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  1. Last time I was there it was $17 each way for the taxi. It could fit 4 people.
  2. There you go Cruise lines that fit your need. I'm so happy for you!!
  3. Being a smoker I would not have a issue with smoke free nights, Maybe split the cruise in half. I also would not have a issue with totally smoke free if they had a area (lounge) close by. I don't want to take 30-40 minutes just to go have a smoke. Some princess ships have a enclosed smoking lounge on one side of the casino. Some RCI ships have the casino by the promenade where you could just walk out side and smoke. I feel better design could work for both non and smokers alike.
  4. Thanks for taking us on your vacation, We really enjoyed it. I'm sad to think I won't get my daily pizza line check. Safe travels home.
  5. I agree However we have been to recent events where it was stated paper copies would not be accepted. (Red Sox spring training) I wondered after how would someone without a smart phone even get in.
  6. Did you happen to see what other table games were offered on the Horizon
  7. 2 things Most of the time you pay a little less for the cabin. You also have a chance for a upgrade. Drawback What Carnival calls a upgrade might be a downgrade to some people.
  8. If you are talking about the inside with a picture window on deck 3 we loved the location price and view on the sunshine. We didn't really have ant sound issues for the liquid lounge. The only thing is people can walk outside your cabin.
  9. Yes. I got the video and it works
  10. I was wondering about Let it ride. I have seen that game disappearing. I haven’t cruised Carnival in a couple years but the lines I have cruised have not had it.
  11. If you have time, could you see what table games are available in the casino. Enjoy your cruise
  12. Sad to see the crab cakes and the snails are gone.
  13. Being Plat I have never needed F2F but dang the price has really gone up since they introduced it.
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