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  1. Ship: Millennium Revolution (2019 onwards) - Yes Cabin: 7003 Deck: #7 Class: Category 4, OV Area/Location: Forward-on Port side Bed Location / View: Forward facing (Forward cabin) Quiet? Both yes and no see below in comments Balcony/Porthole View: Good Balcony/Porthole Size: Large Wind a Problem? N/A Soot a Problem? N/A Comments: This was an amazing cabin and even with some of the cons I would definitely book this cabin again! As far as sound, when you dock if you are a light sleeper you will hear the ropes being let out (I heard it, my son did not). Also the crew break area is near this cabin and occasionally you can hear the crew laughing and talking. The pros of this cabin SIZE and VIEW. We determined this cabin was very close to 380-400 sq feet in size. I liked the refit, however do miss the table near the sofa. We took magnetic hooks which were a lifesaver. Even fashioned a “dressing room” with them and a sheet! There was plenty of storage and I believe there is more storage after the refit than prior. I am adding some photos of the cabin, these were taken prior to bed being split into twins, but even with bed split more than enough room!
  2. It is cabin 7003. I am very pleased.
  3. Well we did not win the move up bid. So stayed in the ocean view cabin. It is really nice.
  4. We boarded the Millie and I must say I like the fresh new look. With that said after looking at the retreat area there is not a lot of area to escape the sun.
  5. Ah! Can see the ship from our hotel. We are staying at the Hotel New Grand. Have a good trip home. @H20cruiser Sorry to say but I am not great at writing so most likely will not be doing a blog. I can post some photos if the wifi is agreeable.
  6. Thank you for all your posts on your journey. I am sitting in the airport lounge in Denver awaiting my flight to Narita. Wave as you depart the ship and I am so happy you had a wonderful trip.
  7. I am hoping your speculation pays off! 🙂.
  8. No I went to the link directly and re entered my name and reservation number. Then it took me to my offer I have submitted and it says "pending"
  9. It went to pending 24 hours after the bid was made. That was about a week ago. Would be a pleasant surprise! Will let you know if we win the bid and get moved.
  10. My offer still shows “pending”. Cruise departs in 7 days. Still keeping my fingers crossed, but if not I am satisfied with the cabin we have.
  11. You are amazingy, I feel as if I am right there along with you touring. I am enjoying this so very much. Thank you! I look forward to each of your posts. I will wave as we wait at the port in Yokohama to get on, however you most likely will have already departed! 🙂
  12. Have been hoping to get the move up awarded, however am 12 days out from cruise so not holding my breath although still keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks Jim for the update. Nice upgrade!
  13. I will be on the Millie April 11 and will come back and report. I sure hope my magnets still work .
  14. Quick question: Who is the Captain on board? Thanks!
  15. I purchased Learning Resources magnets as they had hooks and clips type ones in amazing colors. Super strong as well. A must for all my cruises! here is the link on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078LZ2BXV/?cv_ct_id=amzn1.idea.35JH7HPNVL3F0&cv_ct_pg=storefront&cv_ct_wn=aip-storefront&ref=exp_cov_cruisetipstv_lv_dp_vv_mat
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