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  1. Rina155

    Turning 60

    Yes looking forward to it. I lucked out and got a great ocean view (booked GTY) I have been assigned 7003 on the Millie! Super excited about that! Almost feel like I won the lottery!
  2. Rina155

    Turning 60

    Hi Lois. I too turned 60 this year and ended up celebrating solo in WDW. Was there in February. Lol. Now this year it is back to cruising and Japan in April is where I am headed. So looking forward to it!
  3. Rina155

    Disembarking at Yokohama

    Thank you so much! I emailed them and shortly after received a response with a very reasonable quote. They let me know the driver would meet us inside the terminal at the specified time and take us to our hotel. This will be so much easier than finding a luggage transfer service and hoping our luggage appears in time and not having to navigate the train system and transfers. It is a much faster mode of transportation as well. Less than half the time than it would have been with any other mode of transportation. One more thing checked off my to do list!
  4. Rina155

    Disembarking at Yokohama

    Thank you, as I have not heard anything from the hotel yet I will outreach this company and see what they would charge. Did they say they would pick you right up at the terminal? That would indeed be a large plus. I too am sailing in April I wonder if we are on the same cruise!
  5. Rina155

    Disembarking at Yokohama

    I will most definitely let you know.
  6. Rina155

    Disembarking at Yokohama

    Thank you for responding. I will reach out to them and ask if they can suggest any private companies.
  7. Rina155

    Disembarking at Yokohama

    What private car company did you use? I will be sailing in April and leaving ship first day back at Yokohama and headed to Tokyo Bay Hilton. I asked them on shuttles or transportation suggested to get there and they said no shuttle, use the train. I really don’t want to lug our big suit case on the train and transfers. Thanks!
  8. Jim, What an amazing journey you both have had. I loved “going along” and gathering information for my trip in April. I appreciate the details and beautiful photos of the trip. Thank you again!
  9. Rina155

    Summitt cabin 7003!

    Thank you for the information! I had purchased a GTY OV for my cruise in April on the Millie and have been assigned 7003! Since the Summit is an M class ship the cabins should be the same. This sounds amazing. I won’t even miss the balcony with a larger room.
  10. Rina155

    Yokohama port to train terminal for Tokyo

    BruceMuzz this is amazing information and very helpful in planning. I had planned upon arrival to Osanbashi to send luggage to our hotel (Hilton by the Bay near DLR) using the luggage transport service at the port then hopping on a train to Disney. I have a question... How likely are we to receive our luggage that evening if dropping bags off early in the morning? Thank you!
  11. Thank you so much for posting about the disembarkation process! I had been trying to find out what we would do in April as we desire to disembark on the first day returning there instead of staying overnight and disembarking the second day. So thankful they have a process for this!
  12. I just watched the YouTube video! I am asking for that dessert! Looks yummy!
  13. That is a beautiful sunset you captured! Looking forward to your next leg of your trip through Japan! Thank you! I have truly enjoyed “going along” on your journey.
  14. Rina155

    Ocean view on Connie

    I had booked a GTY OV for my upcoming Asia Explorer cruise in April 2019. Last night I went in to check my booking and to my amazement a cabin has been assigned! AND even better yet it is 7003 on the Millie! I had to do a happy dance last night. Several years ago I had booked a Panama Canal crossing on the Connie and stalked these cabins to finally secure one and then had to cancel the cruise. I was so shocked to see this cabin assigned as a GTY. I feel like I hit the lottery. Maybe I better go out and purchase a ticket!