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  1. There are no decent places that offer day passes...…..sorry to say!
  2. The ships generally get in quite early so the big question for you is what happens with your air if you miss that flight? I would book the later flight but see what your options are to standby on the earlier flight if you get in on time and what the cost would be.
  3. Princess is very military friendly and I doubt that you will have a problem. You tried darkening it up on your own printer?? You can also take a pix with a cell phone and then use an online program to darken it. Dad also has a military get together on the cruise and it's usually on the first sea day. Hubby goes to these and really enjoys it as he meets people from all branches of the service with very varied backgrounds.
  4. OP here..........interesting how much you know just by a few words from me........
  5. When I took uber last week I used World Cruise port on Swinburne.......comes up automatically on the uber app
  6. What's the cab fare to LAX from San Pedro.....anyone know??
  7. We would like to use uber to get from the port to LAX Marriott this coming Saturday. Is there lots of availability at the port? Not quite sure how it will work with so many disembarking. Any tips? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks to those of you who provided ideas and support. We had a dialog this morning and the issue is resolved, hopefully for the remainder of the cruise.
  9. I have posted here due to frustration with the situation. We asked for a blanket on day one and got it on day 3. Asked for the robe on day one and got it on day 3. Removed dirty champagne glasses this morning after 4 days of them being there dirty and they were placed back on the desk - dirty. We have used the door card every single day. he hasn't cleaned or left new linen in the evening on any day....I could go on and on. I believe we will go to the desk in the morning to complain. I shouldn't have to ask him to clean, we are in a mini suite and this is far and away the worst service we have ever had. I shouldn't have to ask him to wash glasses and, no I am not washing them! I am not a prima donna but I am also not washing dishes in the cabin.
  10. No, we put the empty glasses on a room service tray and when we returned to the room the same two dirty glasses were back on our desk area. I think we will complain soon. We didn't get the robes until last nite when I finally saw him and asked for them. Also there are black hairs on the carpet from day one. Has anyone done a formal complaint with housekeeping? If so, what happened?
  11. Well we feel that to do this in the middle of the cruise would make the second half of the cruise pretty unconfortable for us
  12. This is a first for us. Generally our cabin attendants have been great but we lost the draw this time. Our cruise started Saturday and each day has gotten progressively worse. Never received our robes (pre-ordered), Cpap water (pre-ordered), the Blue Princess bag for day trips. Glasses used for wine on Saturday left in room dirty until today(Tuesday) when hubby put them out in the corridor. No evening service also and we are in a mini suite. Sheet not tucked in on the bed I will certainly be leaving a bad review for him. Don't want to do anything in the middle of the cruise.
  13. I have no idea why we didn't get an email about these delays. I'm planning on leaving our Marina Del Ray hotel at 11AM and hoping for the best!
  14. According to Princess website we can't board until 2 PM on this Saturday due to a drill onboard. Having never been to the San Pedro terminal I'd like to know what it's like as far as seating and indoor space. Will we be standing for 2 hours with 3000 other people or is the terminal fairly comfortable with seating for all. We've never been to San Pedro before. Also we are in Marina Del Ray.............if you know this area what time should we cab it over to the port? Thanks in advance!
  15. We've just been through a very stressful time with a broken pipe and lots of water damage in our home. We are both looking forward to a relaxing cruise next week on the Royal. I would love to get a massage but I don't want to spend the $$$ to get sold products for an hour. How can I accomplish my goal of a relaxing massage on vacation? I'm thinking to say something ahead of time but maybe that's a bad idea???
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