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  1. Went to specialty dining on my most recent cruise last month and designated a tip for the waiter. He was pleasantly surprised. It got me wondering that with automatic tipping by Princess, that most dining is included in the fare, and that there is an additional cover charge for the specialty restaurants, that the designated tipping might not have been necessary? Does the specialty dining staff already share in the automatic tipping charged per day by Princess?
  2. Am on royal and the medallionnet speed is fast. Almost 60 meg download for WiFi. Only precaution is the connection is still on even if you turn off WiFi and phone. Be sure to log off or your minutes will be gone fast. Lots of pax had to request a one time get my minutes back.
  3. Good thing we have this board to keep us up to date. The most recent word from Princess for the 12 day Alaska was yesterday 5:06 PM. Thanks for all the replies.
  4. Thanks for the update. So far only word from Princess for us on the 12 day Alaska is the boarding tomorrow 4:30- 6:30 PM, which obviously can't happen. Dear Princess Guest: We look forward to welcoming you aboard Royal Princess for your upcoming cruise. Please be advised that Royal Princess's arrival into Los Angeles on Tuesday, September 17 will be delayed due to a departure delay from Vancouver on her current cruise. As a result, check-in for your cruise will now be from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Priority check-in will be available to guests with a Preferred Boarding Pass within the allocated check-in times. If you have booked a Princess Cruise Plus Package or Princess Transfer, your check-in time will be provided at your hotel or airport. Boarding will commence shortly after check-in. To ease terminal congestion, we will operate a revised progressive embarkation schedule. 4:30 PM - Lido & Riviera Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with L & R 5:15 PM - Baja & Caribe Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with B & C 6:00 PM - Emerald & Marina Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with E & M 6:30 PM - Aloha Deck: Cabins on this deck begin with A Please do not arrive at the pier prior to your scheduled check-in time as the terminal will be closed until disembarkation is complete. Guests who arrive at the pier early may drop off their luggage and enjoy the surrounding area. All guests must be checked in by 7:00 PM. The ship will sail at 8:00 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your attention to this important message. The entire staff and crew of Royal Princess look forward to welcoming you on board. Sincerely, Princess Cruises Notice: This is an automated email; please do not reply as this mailbox is not monitored.
  5. Did the Sapphire Princess shortly after the brief 3 day cruise for travel agents. It was either the 1st or 2nd full week of sailing. Good is the new ship smell (ie like new car smell) and the excitement of the experience and the high energy level of the crew on their brand new ship. Only downside is that not everything is working but these are just minor coordination of entertainment equipment and nothing serious. Just go with the flow that it is a brand new ship and the crew is getting familiar with it too.
  6. DW & I are to be boarding the 12 day Alaska. It's only two days til we board, any big enough advantage in doing the Medallion now? I know that a quick walk thru if PAX's have the physical medallion but that won't be the situation for us. Is there a shorter line for those who did all the at home prep for the Medallion but could not get it mailed to them in time?
  7. The 4 day Long Beach-Catalina Island-Ensenada-Long Beach on the Inspiration last week. We picked the morning and were given quite a large window that our cabin could be done, 9 AM-1PM. We used the snooze sign placed on the door handle to avoid the inconvenience of a 4 hour period but immediately removed it when we left the cabin. I know that it is a different ship but am thinking that all the Carnival ships are doing this. Good to hear from others.
  8. Just came off a Carnival cruise and we were asked to pick either morning or afternoon.
  9. Great news. Princess finally notified us that we made it onto the tour from being waitlisted. They must have gotten enough PAX's on the wait list to make up another full or nearly full bus (and planning on selling more at a big profit since this is a popular excursion).
  10. Thanks for photo which shows clearly that we will see the statue. I looked at Google Map previously and thought I would and this photo shows that the port side balcony for our October sailing will work out.
  11. Am waitlisted on the ship excursion to Montmorency Falls & Sainte Anne. A local tour company (don't know if am allowed to say which one) has a similar tour. Do I have to book with them ahead of time? And how far ahead? The ship boarding is on Oct 5 in Quebec, overnight Quebec, then sails the next day at 5:00 PM. Can passengers after checking in to the ship, get off easily on boarding day?
  12. In mid-October our ship will be sailing into New York harbor to the Brooklyn cruise terminal, arriving 7:15 AM. How is the view, if any, of the Statue of Liberty? Have a balcony on the port side, would the view from that location be good?
  13. Royal Princess arriving Boston 8:00 AM Oct 13, staying overnight, leaving 2:00 PM next day.Trying to book Princess excursion: Harvard, Lexington, Concord & Boston Highlights, 9AM-4:30 PM tour on Oct 13 I have been to Boston many years ago but will like sight see the city Oct 14.
  14. The ship excursion Lexington, Concord, Harvard have been wait listed since 6 weeks prior to start of cruise. What's going on? Besides local tours are better price so would like suggestions on catching one that is easily accessible from the port.
  15. Will be disembarking at the Brooklyn terminal and then heading into Times Square for our hotel. Ship scheduled docking 7:15am. After leisure breakfast, would 9:15 am be good time to catch a taxi? Appreciate suggestions on time to leave ship.
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