've suffered with Norovirus so I understand the severity of it but I still wouldn't call someone out at the entrance of a restaurant with people coming and going. All I'm asking is to use discretion when approaching someone. It's not that difficult. Like the judge on People's Court likes to point out , "quien es mas macho".
  13. I understand the need for sanitizing and agree with it 100%. What I don't agree with is the "big man on campus" attitude of some (that that I have been reading on CC) that feel the need to approach others and shame them. Maybe approach the staff and tattle on the offending person. They can take the offender aside privately.
  14. Without hesitation! Not sure why I wouldn't??
  15. I have a friend and her husband who both work for Viking. They told me that Viking is an excellent company to work for. They have worked for other companies that she doesn't claim to be great. That's good enough for me!
  16. I don't see it as stingy. I believe a larger volume agency can afford it. A small ma and pa shop probably couldn't. Our very first Viking cruise we got 50.00 OBC from an agent working out of his home. I learned from someone here about their TA (large agency) and booked the next one using them. We got 1500.00 pp reduction on our cruise. That was before Viking decided against TA's discounting the fare.
  17. I understand because I, too get worked up over excuses on not tipping.
  18. The minute duquephart called people "idiots" is the minute he/she lost all credibility here. Name calling is quite juvenile.
  19. I made a staff friend on our first river cruise. She then transferred to Ocean. We talked about this. She said that Viking takes good care of them and the policy was perfectly fine for her. She had worked for other cruise lines as well so knows the field. We remain friends to this day. I do believe people should pay the recommended tips. I, also, believe that if one encounters a few that go above and beyond to tip them personally,
  20. PLEASE do not reduce your tip.
  21. Just be a nice person and tip. Stop looking for excuses to escape it. If you can afford the trip, you can afford the tips. If you can't, hold off until you save a bit more before booking.
  22. We got all currencies except for Russia before we left home. You do need cash to tip the driver and guide on your tours and we felt it was right to pay in their currency. Had we not gotten local currency we would not have been able to purchase anything nor take the ride up in Bergen because the town's system went down when we were there. It wiped us out in cash. Had to tip the guides and drivers in Euros in Norway and felt bad. We exchanged for a small amount in each currency after sitting down and estimating what we would need in each country. We did pretty good. We had a little bit leftover and the bank exchanged it back once we got home. We, also, liked not having to search out an ATM and take up precious tour time doing so.
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