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  1. When I quoted without insurance I should have clarified that the insurance could be added after the discount . insurance is indeed difficult after a certain age …i currently have a banks (monthly charge) which covers all ages (my husband is 83) with worldwide cover. I previously had Saga (different to the included Saga cruise insurance) the TA who is always helpful has refunded 7 cancelled cruises promptly, unlike the Northern Agency….i too put in a section 75 although they took so long the Agency eventually paid after several months.
  2. I also saved around 10% (not including insurance) with my TA for a Christmas cruise 2022. My TA is always available and helpful.They make payment direct to the cruises lines, they sell the whole cruise package, not cruise plus flights and transfers like a Northern company. They were very difficult to deal with last year when my cruises were cancelled. I will never use them again. I have generally found my TA’s prices very competitive.
  3. Hello I checked with my Uk Travel Agent recently and was advised the following.... have double checked this with Oceania and they have advised that you would need to book a shore excursion with Oceania to disembark their ships.
  4. It’s been suggested that when cruise ships sail again that only organised shore excursions will be allowed. No independent time ashore. If this happens what about the cost of the organised excursions. Oceania are very expensive. Will this mean that we will have to stay on board because we can’t afford to get off?
  5. Hello Ive cruised with both Regent (gold member)and Saga. whilst we like Regent very much they have become very expensive and are now favouring Oceania. we have cruised a few times with Saga usually because our friends are keen Saga travellers. They are different ... They are not luxury but good British.... the staterooms are very nice (with balcony) Room service is included. wi fi is included. tips are included. speciality dining is included (not as good as Oceania/Regent but very acceptable) nice coffee areas with baristas and snacks. library also has self service drinks and cookies. I believe drinks are now included also some free excursions. Dining room is acceptable to good. service is excellent. Another plus is the included taxi to the ship.Routing can be difficult to understand when sharing but with Covid 19 I would assume taxis wouldn’t be shared and home to ship would be direct. Value for money is excellent....
  6. Booked a PH3 on Nautica for next year 😀 hopefully....
  7. I was looking at a PH3 guarantee .... thanks
  8. Thanks for the info, my TA has since advised that PH3’s can have obstruction. Looking at another cruise now on Nautica...have been in PH3’s before.....taking advantage of the upgrade offer!
  9. We’re looking at a PH3 guarantee next year.....are there any bad positions? We normally have a B3 which we are more than happy with Aft of the ship....does Riviera have any vibration problems? thank you
  10. Finally received my refund from a Regent, via my TA over 100 days.
  11. Finally received my refund over 100 days...it’s taken a lot of persistence on my part. thank you SusiQft
  12. Hello Pam I am still waiting my refund ....over 100 days. To answer your question reference TA’s in the UK... My preferred TA would pay Regent direct and refund direct to my card. They offer a straightforward package from Regent (flights, transfers etc) On this occasion I was offered a price they couldn’t match (substantial difference) with a TA that takes Regents cruise and adds on flights, transfers, hotels etc. My contract is with them . I pay them and they should pay me. UK law is that they should refund in 14 days. I am advised that they have my monies (I had confirmation from Graham Sadler that it was wired to the TA last week) but it will be 2 weeks before I receive it. I have raised a cc chargeback but that has taken 9 weeks for someone to contact me. If I hadn’t chased my TA at every stage it would have been much longer!
  13. HoludayReader pleased you’ve received your refund. we are still waiting....over 100 days since refund requested
  14. Hello I fully understand about the lack of sympathy. Over the years I try only to post carefully... did you get an Abta credit note valid until 31st July that if monies were not paid then our TA would pay! I think they are dragging it out ...I refused the credit note. Following confirmation from the MD of Regent UK on Friday that the monies had been paid I notified our TA ...no response but on checking our bank account today I find a very small sum has been credited. No notification... As one of the largest TA’s why would they furlough their staff? I do hope we all get our monies soon but I don’t have a lot of faith....
  15. Hello HolidayReader I hope you have received your monies from our Chorley TA? I have now been waiting over 100 days....today I was informed that they( Regent) have paid my TA. next problem is getting the TA to pay. They are saying they are still waiting for suppliers of flights, hotels and transfers. My application for a credit card cash back was made 2 months ago...only just being addressed!
  16. I have now been waiting over 100 days....today I was informed that they have paid my TA. next problem is getting the TA to pay. They are saying they are still waiting for suppliers of flights, hotels and transfers. As a package holiday here in the UK we should have been paid in 14 days. I applied for a credit card chargeback 2 months ago....they are only just addressing it.
  17. hello HolidayReader It will be interesting to learn if they do indeed credit your card today. Best of luck. We are still getting excuses but our CC provider is finally on the case...because of Covid 19 it’s taken 7 weeks to get a response. Paulchili hello...yes I’ll let you know.
  18. Holiday reader and others that are using a TA in Chorley....I’m still waiting over 100 days and have been advised that they have received the refunds but have no remittance in order to pay me. Also they are still waiting on other suppliers! I have requested a section 75 card chargeback and have reported the TA to the https://www.coronavirus-business-complaint.service.gov.uk/
  19. I’m still trying to get my refund from my TA!
  20. yes to the TA. today I received notification from my TA that their accounts department had received funds but no remittance.....they don’t know who to pay! further that they are still waiting for the suppliers of flights, transfers and hotel....
  21. apologies again Susie for ‘hijacking’ this roll call.... thanks to Flossie for understanding I always use your agent they are truly excellent, indeed I have a cruise on Marina booked with them next year. At the time SS offered me such a good deal I couldn’t refuse it....
  22. Also my apologies to Susie. i have been a member on CC for many years although I’m reluctant to post. However this roll call has been very helpful and I felt It would be useful to share my experience. On Oceania’s roll call others are using the same TA and also having problems.
  23. Thank you Flossie. I note that you have been refunded for the same cruise. I’m pleased for you.
  24. This is from Gov.uk.... Refunds in the event of termination 14.—(1) The provisions of this regulation are implied as a term in every package travel contract. (2) Following a termination under regulation 12(2), the organiser must reimburse any payments made by or on behalf of the traveller, having deducted any termination fee. (3) Any— (a)reimbursement required under paragraph (2), or (b)refund required pursuant to— (i)regulation 12(8), or (ii)a termination under regulation 13(3), must be made to the traveller without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days after the package travel contract is terminated. Abta (Association of British Travel Agents ) applied to the Government to extend the period of 14 days but it has not be extended.
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