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  1. Thanks all for the over whelming response, glad we have some time to plan we the four of us are all 50 or just over , but all in good ish shape so walking a bunch is no issue , wife’s a bit nervous about being out and about after dark , I’m more geared to embrace the night life , is there any where We should avoid
  2. Wow thanks for the info , I’ve hear of bemelmans , think that will be one of the meals for sure , sounds like pj Clark’s might be the lunch deli . what about pizza ?
  3. Absolutely would love to hear dining recommendations, definitely a good coffee shop for light breakfasts , and a deli , doing it right , and of course breweries and pubs . Not sure what else , but all recommendations are appreciated ,
  4. Ok booked a marriot courtyard on Broadway 1717 , seemed like a good price and reviews seemed really good , we bit the bullet and book one room , was 900 Canadian all in for the 4 nights that to me is reasonable will start to put a list together of the thing we actually have to see , and restaurants to seek out , will watch some Anthony Bourdain ,to get some ideas
  5. Thanks for all the responses so far , to clarify we are sailing out of cape liberty nj
  6. Hey all , well I’m more optimistic that cruises that we have booked are going to go , so time to start planning this one We are sailing in February out of New Jersey. Our group is two couples , and we plan on just sharing a hotel room , we definitely want to take in the sites so we are going to New York 4 days ahead of sailing , so need to know where to stay , preferably walkable to a lot of what there is to see ( 30 rock , 911 memorial, Monks restaurant, time square , bike Central Park , building on the led zeppelin album cover Physical Graffiti (fun fact Rolling Stones used same video
  7. Hey all , for all that are interested, I have started a roll call for a meet and mingle , so excited to be getting back on board soon
  8. We are on the September 19 sailing as well , I’m ok with the change, extra day is all good , have been in contact with my TA , I had the Ben and Jerry suite book and want to retain it , have been on liberty before , but never Indy so adds another ship in the fleet to my list of ones I’ve sailed on . getting use to chances , have had two transatlantic cruises canceled , now replaced with trans attic Hey at least were returning to sailing
  9. Has any one switched and retained drink package price from original sailing , hard to pass up the 18 dollar a day drink package , on our transatlantic
  10. Booked on explorer for November, disappointing but understandable, no intention of canceling though
  11. Yes it’s all Starbucks brand coffee on the ships I’ve been on
  12. Hey all Im organizing an cabin crawl for our transatlantic cruise and would like to print out some deck plans preferably one page per deck , unfortunately the ones on the royal site are unreadable by the time you scale them down to fit single page so question is where can i find some to print that would fit the bill
  13. Honestly what I witnessed, there is no need to rush 😞
  14. Not going to go into great detail, but we are currently on board grandeur, gentlemen had medical issue , did not look good , so not surprised we would be heading for land
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