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  1. Is there a way to view what the business class air will be with Princess without purchasing the actual cruise yet??
  2. We've been on both the Regal and Royal many times over the last few years. We gradually fell into liking the area of the forward mini suites after we were upgraded to M 108 a few years ago on the Royal. Now we mostly book L222 or something very close to that as we like this area best of all. Going out on deck in the morning is easy as well as to the pools, gym, and Lido buffet areas. I would say that there is a very slight increase in feeling the motion of the ship but I actually like that. We always pick the port side mini suites when sailing out of Port Everglades
  3. We sailed on Regal on 12/15/19 and we were able to board at 10:20AM. Our room was not ready and we didn't think it would be. We locked up valuables in the safe since all of the cabin doors were open and then we took off for a cup of coffee.
  4. I would not do this. You are putting yourself in a situation near ( but not in) foreign countries with very different concepts regarding medical care. If you need help, or your baby needs help, there could be a delay that results in harm to you or the child. Pick a nice vacation spot stateside where you can go to an excellent facility if you have trouble. Most likely nothing will happen to you but you are making a decision that could impact you pretty nastily for the rest of your life
  5. This is an area where Princess could do a better job. Better hairdryers that don't pull you into a drawer and a make up mirror.
  6. I was not able to do it 2 weeks ago prior to our cruise. Gave up and they scanned it at the check in counter for me. If all of the other info is complete in your app, then it should be very easy at check in for them to do this. According to the comments at the desk when we check in, this is a common problem
  7. The Marriott Financial Center is located quite close to all of the landmarks in lower Manhatten (just across from Brooklyn) and is an easy walk to Ground Zero Memorial & Museum, the boats to the SOL, Eataly and many other great spots. Also easy to the subway for all of the other locations in NYC. They have a very busy and capable car service that they work with that can get you over to the ship.Reservations for this are made with the bell captain in the hotel. This is a very business oriented hotel and so you should have no concerns about the dependability of the car service. I have used t
  8. I bought a Kindle 3 years ago just to cut back on the books in my luggage. I read fast and I love to read. I am surprised that I really love my Kindle and it's so easy to load and books are much cheaper or free depending on how you get them. I have not seen a good library in the last 5 years on any Princess ship........they've all been mostly empty, even on Day 1
  9. We had paperwork left for EZ check in our cabin on the Regal sailing of Dec 15-22, 2019. We didn't use it since we were going to a hotel after the cruise. We have used it in the past and it's worth every penny. The only hitch is that if you really want to use it you need to get the paperwork early in the cruise. Sometimes, our cabin has been skipped in the past and we have had to go down to passenger services to pick it up
  10. Two weeks ago we arrived at the Port at 10:10 AM. Did not have medallions since we were travelling prior to the cruise but I did download the app and complete the info. We are Platinum Elite. Our medallions were ready for us and we boarded Regal at 10:20 AM.........fastest ever!
  11. We boarded the Regal yesterday and it was the quickest boarding ever. I did not deal with the Medallion app on my phone because we were coming to Fort Laud a few days early and I just didn't bother. I figured out the app while our plane was taxiing to the terminal last week, so I did everything but download our passports. We arrived at the port yesterday at 10:10 AM and we were put right through and our passports were scanned and our medallions were already there for us. We were told to go through the waiting area and board the ship (we are elite) and we boarded at 10:20 AM......amazing!
  12. Yep, there's an alarm for power supply interruption, water filter and air filter.............many of the new fridges have these features
  13. Yes, everyone feels it to some degree....your balance system adjusted for the boat and now it has to re-adjust for land. Best thing is to keep moving, wear good sturdy shoes that provide good support under your feet - not sandals or the like. This will give your feet more surface and you should feel a little more stable.
  14. Now to add to my pre-cruise syndrome........we found a leaking water pipe in the cellar last night. Have you tried to get a plumber at the last minute?? I need to say a prayer to Our Lady of the Pipes...............help!! Why is there always something right before you go away? Last time it was the alarm on my stinking refrigerator. Jeez!
  15. Yep, it's like I have to leave the house extra clean.......we always say for the burglars!!
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