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  1. West isle urgent care , was quick and efficient
  2. You won’t be disappointed , the Rocky Mountain railway is epic
  3. Friends just got email for same issue , for anthem feb 2022 , they are inside
  4. Just announced in November the Canada USA land border will reopen , early news is no test required to cross in to American, just be vaccinated thais is huge new for cruises out of Seattle for next year as well as flights , not to mention we have not been to or vacation property since March 2020
  5. Thanks for the chuckle , funny I point out to my wife all the pinnacle passengers I see , and say one day if we work hard …….
  6. Thanks all , kinda felt the same way , wife’s not a big drinker , love some champagne and the lattes , that’s about it
  7. Hey all my wife and I are diamond , and are entitled to the free drinks that come along with it . With that said we always get the drink package , it pays off for me , I love day drinking LOL . My wife not so much , wonder if it unethical for me to give my wife my diamond drinks and she would of course have hers that she’s get , and just get her the refreshment package I’m asking here , cause I don’t condone sharing the actual drink package , never have never will , so don’t think I’m trying to skirt around the rule of the drink package . discuss ……
  8. We didn’t need testing at airport , but did research it as a safety net , it was expensive at the airport
  9. Back from our cruise , 3 tests in total , all negative, was simply process on the ship for our pcr test , and results were quick , paid 50 for a antigen test at clinic in Galveston really all not as scary as it seems , truly enjoyed the cruise limited capacity, but still tons of fun
  10. Anyone else having issues doing the final step on boarding pass in the royal app , sail tomorrow, got the email saying to complete the Health check , but comes up with error when I try
  11. Hey all are there dart boards on Indy, in the playmakers pub ? TIA
  12. Will do are going for antigen test 2 days before we sail
  13. Hey all we sail next month , and we are flying in to Houston 3 days before our cruise to spend some time in Galveston, we (all six of us ) are getting tested the Monday before we fly . We need to get another test once we land on Thursday evening, or Friday morning either close to Houston airport, or in Galveston Need to know where would be the best place preferably in Galveston, the cvs is a drive thru service and we don’t have a rental car need help ASAP , wife freaking out a bit
  14. Super excited for our first visit , almost as much as the cruise , thanks all for all the suggestions
  15. Glad to hear good reports about Cory Rogers , will be on Indy in September
  16. Have never heard of Cory Rogers …. Any insight
  17. Thanks all for the over whelming response, glad we have some time to plan we the four of us are all 50 or just over , but all in good ish shape so walking a bunch is no issue , wife’s a bit nervous about being out and about after dark , I’m more geared to embrace the night life , is there any where We should avoid
  18. Wow thanks for the info , I’ve hear of bemelmans , think that will be one of the meals for sure , sounds like pj Clark’s might be the lunch deli . what about pizza ?
  19. Absolutely would love to hear dining recommendations, definitely a good coffee shop for light breakfasts , and a deli , doing it right , and of course breweries and pubs . Not sure what else , but all recommendations are appreciated ,
  20. Ok booked a marriot courtyard on Broadway 1717 , seemed like a good price and reviews seemed really good , we bit the bullet and book one room , was 900 Canadian all in for the 4 nights that to me is reasonable will start to put a list together of the thing we actually have to see , and restaurants to seek out , will watch some Anthony Bourdain ,to get some ideas
  21. Thanks for all the responses so far , to clarify we are sailing out of cape liberty nj
  22. Hey all , well I’m more optimistic that cruises that we have booked are going to go , so time to start planning this one We are sailing in February out of New Jersey. Our group is two couples , and we plan on just sharing a hotel room , we definitely want to take in the sites so we are going to New York 4 days ahead of sailing , so need to know where to stay , preferably walkable to a lot of what there is to see ( 30 rock , 911 memorial, Monks restaurant, time square , bike Central Park , building on the led zeppelin album cover Physical Graffiti (fun fact Rolling Stones used same video for waiting on a friend) and take in a sports event or concert , I’m sure there is more as well ) So need hotel recommendations, or at least a general area where to stay Also need to know best way to get to cruise port on day of sailing , not big on dragging luggage around on public transportation Thanks for help in advance
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