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  1. If not the above, as I think with that deposit you used a well known american agent you may be able to use your deposit but just change to another cruise.
  2. I used it at the beginning of March at Ft Lauderdale also for the above price and I got my money back! I think it's a great idea and I'm sure I did pass comment on one of the previous threads. If it works well I'm sure it would be great. We didn't get back on board until an hour after we should have and although it says you leave 90 minutes before sailing, in our case this was also not true - we had to leave earlier.
  3. I read it quickly and thought you said burgers!
  4. Just got back from our cruise which we really enjoyed. Unfortunately our extend your stay will get a letter of complaint. We had to meet at 9.15 in the passport lounge. We could tell as soon as we got there that we were going to be late off as they were only calling Luggage tag No 4 to get off the ship. We asked about it being delayed and they said no, we'll still be on time. We waited an hour and got off at 10.15. Rules are very strictly kept to which isn't a problem - bags picked up taken to another storage area where you handed over your bags but were not allowed to go over a line - someone did by accident and the reaction was not good but not terrible it just seemed a bit ridiculous. We then had to sit in a holding area and were back on the ship just before 11. The information given if you book before you get on the ship is that you have to depart 90 minutes before the ship leaves. This is not true. You have to leave the ship at 1.45 at the latest. We did not get a lunch voucher (I wasn't expecting one but some had mentioned it) but although I paid less than some - $126 for 2 it was very expensive for 2 1/2 hours back on the ship. No special time on the ship without anybody else. I wouldn't do it again unless it was a lot cheaper.
  5. We are on silhouette in the 23rd Feb and I assumed she’d be on that but our cruise doesn’t get back until 6th March. Maybe someone else will take over half way through.
  6. Yes. So sad. Now the other passengers are being taken off the ship hopefully the spreading will stop and they’ll get the care they need
  7. You'll have to go back a few pages but this has been talked about quite recently. It seems to have worked very well for the last person and not so great for others. I'm doing it at the end of my february cruise so I will report back. The price changes a lot so keep looking
  8. So unlike me. I just didn’t look properly but now I have! Thank you.
  9. Was wondering if anyone has recently done the extend and stay at Fort Lauderdale and can tell us how it went. Lunch, timing, bags etc
  10. I'm sure this has been asked but I can't look through 14 pages! Is there still a shuttle from the pier to Christiansted on a weekday. I see you can walk out and the $16 booth is there but we need to be in Christiansted by 11 am and someone wrote that the first one leaves at 11.30 so updated information would be great. Thanks.
  11. Do you think that was the latest time for your particular cruise. I read it says 90 minutes before they leave so mine should be later? Thank you for the information as been said already, it's really helpful.
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