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  1. Has any one switched and retained drink package price from original sailing , hard to pass up the 18 dollar a day drink package , on our transatlantic
  2. Booked on explorer for November, disappointing but understandable, no intention of canceling though
  3. Yes it’s all Starbucks brand coffee on the ships I’ve been on
  4. Hey all Im organizing an cabin crawl for our transatlantic cruise and would like to print out some deck plans preferably one page per deck , unfortunately the ones on the royal site are unreadable by the time you scale them down to fit single page so question is where can i find some to print that would fit the bill
  5. Honestly what I witnessed, there is no need to rush 😞
  6. Not going to go into great detail, but we are currently on board grandeur, gentlemen had medical issue , did not look good , so not surprised we would be heading for land
  7. Awesome, thanks for the confirmation, might have break down if I don’t have at least 4 booked at all times
  8. Wondering if the next cruise desk open in embarkation day , we board on the 8 and there is a WOW sale going on till the 9th , would like to book onboard
  9. Having 3rd thought , might change to hotel in south beach , El Paso looks cool and have stuff to do around there , judging by cab fares everywhere, might just balance out in the long run
  10. Ok so settled for a hotel by the airport due to early departure, so will just take a cab to somewhere for the day to enjoy shopping and eating ect ..... so what’s the best district to visit to walk and shop
  11. Ok so now I’m focused on Cuba food for dinner , so now I need a hotel with good eats near by
  12. Hey all after our nov transatlantic, will be needing to stay one night in Miami, I have no point of reference on where to stay , would most like just want to walk around a bit do some last minute shopping and have a dinner somewhere , flight leaves next day at 8:00 am , so won’t be late night I did do a search and was overwhelmed, by what district to stay , and distance from airport ect
  13. Thanks for all the responses , honestly Europe was not even on my radar , before booking the TA i would have to say Ancient Rome would peek my Internet the most , really was only considering the Vatican ,cause everyone say to go there we enjoy walking the streets shopping and hunting out the local cuisine, but just don’t want to miss the must see stuff
  14. Hey all , if you had two days in Rome ,what would you do , we plan on staying to full days before we sail next year , but have no clue what to take in , we are in decent shape and enjoy walking , so hoping to find hotel , centrally located to make exploring easier
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