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  1. Just want to share our experience with Simply Dave Nassau tour this was one of the highlights of our holiday , Dave is over the top friendly and knowledgeable of the area , the van was newer clean and safe , being a mechanic I tend to listen to vehicle noises , been freaked out by a few cabs in my day LOL , but Dave van was impeccable, the tour was approximately 4 hours , was the perfect time frame , will be doing it again , next year when we are there . So if interested book with confidence
  2. The Steve Davis replacement is CeCe, he leave the ship Saturday
  3. Currently have a cruise booked for a ways out , I booked it with refundable option , we are on vision next week and thought of canceling and rebooked onboard, my question is is the reduced deposit cruise booked onboard, refundable?
  4. I believe it’s an all or nothing kinda deal
  5. What are the thought of Tornado Tanya as a CD she will be on our sailing next week
  6. I have had hit and miss experience with getting a shot in my coffee on some ships , latitude on majesty would not do it , 2 weeks ago and on a sailing on liberty at cafe promenade they didn’t either all other ships have never had a problem , typical inconsistency
  7. I use the Alaska air card for my business, I have not paid for a flight in years , I average a free flight every 2 months , and I also use Amex cash back on occasion
  8. Would love to get one , keep us Canadians posted
  9. Was just on majesty, their policy of the day was one punch for medium size and 2 for large and all frozen drinks , not sure about the fruit smoothies
  10. Seems to me there is a minimum of 3 per day on the ships I have been on
  11. Love the 80’s music trivia , I tend to win more than I lose , maybe that’s cause I been a big fish in a small pond ...LOL
  12. Is there still trivia a few times a day , I was not aware there were other no charge food options on those ships , I figured it was just windjammer and MDR ect , just the standards
  13. Hey all have sailed quite a few times on Royal 8 different ships and will be on 9th next month , some how have managed to have not sailed on an oasis class or larger ship , my question is I’m I missing out , and if so why , I’m planning on three to four sailing a year for the foreseeable future, so sooner or later it will happen . I know the dining options are more plentiful , and there are just more places to grab a cocktail . But what other reasons you you say are the reasons to seek out the larger ships
  14. Hey all for those who may be worried about sailing on vision , I also had my reservations about the ship , will be sailing on feb 23 out of New Orleans , and totally looking forward to my first trip on vision , why I’m not at all worried is I just , actually hours ago got off majesty. And was before sailing concerned about the ships size and and activity , after the sailing , I can say was one of the best staffed ships I have been on in a while and the ship never felt small or crowded ,lots of activities, just a great cruise overall, so with that said can’t wait till next month to experience another of the smaller shop ..... oh ya and CHOPS
  15. We had it , only advice is book early , that room sells quickly,to those who are in the know
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