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  1. I thought I remembered a website where you could enter your cruise ship and date and it would pull the weather forecast for each port in a nice report. Since we are doing a longer cruise, I thought this would be very helpful but I can't seem to find the website anymore. Does anyone else remember this?
  2. I used to work for Caremark - back then the policy was 90 days but only if you used Caremark mail order service. If you used retail pharmacy then you were limited to 30 days at a time.
  3. 90 day prescriptions are usually only available if you use the mail order option through your Medicare plan, but they are available. Publix only fills the order, Caremark must be either your Part D carrier or the pharmacy benefits manager hired to manage the claims which means they also control the pharmacy network you can use and the approval of all medications.
  4. I understood the purpose of having a photocopy of your passport is to facilitate getting a replacement quickly if the original is lost. That was the only purpose of a copy. It's not valid ID so I'm not sure why people carry a paper copy around with them. I keep a paper copy somewhere in my suitcase or backpack in case mine is lost but that's the only reason.
  5. That used to be the case, but recently, several of the caribbean countries have started requiring full passport books instead. I got a notice from a travel agency after I asked about a cruise last summer. Wish I had saved that info so I knew exactly what country, that would probably help a lot!
  6. I know that Celebrity will try to leave your passport if you don't rejoin but that is NOT a rule, that is them trying to be helpful. I always take my passport with me as it is an internationally recognized ID. I would not be caught dead in a foreign country without valid ID. You can hope for Celebrity to leave it but it's not a rule, it's just them trying to be nice if they have time and if they send someone to your cabin and if they can find it after getting someone to open the safe and that's only if you left it in the safe. Leave a copy in your room if you like but my advice is to not count on good will, but be prepared and know the laws of the country you are visiting, not just the U.S. Expedited passport service is what I would do in this circumstance. The passport card is only recognized by the US government whereas the passport book is recognized internationally.
  7. It can't hurt to call and ask them. Bring attention to your cabin non-assignment but I agree with others. You will probably hear something after the move up offers are processed and those usually happen 3 days before sailing. I have met a few folks who found out their cabin assignments at the dock.
  8. This is for a Concierge room (C3) on the Equinox. Room 9356 to be exact.
  9. My Point exactly - it doesn't make any sense.
  10. What is the difference between the 2nd and 3rd Bed configuration?
  11. Please remember though that crew are scheduled to clean this area at night which means they often have to move all the deck chairs in order to clean up all the spilled drinks, food crumbs, etc.
  12. Thank you, we are doing beach excursions at other ports so this one is going to be a simple stop, maybe a few hours, then back on board.
  13. Has anyone done this port? I've read you can't sit in the chairs poolside at the port unless you buy a few drinks, but no info on how many or cost.
  14. The other positive is men who can wear baggy shirts, then slip the bag under your shirt so no one knows it is there!
  15. My first choice would definitely be a backpack but since those are out, Pacsafe has several other options that include security features such as a Slingpack or a Crossbody pack. I've used a Pacsafe backpack for a dozen or more trips all over Europe and the Middle East without issue.
  16. I agree the canapes were not that great and very very small. Hopefully the edge will have tea time in the Ocean View Cafe like the other ships do. That is our go to if we need that afternoon snacks.
  17. Well, CC won't let me upload anymore but I'll try again later. I didn't save these, but every day I take photos with my phone so I don't have to carry around the paper. Would have taken better photos if I thought I'd be sharing them!
  18. TSA precheck uses your trusted traveler number, not your passport number. You can log into their system (login.gov) and add your passport number to your profile but for flying.... they are not connected. What matters is getting your trusted traveler number on each reservation you make. I add it to my profile with the airlines I use most often, which automatically adds it to my reservations. Same with Passport number, update it on your profile with each airline although they will still ask you to enter it when you make international reservations.
  19. I miss the newspapers as I liked to read them during breakfast. I don't stay in the room to watch TV. I wish they would add the daily paper as an option on the new app (if it ever gets rolled out). I don't want to be stuck in my room looking at the TV, I want to sip coffee at Cafe Baccio (sp?) and peruse the news and catch up on sports scores.
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