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  1. Does anyone know what nexts weeks I max movies are on the Horizon? or any way to find out
  2. I'm back to RCI for the first time in a long time. The biggest thing I learned is. Don't try to figure out the Math, It's impossible, so just go with the flo
  3. You all crack me up. You just cannot not have an opinion, Read the first line of the OP But it doe's raise your post count!!
  4. Does it show up any where on your cruise planner?
  5. I'm not wanting to debate if this is a good idea or not!!!!! I see you can buy gift certificates and apply them as OBC Is this the only way? Can you just buy OBC without the process. Just call up and say put dollars on my account. Do any of these process matter if you booked thru a TA?
  6. It's up to you and what expenses you can cover yourself. For us we buy it mainly for the medical & med evac. those bills could be whoppers. If you are good on the finance front then no biggy 37 cruises and never needed it but you never know. Always glad I have it
  7. This access@carnival.com. I cruise a lot of different cruise lines and as bad as it is Carnivals web site is one of the better ones. I learned more from places like this than the web page. Experience cruisers are very willing to help as long as you ask nicely.
  8. Well you found out that it takes 2 days to 2 weeks for reservations from the steak house. As far as spa those usually appear around the 90 day mark I would e-mail special needs as far as cleaning supplies go All these are available on the web site.
  9. Thanks everyone for the answers There was a roll your eyes emoji next to the balcony
  10. Does any one know the smoking areas other than the Casino & balcony's Thanks
  11. I love good endings to these type of stories
  12. Basic $131 Premium $191. 5 bottles. You have to call to order it .
  13. Does anyone know where to buy real BM Coffee near the port in Ocho Rios
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