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  1. I should have said that our cruise is out of FLL and on American
  2. I tried looking this up for info on our upcoming December cruise and I can't find anything. This is the service where Princess takes your bags the night before disembarkation and gets them to the airport for you. Anyone know if this service will still be provided? TIA
  3. Here's an image of a GE adapter from Amazon. The pix that I posted above shows this adapter inserted into a EU adapter which is inserted into the wall socket. Hope this makes sense!
  4. Here's our set up for a CPAP...using the plug behind the bed. It is a 3 way plug inserted into a wall adapter. Sometimes this plug is hard to find under the bed and we have had the cabin attendant help us Todays CPAPs can run on european or american current
  5. I sent an email at the end of April containing my request for shareholder credit on Sky P in December along with the supporting documents. Nothing was ever acknowledged so this morning I faxed the same request and my credit was posted in 2 hours. Guessing that Princess has staff shortages just like everybody else!
  6. Can you help me with how you are using these gift cards? Are you bringing them on board to pay for onboard charges?
  7. I have booked a 10 day cruise on Sky P in December. Two weeks ago I emailed (using the email address on the shareholder form) the completed form for shareholder credit and my recent shares statement. Nothing has been posted to my account. Any one have this issue lately? I'm thinking that they may have less manpower to process these requests. Thanks in advance
  8. I am going to book a 10 day on Sky Princess and I have 2 FCDs for hubby and I that we purchased last year. If the deposit for this cruise is $800.00, do I need to pay that total with a FCD?? Or, is it just enough with the FCD.............basic question but I can never remember the rules. So will I owe nothing or will I owe $800 minus $200 because I have 2 FCDs for hubby and I?? Thanks in advance
  9. Reading the very fine print, you have to book as Princess Plus which is of little value to us and would cost us $400 per person. We don't drink enough for a drinks package and we get wifi free already so I don't see the need to spend $800 extra for Princess Plus...guess it was too good to be true
  10. So today I received a flyer from Princess offering "up to $600 of onboard spending money and drinks, wifi and tips". Sounds too good to be true but I'm wondering what the catch is as we are thinking of booking a December cruise. Anyone else taken advantage of this offer?? This offer is from July 21 to August 22
  11. Nope, my mistake............can't use the little bedside lamp.
  12. JF - the other plug is the bedside lamp.
  13. Here's a pix of exactly what you need. There's no need for a long cord. This pix is from a mini suite on the Regal but all of the rooms on Royal class have plugs like this behind the bed. Sometimes it is well hidden behind the bed but it is there....you may need to get your cabin attendant to help you to pull the mattress back. This is a euro adapter with a 3 in 1 plug in for American devices. You plug your Cpap into this and the device automatically converts for you. Please douuble check with your CPAP supplier. Ours is Resmed and converts without any adjustments. Yours should be the sam
  14. Thanks....I had no idea that this was possible!
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