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  1. Should be fine. I don’t think my boarding pass ever had my middle name
  2. Good point. Can’t win with a incomplete answer. My time zone.
  3. I think the testing will be over on May 4 2021 @ 3:17 pm. That’s my guess
  4. If it was June I would do the ABC islands but since it May I would do Bermuda
  5. The issue here is terminology The difference is Casino Cash and OBC Carnival closed the loop hole on Casino Cash both on the slots and table games. OBC can still be converted to real cash in the casino.
  6. One thing to remember is a good portion (not all) of these promotions people are posting are casino offers. They have been crazy good lately. Best I have seen
  7. Lobster every night. Really are you just guessing
  8. So what is this all about. I read a little bit somewhere but can’t seem to find it. The ships come together or something?
  9. Just reading the optim site. It’s say buy 2 but it seems that’s only for 1 person to tele med. Not sure but that’s how I read it
  10. I just booked today 8 day Carnival Pride out of Tampa on a sailabration cruise Extended Balcony + $500 casino credit, drinks on us everywhere for both of us. $100 PP. With all the credits stock holders, we will have a additional $1,087 in OBC. Hard not to love them.
  11. Does anyone have a copy of the medical question Carnival is asking pre cruise? Not just Covid related
  12. Following I might or might know if I start soon. Love the answer to this.
  13. Did you get a email from Carnival? About the change. I got one about 1 port change for our Pride cruise and and the new protocols. the last paragraph said I had 2 week to book a different cruise if I wanted 2.
  14. We lost Grand Cayman & replaced with Costa Maya.
  15. I thought unvaccinated guest got tested by carnival day of for $150 each
  16. It said stay tuned to this page for updates. What is this page from
  17. I agree. Just wish he would say nothing at all.
  18. Does anyone have a copy or picture of the medical questionnaire that CARNIVAL is using currently. I can’t access mine at this time. Im interested what all is asked.
  19. Well If it was truly every other day then it would depend If your on the odd week or even week cruise.
  20. Just curious as to what protocols are going to make you cancel. I mean you know the protocols today. I don’t think it’s going to get any better any time soon imo
  21. Also all these bars are not open at all times.
  22. YMMV. In the past we would buy 5 bottles at the 50% price. Drink 1 in the steakhouse and enjoy the rest in the main dining room through out the cruise. They would save it and we would just ask out waiter and he would get us a bottle. I have read some people have not had success doing this. It’s always worked for us.
  23. I’m a life long Bucs fan. Been there since the beginning, so I know a thing or two about futility. I would love to see a repeat but also am realistic of how hard that is. There are a lot of good teams out there. And like always injuries play a big part in a teams success. Go Bucs
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