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  1. I am traveling solo. so maybe they jack up the price figuring that they can't split the transportation cost between multiple people. should I ask if I could just pay for the beach pass and plan to get my own transportation there and back? Does the set taxi rate work for beach resorts that far down? Are there taxi's there readily available to take back? Maybe I should look more into Blue Kay going as a single. Can I just show up and pay as I go? Or do they offer an AI option? Has anyone had more luck with their website than I?
  2. I will be in Costa Maya on 2/15/19 on the Cayamo cruise. I've visited all the ruin options on previous cruises, so this time I was just planning to chill at a nice beach for the day. I was going to check out Maya Chan but they are already fully booked for the day. Almaplena looks beautiful and great reviews so I reach out to them and got a quote back of $85 for the day ($45 day pass + $40 transportation). Is it just me or is this really expensive? Is this the recent cost that others are paying? Is it worth it? Blue Kay sounds interesting as well, but I can't figure out the website (from Spanish to English) and how to review prices and menu options. Can I just show up and pay in person?
  3. I just got a quote from Almaplena for $85 ($45 beach pass + $40 transportation) for 2/15/19. Is this in line with quotes that others have recently gotten? Seems rather high. Maya Chan was already fully booked for the day I will be in port. And I can't seem to figure out the Blue Kay website (can't find the option to change to English and not seeing the beach pass option).
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