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  1. What do you mean, as in what difference would it make what exchange rate they use?
  2. I don't usually book excursions via celebrity, but the one I'm looking at the price is only slightly more and transportation will be a bus an hour if I don't take it. My on board credit doesn't arrive until I'm on board!
  3. Does anybody know if the cost of excursions is more expensive once you're on board - assuming you're not buying during a sale?
  4. I think they're playing around with the price as I got it for $63 for my February cruise. Now it's up to $79 but I haven't looked today! It's the same as always, as you know, you have to keep looking.
  5. Thanks for this. It’s an important distinction. So pleased I look at these boards. Every day’s a school day😉
  6. They do not look out for price reduction for you. You have to look all the time. Someone else should be able to answer the question about whether if you book directly with Celebrity UK they will honour a price drop I do not know. To start off with, when booking your next cruise make sure you compare prices with UK travel agents. That's an easy google find. The prices change quite a lot with this perk and that which is why, when you book, you have to be happy with the price you pay and don't worry about what anybody else pays. Also, when you're on board, and you meet some Americans or Brits, you can ask them who they used and then you increase your knowledge. But most of all - just enjoy.
  7. I don't think you're right as the exchange rate before 2015 was so good that you saved a lot by going to the US. I'm not arguing as that's not my way it's just that I look a lot, like someone else said, you shouldn't have to. I don't think we have the big box companies likes they do that do cruises. But, on the other hand, I booked a last minute cruise this summer from Southampton to ireland and iceland and it was slightly cheaper here - so I booked it and it was fabulous😁
  8. I just realised that I'm talking at cross purposes. I book with a big box US company that at the moment is giving 4 perks and comparing it to the UK celebrity website and I also search a couple of other sites and they can't match. I just booked a balcony on a cruise for feb 2021. I got premium drinks, internet, gratuities, $300 on board credit plus an extra $300 as 10% back on onboard credit was being offered. I have to say, best deal I have ever got so maybe I'm a bit biased at the moment! Also, I do often get the TA's group booking price
  9. Glad to hear it. I tried on a summer cruise last year and they wouldn't so I didn't book, but pleased this is now an option.
  10. I agree. But uk just can’t match them for perks which always seems odd to me. I know we have other protections but if you have travel insurance you’re covered anyway. I also don’t know if it’s changed but with the us you can also change your room in the same category or take advantage of price drops - we high have never come my way! just have to hope the dollar doesn’t tank!
  11. I've asked on board in the past and if you booked in the UK the booking goes to either to Celebrity UK or your UK TA. I would say we don't have the option of transferring over the booking.
  12. I hadn't thought about suites - not there yet! I'm going to try on my machine and see if switching over works. Thanks for the info
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