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  1. Sekhmet

    How to change display font?

    Another vote against the new font - too pale and thin for my liking - can it be made selectable, please?
  2. Sekhmet

    Paper Clipping Pages in Passport?

    We have been in the same situation, with a future trip requiring two facing pages blank for visa purposes, and another trip before. We stuck blank yellow Post-it notes (UK product name, but there must be similar) on the empty pages we were trying to preserve, and explained why when asked. It worked for us, so may be worth a try?
  3. Sekhmet

    The oldest ship You sailed on

    If "next to" counts, how about the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu's Funeral boat, adjacent to his pyramid at Giza. We've been "next to" that, and it's over 4500 years old?
  4. Sekhmet

    The oldest ship You sailed on

    Earliest built - Clarkson Holidays (a now defunct UK tour operator) 'MV Delos' (built 1951 as Paquet Lines 'Azzemour'), sailed 1972, so only 21 years old. Oldish at sailing time: African Safari Club 'Royal Star', built 1956, sailed 1995 (39 years old) Galapagos Tourism 'Ambasador I', built 1958, sailed 2000 (42 years old) and maybe the one most will have heard of: Cunard 'Caronia', built 1973, sailed 2000 (27 years old). and youngest: Celebrity 'Summit', built 2001, sailed 2002 Fun thread.
  5. Sekhmet

    Which Middle East Itinerary is best for me?

    Another vote for the itinerary calling at Muscat. Our 10-day Azamara trip last year called at all the ports you listed except Sir Bani Yas, and of them Muscat was our favourite and Bahrain the least, except for its stunning National Museum. As Jayayeff said, Khasab is small and hasn't too much to offer, but for us it was our first call after spending four days in the hectic Dubai, and a bit of peace and quiet was very welcome! Compared with the other cities, whose main aim seems to be to build bigger and higher and better than the others, we found Muscat to have a more human scale feeling, and was the friendliest of the ports we visited. Hope this helps.
  6. Sekhmet

    New here

    There are definitely some round trip departures - we sailed Regent from Cape Town a couple of years ago eastwards to Maputo, then all the way round to Walvis Bay and back to Cape Town and it was excellent. Try looking at https://www.cruisetimetables.com Click on Departure ports, scroll down to South Africa and you can pick from Cape Town & Durban to get a list for this and next year. Hope this helps.
  7. Sekhmet

    A poll on the dress code changes

    We voted number 3, Wait & See. Our cruise choices tend to split into two; first category is definitely itinerary-driven, where the line/ship are secondary to the route and ports of call. On the other hand, if we just fancy a cruise break, probably to areas we've been before so that the ports are less important, then the ship and its facilities, atmosphere, elegance and ambience become more important. Our default line for this has been Cunard for all the reasons well-aired in the long Dress Code thread. As others have said, if this disappears, then there is little incentive to stick to Cunard. Hope there is no significantly noticeable change, but we'll all see in due course.
  8. Sekhmet

    Vaccinations needed for Panama Cruise

    Just to echo JB's sound advice about visiting your GP surgery. Our practice has a standard form to fill out listing where you're planning to travel, accommodation type (cruise ship, hotel, backpacking etc.), expected activity (lounging on a beach or tromping around a rainforest e.g.), and then a week or so later we visit the nurse who has put together a list of recommendations, taking into account our medical history. Enjoy the trip.
  9. Sekhmet

    Which Company/Ship for Alaska Cruise?

    The Princess lodge in Kenai was our favourite of the four we stayed in (Fairbanks, Denali and McKinley were the others), partly because it was the smallest with just 84 rooms compared with the 300+ to 600+ of the others. The rooms were in log cabin blocks of 4, with a private porch and log-burning stove. There were various walks in the grounds available, in woodland or along the river bank. We also took a trip down the peninsula to Seward, about an hour away along an official Scenic Byway, and spent a few hours starting in the excellent Visitor Centre and then just general exploration. When we left the Lodge, at a civilised hour, it was about a two hour drive to the cruise terminal at Whittier. I'd also just add that the staff and people we encountered, not just in Kenai, but all over Alaska, were amongst the friendliest and most helpful we've been lucky enough to meet in all our years of travel. I'm sure you'll enjoy Alaska whichever combination of land and sea you choose.
  10. Sekhmet

    Alaska Cruise Documentation for UK Travellers

    HI, Mark That's all we needed last year, but Canada also has an electronic travel authorisation requirement like the US ESTA. However, it only applied last year to those arriving by air, not by ship, but as you'll be aware, entry requirements do change. I'd suggest you keep an eye on the Foreign Office advice on http://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice website. Hope this helps, enjoy Alaska. Richard
  11. Sekhmet

    Which Company/Ship for Alaska Cruise?

    We did similar last May, and chose Princess particularly because they seemed to offer good land-based tours. Ours started in Fairbanks and ended on the Kenai peninsula (and included Denali, of course, and one leg by train), followed by one way cruise south to Vancouver, and the organisation was outstanding. We also believe Princess has more licences to visit Glacier Bay than the others, although I suspect HAL has plenty, too. Please ask if you want more info. PS To echo simonpjd, any stated evening dress code was a waste of time, many passengers seemed to interpret smart casual as scruffy, and like Simon, I was one of just a handful in black tie on the so-called formal evenings.
  12. Sekhmet

    Cruise demographic / sociopolitical status

    Had it crossed your mind that maybe this was a deliberate ploy so that he didn't have to be responsible for planning - I'm sure my father used to do stuff wrong deliberately so my mother wouldn't ask him again:D
  13. Sekhmet

    Captain's Club login

    Thank you both. Clearing out old cookies and persistence seem to have paid off and I can now access my account.:)
  14. Sekhmet

    Captain's Club login

    Just wondering if anyone else is having difficulty signing in to the Captain's Club. I'm in the UK and trying to go via Captain's Club>Log in to your Account, and the following address appears: https://www.celebritycruises.com/spa/#/login However, the screen first displays a little ship with the word 'loading' for a couple of seconds and then goes completely blank. Any ideas or suggestions (beyond emailing Celebrity, who told me to type in the above address) would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Sekhmet

    Passengers per square foot

    If you can get hold of a copy of the Berlitz Guide to Cruising and Cruise Sips, it lists the Space ratio for all the ships it includes, and broadly splits them into four groups: 51 and above Outstanding 31 to 50 Very spacious 21 to 30 Not very spacious 20 and under Very cramped Based on two beds per cabin (plus any singles), this year QM2 is shown at 56.6, the Viking ships at 51.5 i.e. both in the top category. Hope this helps.